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Mimi The Super Spy-All About Mimi Week!

26 Aug

Slide1So…hasn’t this week been so fun?! I’ve loved coming up with ideas for all of Mimi’s stories, and this has to be one of my favorites of All About Mimi Week! Anyways, today, Mimi decided to become a…

IMG_3427Super Spy!

IMG_3431“Oh! Hi, Pippaloo!” Mimi said to her friend who she had invited over to see her headquarters. “Welcome to my Super Secret Headquarters!” “I like the name. Subtle.” Pippaloo answered, looking around. “Anyways, do you want to be my super secret spy partner?” Mimi asked eagerly. “Okay!”

IMG_3435“So, our case today is all about cookies!” “Cookies?” Pippaloo wondered, taking a seat next to the computer. “Quacky the Ladybug’s evil scheme is to steal all of the world’s cookies!” Mimi announced dramatically. “Wait, what kind of name is Quacky?” “A lovable fluffy ladybug’s of course!” Mimi told her, receiving a shrug in reply.

IMG_3440Meanwhile, at Quacky the Ladybug’s house, a party was being thrown to celebrate the success of the cookie plan! Little did everyone know, Mimi and Pippaloo were about to sneak in…

IMG_3442“Pippaloo? Pippaloo?” Mimi whispered as she dangled above the room below. “Where are you?”

IMG_3445“Right here!” Pippaloo breathed heavily. “Huh?” “I got stuck in a bush while we were climbing up the wall.” She leaned back to grab her water, and suddenly came tumbling down!

IMG_3447“Oops!” Was all Pippaloo could manage to say. “Who are you?” Quacky asked rushing over.

IMG_3450“W-A-A-A-A-A-I-I-I-T-T-T-T-T-T!” Mimi called as she came falling down too. “And to answer your question, we are the people who are here to stop your evil plan!”

IMG_3454“Well how are you going to do that?” Quacky demanded. “I don’t know!” Mimi exclaimed. “But I’m very angry, because I really like cookies, and I want one right now, but I can’t have one because you took them all!” She humphed.

IMG_3457“Hey!” Pippaloo said, walking over to Mimi, and whispering a plan into her ear. “Oh, okay!” Mimi nodded before turning to Quacky. “If you don’t return the cookies, we will make you eat vegetables!” Quacky turned, looking horrified. “NO!!!”

IMG_3459“Nice job.” Mimi congratulated her friend.

IMG_3437The End. :)

Mimi The Baker-All About Mimi Week

24 Aug

Slide1Don’t you just love sweet treats? Well, Mimi sure does! So it was no surprise when she decided to open up her own bakery…

IMG_3403With her matching apron, and counter stocked with sweet goodies, Mimi was prepared for her bakery to open!

IMG_3407Very soon her buddy Nellie dropped by to place an order. “I need 40 cupcakes by the end of the day,” Nellie told Mimi, who nodded happily. “I can make 4 cupcakes in a day, easy!” Mimi said cheerfully, as her friend left to finish her errands.

IMG_3408Mimi got to work right away, mixing, and pouring all the ingredients into a large bowl, creating the perfect batter.

IMG_3412“I’ll just pop these in the oven, and then I’m done!” Mimi shoved her pan into the hot oven with a “clink!”

IMG_3413About an hour later, the timer rang through the bakery, and Mimi hurried to pull her cupcakes out of the oven before they burned. She plopped them down on the counter with a smile. Mimi had made possibly the most delicious-looking cupcakes in the world!

IMG_3415Wanting them to be ready before Nellie came back, Mimi slipped the cupcakes onto a napkin and put them inside one of her delivery boxes.

IMG_3421“Here you go!” Mimi slid the box over to Nellie, who had just arrived, and was eager to see Mimi’s sweets. “Um…Mimi? I sort of asked for 40 cupcakes…not 4.” Mimi glanced over at the pad on the counter, where she had written the order. “Oops! But, don’t worry! Just give me about an hour!” And with that, She went to work.

IMG_3424The end! :)


Mimi The Stylist-All About Mimi Week

23 Aug

Slide1Hi everyone! It’s me, Mimi, posting! So far this has been a super fun week, and so today I thought I would try something new…

IMG_3384I decided to become a hair stylist! After spending all morning getting supplies, figuring out what I was supposed to do do, and coming up with a fun name, I was ready!

IMG_3387By lunchtime, my amazing hair salon, Puurfect Styles, (see what I did there?) was open, and I had already got my first customer.

IMG_3388“Hi Fifi!” I exclaimed happily, grabbing my friend, Fifi The Pink Poodle a styling cape. “What kind of style do you want today?” After thinking for a few moments, Fifi finally came up with an answer. “Since I usually get it curled, how about today, you give me something totally new!”

IMG_3390I worked like lighting, snipping and styling away until I had finally pulled the last bow tight enough. “Ta-da!” I spread my arms out to show off my masterpiece. “Um…thanks…” Fifi said, pulling at the ribbons as she trudged out the door. (Some people can be tough critics!)

IMG_3394Soon, Herald the Unicorn stopped by, and I knew just what to do with his tangled fur. It was going to be the best style anyone had ever seen!

IMG_3395“And, done!” I announced, laying down my brush. “How do you like it? The ribbons match your horn!” Herald shrugged, and straightened his bow tie before leaving. (Okay! Maybe it wasn’t my best work, but I still think I’m pretty good at this hair styling thing.)

IMG_3397My last customer of the day was French Minnie, who I thought actually ended up looking pretty nice! (And I think she thought so to, because she actually took one of my free hair style coupons!)

IMG_3400After a long day, I decided to head home. Maybe, tomorrow I’ll turn my hair salon into a bakery…now that would be fun…and delicious!

Well bye for now!


Mimi The Trapeze Artist-All About Mimi Week

21 Aug

Slide1I hope you enjoyed Mimi’s first pizza making adventure this week! Today Mimi decided to try something very new, along with her buddy Lavender…

IMG_3336Today, Mimi became a trapeze artist!

IMG_3335The nice summer weather was perfect for Mimi to try out her newest talent. “Hey Lavender! Are you getting just as dizzy as me?” Mimi called to her friend as she swung back and forth.

IMG_3338“Nope! I’m simply grinning from ear to ear!” Lavender replied, laughing.

IMG_3341“You know what?” Mimi asked. “This isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.” “It’s probably because we don’t know how to do any of those cool tricks yet.” “Oh well, I think we’ve been swinging here for long enough! Want a snack?” Mimi commented as she struggled to get down.

IMG_3344“Um…Mimi? I’m stuck.” Lavender sighed.

IMG_3337“Well, it looks like we’ll be hanging around for a while!”

It’s All About Mimi Week!

20 Aug

Mimi CollageDo you know what my favorite type of post to write is? Mimi’s photo stories, of course! Because of how fun they are, I decided to make this whole week of posts all about Mimi! She will be doing all sorts of cool things this week in her stories, from making pizza and s’mores to becoming a super secret spy! So now without further delay, I give you all about Mimi Week, post #1…

IMG_3304Today, Mimi and Sir Pugs A Lot are making pizza!

IMG_3305“This is going to be so much fun!” Mimi said excitedly as she bounced over to the counter. “Yeah!” Sir Pugs A Lot answered, trying to hop up onto the stool. “Okay, so first we have to get all of the things for the dough…flour…a bowl…what else?” Mimi wondered as she started to block Sir Pugs A Lot’s way.

IMG_3307“Um…I can’t really see, you know…” Sir Pugs A Lot jumped up and down trying to get a better view.

IMG_3308“Anyways, here, I just have to mix it up!” Mimi exclaimed, ignoring Sir Pug’s A Lot’s comment, She hopped up onto the counter, and began to stir the ingredients…until there was a big “boom!”

IMG_3309And then Mimi came crashing down. “Maybe we should just buy the dough…” Sir Pugs A Lot suggested. “Yeah…”

IMG_3310Finally, after getting some dough, and spreading the sauce and cheese on, the two friends started to decorate their pizzas.

IMG_3314“Wait! My need’s more!” Mimi announced as she started frantically grabbing things from the kitchen cupboards.

IMG_3317“There! With a finishing touch of pie!”

IMG_3319“Or not.” Mimi smiled guiltily as she accidentally brushed the pizza off the counter. “Let’s go out for pizza instead.” Sir Pugs A Lot instructed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

IMG_3321“This is much better!”

IMG_3322The End!