5 Mythology Books I Really Think You Should Read / B.I.R.T.Y.S.R. Volume 21

19 Feb


Mythology Books (Background from Miss Tiina…because nothing says mythology like rainbows and hearts, am I right?)

Happy Thursday! I spent my day hanging out with friends, sewing, and watching one of my favorite animated movies, The Aristocats. I also realized this morning that I hadn’t posted this month’s Books I Really Think You Should Read, so here we are! This month’s theme is mythology, because I figured, why not? Happy reading!

Pegasus1 >> Pegasus Series by Kate O’Hearn / Read my review here.

First up we have Kate O’Hearns Pegasus series! I absolutely adore these books and finished the series in only a couple of weeks. The minute you open the front cover you’ll instantly find yourself caught up in Emily and Pegasus’s world of Roman gods and goddesses, blood-thirsty monsters, magic, myths, powers, and mysterious scientists…and you’ll LOVE it! This entire series is a must-read for any book lover, but I must warn you: be ready for some serious reading marathons.

Loki's Wolves2 >> The Blackwell Pages by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr

Although I did mention The Blackwell Pages series in my last Books I Really Think You Should Read post, I couldn’t help but feature this fabulous series again! It’s a perfect combination of suspense, adventure, and friendship, with a good dose of Norse mythology thrown in. The books have a terrible tendency to end in cliffhangers though, (you can read my thoughts on those here.) which may leave you terribly annoyed when you find out the next installment isn’t being released until March. *Sigh* :)

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods3 >> Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

While I would recommend the entire Percy Jackson series to well, everyone, I thought Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods would be the perfect choice for this list! It’s a collection of the Greek myths told from the point of view of everyone’s favorite demigod, filled with loads of laughs and great writing, along with amazing full-page illustrations. It’s size does make it a bit hard to carry around, I can assure you that it’s worth it! Now I just have to wait for the sequel…

The Pharaoh' Secret 4 >> The Pharaoh’s Secret by Marissa Moss

This book is a great read for fans of Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles series! It follows the adventures of Talibah and her younger brother Adam as they travel to Egypt with their father and end up getting caught up in a world of tales and mysteries…which also makes it the perfect read for a rainy afternoon. :) Marissa Moss’s writing flows together very nicely and you’ll definitely find yourself finishing this book in one sitting. I’m actually about to start one of her other books, Bombs Over London…expect a Purple Panda Points review soon!

Goddess Girls5 >> Goddess Girls by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

This series is a great introduction to Greek mythology for anyone who isn’t quite ready for the books above! The series (which already has fifteen books and another one coming out in the spring!) revolves around young Greek gods and goddesses and their adventures in their mythical boarding school. Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams did a great job of reworking the myths to fit in a modern middle school setting, while still not losing the original story lines. A quick and recommended read for any mythology lover!

What are your favorite mythology books?


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