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Make Paper Snowflakes (The New and Improved Version!)

11 Dec


Make Paper SnowflakesLast year, (or was it 2 years ago?) I posted a craft on making paper snowflakes. This year I made some more, but I cut and folded them differently, and I think that it’s a much easier way to make them, and the results are better! So without further ado…

You will need: Paper, a bowl (or something else you can trace to get a circle), scissors, and a pencil

IMG_4086Step 1: Start by tracing a circle on your paper using the bowl as a tracer. Cut the circle out.

SnowflakesStep 2: Fold the circle in half, and then into quarters, and then once more, (Like shown above.)

IMG_4092Step 3: Draw out your design on the paper. (The one in the picture is a basic design, I added more details to the finished snowflake.)

IMG_4093Step 4: Cut the design out. (Be careful no to cut to far to the edge, you don’t want to cut off half of your snowflake!)

IMG_4095Ta-da! You have a snowflake!



8 Beginner Chapter Books That I Really Think You Should Read! (B.I.R.T.Y.S.R Volume 9)

14 Sep


Slide1 Now that we’re in September, I decided it was about time I wrote up this month’s Books I Really Think You Should Read post. So, this time around the theme is…beginner chapter books!

Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo and Chris Van Dusen

This is probably one of my all time favorite series! Not only are the plot and characters fun, the pictures are also amazing.

Bink and Gollie by Kate DiCamillio (Again!), Alison McGhee, and Tony Fucile

Now this is a cute series:) With funny characters, and stories that are just as enjoyable as they are the first time, you’ll want to just keep reading these books again, and again.

Nancy Clancy: Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

Who doesn’t love Fancy Nancy? In her chapter book series, she becomes the fanciest super sleuth around, and brings lots of fun to the books.

The Never Girls by Kiki Thorpe and Jana Christy

First of all, how awesome is that cover? Anyways, The Never Girls is a perfect mix of fun, magic, and cuteness that will leave you wanting to find out what happens in their next adventure.

The Clue Crew Books By Carolyn Keene and Macky Pamintuan

Ooh, the suspense of mysteries! (Which doesn’t usually happen for me since I always end up looking ahead…) In the beginner Nancy Drew books, The Clue Crew, Nancy and her friends solve all sorts of crimes involving pizza (yummy!), movies, stuffed animals, and more!

Clementine By Sara PennyPacker and Marla Frazee

This is such a great book…With a likable main character and funny situations, Clementine brings lots of laughs and a great story.

The Rainbow Magic Series by Daisy Meadows

This was one of my favorite series ever! Although now, I don’t think the series is as good as it was before, I still had to put it on this list because of it’s awesomeness;)

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Oh! Another great series! With many different versions and takes on the original books, you can’t get better than the first Boxcar Children.

What beginner chapter books do you enjoy?


My Cupcake Analysis!

2 Sep


Don’t you just love summer? The lazy days spent outside, the vacations and camps…and of course the cupcakes! Over the course of the summer, my family tried all sorts of delicious cupcakes, and since I’m about to go back to school, it’s time for me to talk about…(drumroll please:))…CUPCAKES!

headerCupcake Shop #1

Ooh! We got some sweets from the adorable shop City Girl Cupcake for my sister’s birthday back in July, and I have to say that these had the most delicious filling of all! Below are pictures of the two cupcakes I tried, Chocolate Lava and Ice Cream Sundae.

Ice Cream Cupcake

Chocolate Lava

Don’t they look delicious?

Cupcake Shop #2

We went to Cupcake Charlie’s for my Mom’s birthday in the beginning of August, and I enjoyed a cookies ‘n’ cream flavored cupcake that had LOTS of frosting. (Very yummy by the way…I sort of just ate the frosting before I ate the actual cake…don’t worry, I have a process!) It wasn’t my favorite shop of the summer, but a cupcake is still a cupcake.

That was such a good oreo…

Cupcake Shop #3

After a day spent shopping at the Boden Warehouse Sale, my sister, Mom, and I relaxed and enjoyed some tasty desserts at the very busy shop, Georgetown Cupcakes! The presentation of the cupcakes was great (until it was destroyed when I took my first bite out of the top!) and they were some very delicious treats!

Those were really good…

Cupcake Shop #4

For the last cupcake tasting the summer, my family headed down to The Duck and Bunny Snuggery, (don’t you just love that word?) yesterday afternoon, where I devoured a cookie dough cupcake complete with a cookie inside…(and a little bit of my dad’s Raspberry Lemonade flavored one!) Their cupcakes had a perfect amount of frosting, and a nice presentation, and I can’t wait to go back and have a brunch there. (They have a peanut butter and banana sandwich! How awesome is that?)


Best Filling-City Girl Cupcake

Best Presentation-Georgetown Cupcakes

Best Amount of Frosting-Cupcake Charlie’s

Best Tasting-Duck and Bunny 

Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed my rambling cupcake thoughts!


Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief-A Movie Review

18 Aug

 So sorry, WordPress was wacky, and published my post before I was ready! Sorry!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning TheifSummary-When teenager Percy Jackson discovers he is the son of the Greek God Poseidon, he is whisked away to a secret camp for demigods where he learns that if he doesn’t return Zeus’s powerful lightning bolt, (which, by the way; he doesn’t have), there will be a war between the gods that will threaten the world. Along with his friends, Annabeth and Grover, he must save his kidnapped mother and find the lightning bolt before the universe as we know it is destroyed.

My Thoughts: When I learned that the second Percy Jackson Movie was coming out, I decided it was time to finally finish the first movie. (Which I enjoyed this morning!) It was a fast paced, action-packed movie with an entertaining plot and good acting that kept you interested the whole time. The acting was great in this movie, and I thought that the characters were very detailed or entertaining in their own way. Annabeth was my favorite of all, (but Grover was still pretty funny too), and I thought that the actors added to the overall film. Also, the different settings and effects were pretty cool, and made this a refreshing and unique movie.  (It was pretty ironic how Medusa had a gardening business that sold stone statues, and the sirens worked at a casino that doesn’t ever let you leave because they lore the people in.) Anyways, after seeing the full movie, I’m definitely going to try out the books, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the second film. Overall, I give this movie four out of five stars.

Sorry for the mess up, and short review today, but I would love to know if you saw this movie, or have read the books!

Twice Upon A Time-A Book Review

29 Jul

Twice Upon a TimeTwice Upon A Time by James Riley

Summary-After discovering that May’s “grandmother” was the wicked queen, who Jack, Phillip, and May just might have released from imprisonment, the trio is on a journey to find out who May really is, and to stop the Wicked Queen from destroying everything. And the only way to do that is to find a fairy godmother, which might seem easy enough, until they discover that all of the fairies have been struck by a curse that the Wicked Queen put on their homelands. Even worse, a mysterious member of the Wicked Queen’s army, the Eyes, has been causing trouble for them wherever they go, and has been messing with Jack’s mind. Now the three must find a way to break the curse before sundown when a stampede of fire-breathing dragons come to burn down the fairy’s lands, and figure out a way to stop the Wicked Queen. Not as easy as they thought at all.

My Thoughts: I just love fantasies, don’t you? And of course, with this book’s cool cover and fun plot, it just made my day! Although not as good as the first book, this story was still full of great details, and whimsical ideas and settings. The different places that May, Jack, and Phillip traveled to made the story feel more adventurous and entertaining, and along with the well-developed characters the book came together easily. Speaking of the characters, I thought that Jack was again another great MC and was a refreshing point of view to read from, along with May, (who is still my favorite character:)) Anyways, May was awesome as always because of her personality, but this time around she seemed a bit less bold, and adventurous, but her fun jokes and sarcasm added the same comical relief to suspenseful moments, and always managed to make me smile. Phillip on the other hand was very caring and nice, but still was brave and adventurous. Continuing, the supporting characters are one of the reasons that the book was so good because of all of their tricks, ideas, traits, and other things that made the book so good. I also really like how most of them were from original fairy tales, but the author put a fun twist in them like the fact that the Land of Never, (A.KA. Never Land) was actually a whole illusion to make everyone trapped in their that they were part of the story.

Lastly, I thought that all the different settings in this book were very interesting, like the under water castle and fairy homelands so I’m hoping that in the next book in the trilogy there were will be more of that, (plus I really want to read the third book because of the cliff hanger ending!) Overall this was an amazing book that I give four out of five stars.

Little Men-A Book Review

13 Sep

The sequel to little women starts a few years after Jo and Mr. Bhaer founded Plumfield, a school for orphan boys and Jo has two children of her own, Rob and Teddy. Jo already gives a home to a lot of boys, Tommy, Ned, Jack, Dick, Dolly, Demi, Stuffy,(Some others too, that I can’t remember) and one girl, Daisy, sometimes Bess, Amy and Teddy’s daughter comes though. The book starts off with the arrival of Nat Blake, an orphan boy who Teddy Laurence found on the street, and has a small habit of telling lies. Nat quickly learns to love Plumfield, and Mr and Mrs Bhaer. He becomes quite close with twins Demi and Daisy Brooke, (Meg’s kids), and Tommy. After Jo cures his wounds, he has fun with the other boys, which hasn’t happened for him on a long, long time, Soon arrives Dan, Nat’s friend from when he was on the street who takes a special liking to baby Teddy and causes even more mischief than there was before, like letting a cow out of its field, wrestling with the other boys, swearing, playing poker, and he even lights the house on fire! The Bhaers soon send him off to a farm run by Mr.Paige, a hard working farmer, and then Dan runs away! But then comes Naughty Nan as they call her, who is Jo’s new project, she causes just as much mischief as Dan did but soon learns to be as gentle as Daisy. Through pranks, mischief, false accusations, and sorrow, Little Men is one of the best books ever:)

My Thoughts: This book is just as awesome as Little Women and I still love all the pranks of Jo’s Boy’s. My favorite character is Daisy and (Spoiler*) when her and Demi’s dad died it made me so sad!:(!!!!! I love to read about Jo’s flashbacks. I have no faults with this book accept that some chapters were slow. I give this book five out of five stars!

Today my class watched a live video of Peter Reynolds reading the dot, and I wanted to write about Dot Day this Saturday:)


14 Aug

I love Bakerella’s adorable foods, here are some of my favorites…..

Pencil Push Up Pops

Pencil Push Pops, Don’t these look cool?

Beach Ball Cake Pops

Beach Ball Cake Pops, Wouldn’t it be fun to play volley ball with these:)

Brownie Sundae Bon Bons

Brownie Sundae Bon Bons, It’s ice cream and Brownies in one!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Marshmallows

Homemade Peanut butter and Jelly Marshmallows, Now I want to make s’mores….


Ruffle Cake, Isn’t this cool! If only the frosting was purple…:)

Cookie Dough TrufflesChocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Cookie Dough Pops, Cookies+Lollie-Pops=Cookie Pops!


(From Kohl’s)

Isn’t this thing cool!, (really, it wasn’t by Bakerella, but she made a post about it,) I wonder how many Cake Pops they used? I estimate about 2,000


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pudding, Wow that’s a really long name, but doesn’t it look good!


Panda Cupcakes, THESE ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Honey I Love You Dessert Table, I love this design and the slogan’s really cute:)

So I found out how many cake pops there are in that giant cake…(drumroll) 8,000 cake pops! But everything looks so good:)