Let’s Read It Again! >> 01

13 Apr


Midnight Ball Hello everyone! I’m happy to return to posting with a brand new feature, entitled Let’s Read It Again! where I will talk about I book that I am reading for the second (or third…or ninth if we’re talking about The School for Good and Evil) time. I’m kicking off the feature with a re-review of Jessica Day George’s adaption of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Princess of the Midnight Ball, so let’s get to it!

S U M M A R Y > > Due to a deal their deceased mother made, Princess Rose and her eleven sisters have been cursed to dance every night in a mysterious kingdom of darkness and danger since they’ve been able to walk. Due to his parents’ death, young solider Galen is returning home to a family he doesn’t know. Together, Rose and Galen will dive into a world of magic – both good and bad. Can they break the curse that plagues Rose’s family before it’s too late?

W H Y   I   D E C I D E D   T O   R E R E A D   I T >> A few weeks ago, I was looking for something to read and realized that I had gotten to the bottom of my pile of library books. I turned to my shelf looking for something to read until I got a chance to take out some more books, and I ended up grabbing Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George, the third book in one of my favorite series. Of course, while I was in the middle of reading Silver Woods, I decided I might as well reread the series from the beginning. And so, I put the first book in the series (Princess of the Midnight Ball) on hold, and here we are!

M Y   O R I G I N A L   T H O U G H T S >> I remember reading this book on the bus on my way home from school and being so engrossed in the story that I didn’t realize it was my stop and almost forgot to get off…so I’m going to assume that I loved it! (I have a very vivid memory of this bus ride for some strange reason – I even remember that I was wearing a blue sweatshirt. Odd.)

M Y   T H O U G H T S   N O W >> I’m definitely glad I reread this! Jessica Day George is such a great author and I was able to get lost in the world she created just as easily this time as I was when I first read it. I enjoyed reading from both Galen’s and Rose’s points of view (Poppy, Pansy, and Petunia remain my favorite princesses however. I guess I like characters whose names start with a “P.”) and thought that their individual takes on things intertwined well. The settings were described in great detail and I can still see them in my mind as I write this review, so yay! :) My only complaint is that there are so many characters that not all of them felt developed. I had a bit of trouble keeping track of everyone, but while I was reading I found a bookmark I had made a few years ago to go with the series. It lists all the characters, their ages, their significant others, and their enemies. It also has some very mysterious stains…

And just for fun, here are some of my favorite quotes from Princess of the Midnight Ball…

>> “Your voice sounds familiar.’ Her eyes sparkled. ‘Could you pretend to snore, so that I could make sure?”

>> “What does it say? Does he love you madly?”


What books do you think I should reread next?


One Response to “Let’s Read It Again! >> 01”

  1. Bella April 19, 2015 at 5:08 pm #

    Lulu, I love this new review feature, and I am so happy that these books finally came in at the library for you! I’m sure your bookmark came in handy :)

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