Mimi Goes to Legoland-A Photo Story

7 Aug


Mimi is back, and as fabulous as ever! When my mom, sister, and I went to the newly opened Legoland Discovery Center, Mimi couldn’t help but make an appearance. She had lots of fun taking photos and posing, (especially with the giant giraffe!) so I’ll let her take over for now…

Mimi and the Giant GiraffeHi everyone! It’s your favorite kitten, me, Mimi! I took some pretty awesome pictures at the Legoland Discvoery Center, so let’s get started right away. See, there’s me and the Lego Giraffe!!!! I look so cute and tiny in that plant down there, don’t I? :) I’ll have to ask that giraffe about how she does her lashes though, because those are fantastic.

Normal EntrySo then, after a bit more waiting, we finally headed inside the Lego center and stood in some very loooooong lines. It was so crowded that I told Lulu to put me in her bag and fend for us both through the lines…but not before I got this picture of the indoor entry way into the main rooms…wait! This is not the entry I wanted for this post.

Mimi's EntryAww, this is much better.

Boston Room 1The first of the main rooms we entered was the model Boston made entirely out of Legos, which was my favorite part. I love this display with the little stores and the boat, (which was floating in actual water.) The details were amazing!

Mini Swan BoatsOoh, look! Little swan boats! They’re the size of me! (I could be a Lego world giant…hmmm…) Lulu was also recently at the actual park this one is modeling, and she says that it’s really nice…but there’s no giant “Build and Test” packet in the bottom of the real water…she thinks.

Mini FenwayYay! Mini Fenway Park! I can almost touch all the bases at once with my paws! This was really cute and detailed, and I really liked the mini baseball game you can play, even if I could never actually get the ball to touch my “bat”…on second thought, I don’t like the game as much after all. Hmpf.

NightimeAnd then, BOOM! Everything turns to night without warning, (actually there’s a big bell noise before it happens, but my way sounds much cooler.) The buildings light up and fake fireworks start to explode all around us in a super cool and ultimately awesome moment!!!!

Bridge Close-upHere’s a close-up of the bridge in all it’s shiny, triangular glory. Yeah. That’s all I really have to say about this one. Oh well.

Night #3Before we head off into the next area, here’s one last night-time picture! I love the way everything changes when the lights turn on and the walls go black. (Although it’s very hard to pose for pictures in…partly because you can never see me…)

Ice Cream The next room was a series of Lego-themed stations with lots of crowded people filling it, but let’s focus on what the important things in there are: the giant ice cream sundae. Since it was already melting I was able to grab a few drops, but they tasted a bit plastic-y. Eck!

EndingThat’s all I have for you tonight my loyal Mimi-lovers readers. I’ll be back soon with some more of my adventures! :)

Have an awesome rest of your week,

Lulu and Mimi

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