Purple Panda Points: Story Thieves

25 Feb


Hooray for getting halfway through the school week! I plan on relaxing with a good book and watching some Amazing Race this evening before getting ready for tomorrow’s early wake up call, how about you? Since I’m in a reading mood, I thought it would be a perfect time to post a new Purple Panda Points…

Here’s a quick recap of my book review system for any of you who aren’t yet familiar with it:

My book review format is called “Purple Panda Points”, where I talk about three elements of the book (setting, plot, characters) in brief points. Hopefully this will help to keep the reviews informative, interesting, and spoiler-free!

The books are rated using the ice cream rankings (because, obviously)…

1 Panda PointOne Purple Panda Point: One point means that the book was just plain bad. I would never read it again. It’s the book equivalent of spinach ice cream.

Two PointsTwo Purple Panda Points: Two points means the book was okay. Fine. Nothing remarkable. The book equivalent of vanilla ice cream with no toppings in a dish.

Three PointsThree Purple Panda Points: Three points means the book was good. I enjoyed it and would read it again. The book equivalent of vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream in a wafer cone.

Four PointsFour Purple Panda Points: Four points means the book was great. I loved it actually! The book equivalent of cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a sugar cone.

Five PointsFive Purple Panda Points: Five points mean that the book was one of the best ones I’ve ever read. Amazing! Awesome! Cool beans! The ice cream equivalent of chocolate cookies and cream ice cream in a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

Woo, that made me hungry! And now onto the review…

Story Thieves Today I’ll be reviewing “Story Thieves” by James Riley. You can read my full thoughts below or a quick overview of them in the image above.

Summary: Owen’s life has never seemed as exciting or interesting as the ones of his favorite book characters…that is, until he catches his classmate Bethany actually climbing out of the pages of Willy Wonka with chocolate smeared across her face. Bethany is actually part fictional character, and that gives her the ability to travel into the worlds of books…and take Owen with her. But after Owen’s first story-traveling adventure goes wrong, the fictional and real worlds will never be the same again…

Plot: Owen may have believed his life was boring, but after a bit of a slow start to the story, this book really took off! The adventure was action-packed and fast paced, and I loved how the Kiel Gnomenfoot story was weaved into the plot taking place in the real world. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!

Characters: Even with all the adventure going on in this story, the characters still felt fully-developed and relatable. Owen and Bethany were both very likable, and I could understand how they were feeling throughout the entire thing. Now, if only I could figure out how to jump into books like Bethany…

Setting: Considering half of this book takes place in a fantasy world made up of science and magic, there’s no way I wouldn’t love the setting! While the “real” world wasn’t quite as much fun, I did enjoy reading about Bethany’s adventures as she tried to stop the fictional characters from taking it over.

Favorite Character: I’m not sure…maybe Charm? 

Favorite Line: “You couldn’t just say no to Narnia!”

Recommended Reading: If you enjoyed Story Thieves, you’ll love Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Between the Lines (recommendation courtesy of my fabulous sister.)

Overall Rating: Four Purple Panda Points

Four Points

What are you currently reading?


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