theawesomeadventuresoflulu’s Snow Day Essentials

28 Jan


THE SNOW HAS TAKEN OVER! (Not really, but my window is currently so covered in snow that I can barely see outside of it.) Yesterday afternoon I learned the wonderful news that I would be having a snow day today (and tomorrow! Yay!) and I immediately began making plans of snuggling up and reading all day long. I did exactly that and my day turned out absolutely positively awesome! To ensure your future snow day (or random weekend) is as great as mine, I have compiled a list of my Snow Day Essentials. Enjoy!

Snow Day (Hat Clipart from My Cute Graphics)

 1 >> Blanket and Cocoa >> There’s nothing like snuggling up in a cozy blanket with a mug of warm cocoa, right? Add in a few extra marshmallows and some graham crackers, and you have the ingredients for a very cozy snow day.

Pictured Here >> Vera Bradley’s Throw Blanket in Leopard Spots >> My Cute Graphics Hot Cocoa Mug Clipart

2 >> Good Books >> I just spent the last few hours reading the second book in the Kiki Strike series, and it made my snow day quite delightful! I think tomorrow afternoon I’ll start the third…

(By the way, has anyone seen the cover for the third School for Good and Evil book? It’s pure awesomeness.)

Pictured Here >> The Empress’s Tomb and The Darkness Dwellers by Kirsten Miller

3 >> Comfy Clothes >> When I heard that I was having a snow day, I immediately knew that I would have to wear my cozy “Le Snow Day” sweatshirt from Abercrombie! And of course, no outfit would be complete without my fluffy hat from American Eagle. :)

Pictured Here >> Le Snow Day Graphic Sweatshirt from Abercrombie >> Hat from American Eagle (I can’t find a link to my specific hat, but this one is very similar.)

4 >> Movie and TV Show Marathons >> I tend to have TV marathons all the time, but they’re extra fun when it’s a snow day! I’m actually watching Gilmore Girls as I write this blog post, (although I usually am.)

Pictured Here >> The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Fosters, and Gilmore Girls.

5 >> Games >> What can I say? A snow day is nothing without fun and games.

Pictured Here >> Stratego, Just Dance 2015.

Happy snow day / Tuesday!



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