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Mimi’s Super Bowl Adventure, Part 4 – A Photo Story

1 Feb


Happy Super Bowl Sunday, my lovely readers! I’m not a big football fan myself, (I’m watching Downton Abbey as I write this post. :) ) but I always look forward to Mimi’s Superbowl Adventure photo story every year. (You can read the last three years’ posts here, here, and here.) And so, without further ado, I’ll hand it over to everyone’s favorite kitty, Mimi!

Mimi's PlanHello everyone! It’s moi, Mimi! As I do every February, I went on an epic Super Bowl adventure with my best friend Lavender, and I’m here to tell you all about it! Enjoy!

“Ooh! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Better call Lavender,” I said this morning, happily jumping into my favorite chair.

Mimi Talks with Lavender“Hey Mimi, what’s up?” My best friend Lavender greeted me cheerfully when she walked into the room a few minutes later. “I have a brilliant idea!” I answered back. Lavender groaned. “It’s Super Bowl Sunday, isn’t it?” I nodded and made room for her on the chair. “And you know what everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl is? The commercials! And this year, we’re going to star in them with all our friends! Onward!”

Take 1“Oreo and Juliet’s Baked Goods Commercial: Take 1!” Princess Minnie called out in the film studio when we arrived. “Look it’s Juliet!” I said happily. My pink elephant friend gave us a small smile and wave before turing towards the camera.

Juliet and Cupcake“Oreo and Juliet’s Baked Goods has all sorts of yummy treats! They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, parties, or any time you’re craving a bit of chocolate. Your sweet tooth is sure to be-“

Mimi Crashes 1 “Hi Juliet!” I burst in. “Hi Mimi!” She answered, tilting her head back so she could see me. “How’s it going?” “Great!” I answered, “See you at next week’s art class!”

Lavender Says Hi “Super Bowl adventure?” Juliet asked my buddy Lavender. She nodded before running off to join moi. “Great cupcakes Juliet!”

Minnie 2“Purple Panda Books Commercial: Take 2!” Princess Minnie called out in the next film studio when we arrived. “HI ELSIE!” I waved ecstatically at my sparkly friend. She gave me a wink before beginning her commercial monologue.

Elsie“Do you love reading? How about purple? How about pandas? If you do, Purple Panda Books is just the store for you! Come to our lovely store and discover shelves filled with loads of purple books and read to your heart’s content. You’ll be falling head over heels for these stories in no-“

Mimi Crashes 2“Hi Elsie! Nice work! Can I borrow one of these books?” I asked my awesome friend. “Sure Mimi! I just have to do one more take.” I shrugged, “That’s cool! I’ll see you at tomorrow’s book club meeting!”

Lavender Explains“Is this one of those Super Bowl adventures you told me about earlier?” Elsie asked Lavender, who nodded. “Awesome!” Elsie added.

Minnie Take Three“Dot-lightful Clothing Commercial: Take 4!” Princess Minnie called out in the third film studio when we arrived. “There’s Dottie!” I told Lavender, dragging her towards the set.

Dottie“Dot-lightful Clothing sells apparel with fun colors and prints that are sure to brighten up your day. Our styles can be purchased in one of our three locations across the-“

Mimi Crashes 3“Hi Mimi!” Dottie said without even taking her eyes of the camera. “Hows the Super Bowl adventure going?” “Fabulous! Thanks for letting me be in one of your commercial takes. See you at the Sparkle Lovers Convention on Tuesday!”

Lavender Explains“Oh. You were expecting us?” Lavender asked Dottie.

Mimi Begins Planning “So. What should we do next year?” I asked once we were back in my fabulously pink bedroom.

The End

The End :)

Have a great night,




Mimi’s Easter Egg Hunt-A Photo Story

21 Apr


Happy Easter everyone! I had my annual Easter egg hunt on Friday, and today I went with my family to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman again, (plus I got the Cedar Wood Ever After High Doll! She’s adorable:)) Mimi had a wonderful Easter too, and invited three of her friends over to hunt some eggs…

IMG_3688Mimi’s friends Priscilla the Pig, Quacky the Ladybug, and Rosebud the Bunny were all gathered in her backyard, ready to start their egg hunt. Everyone grabbed their brightly colored baskets and stood together in a line as Mimi announced, “One…two…three!” And the friends sprinted off!

IMG_3693Pastel colored eggs were scattered throughout the sunny yard, and Mimi immediately spotted one sitting on the tree swing. With a tall jump, she grabbed the edge of the turquoise seat, and pulled herself on. “Perfect!” Mimi said happily, adding the blue egg to her daisy-covered basket.

IMG_3699As Mimi hopped off the swing, Priscilla was busy reaching into the long white pipe to grab her next egg. “Almost got it…” She groaned as it rolled away from her grasp. “Got it!”

IMG_3700Rosebud had spotted an egg sitting in the branch of a tall tree, and had hopped her way up to it. With a final little jump, she knocked it right into her overflowing yellow basket.

IMG_3714Almost all the eggs were gone, but Quacky noticed one more nestled in the cracks of stone on Mimi’s patio. “I wonder what’s inside…” Quacky wondered, plopping it in to the silver basket.

IMG_3722And then there was only one egg left…but it was stuck at the top of the fence! Agreeing to share whatever treat was inside, Rosebud gave Mimi a boost so she grab it. After throwing the egg down to Quacky and Rosebud, who were still on the ground, Mimi discovered she couldn’t find a way to get down! “Oh no…”

IMG_3735Luckily, the three others were able to grab a soft pillow from inside that Mimi could fall on, convincing her to jump. Since there were no eggs left, the friends sat down on the grass and began to look through their baskets. Hidden under a chocolate bunny, Mimi noticed an unopened egg with something special inside…

IMG_3738A hot pink collar with a charm of herself on it! “This has been an extra awesome Easter!” She declared, trying on her new piece of jewelry.

How was your Easter?

Lulu and Mimi:)

Mimi and the Scavenger Hunt-A Photo Story

7 Apr


It’s springtime! There have been some warmer days lately, and there was plenty of sunshine this weekend, so to celebrate I decided to do a Mimi photo story! This week, Mimi and her friends went on a scavenger hunt…


IMG_2972“Is everyone with their teams?” Mimi asked when they ensembles on the grass. The six friends had split up into two teams of three: The Pink Bows with Mimi, Willow the Lamb, and Harold the Unicorn, and the Springtime Snuggles with Daisy Lou, Emma, and Sir Pugs A Lot. “Okay!” Mimi announced, ready to read the rules a loud. “There are five locations with clues and prizes! There are two clues at each spot, so only take the one for your team. Whoever gets to the final destination first wins!”

IMG_2988With that they all scrambled off to read the first clue with their teams. “Here’s the clue” Mimi handed a folded piece of paper to Willow, who read aloud. “You’ll find the next clue where the crown on the frog’s head sits.” The three stood there puzzled for a moment until Harold called out, “The frog prince garden statue!”

IMG_2996Daisy Lou’s team was already there, and Sir Pugs A Lot had grabbed one of the two papers hidden beneath the metal crown. “It says that the next clue is in the empty pit–what pit?” He wondered, as his teammates shrugged and started looking around.

IMG_2998Mimi’s team had worked out the clue and where sitting on top of the fire pit…well two of them. “Did you find it yet?” Mimi called down to Harold, who was searching the ground. “Uh-huh!” He yelled back, “It reads, ‘Your next clue is hidden among the grapes.” Mimi and Willow started pacing back and forth. “Umm, guys? How am I going to get back up?” Harold shouted.

IMG_3000Emma had figured out the clue was hidden in the grape-vine, but since there were no grapes yet, the clue was tucked between two high branches. The three started climbing loose vines in order to reach their paper. “Almost got it!” Emma exclaimed, reaching her hove out. “It says, “Climb the fence to spot the final clue…”

IMG_3005Minutes later, everyone was climbing the old fence in order to reach the final clue, which was in the middle of a bare bush. Harold the Unicorn was able to grab one of the papers, but the other flew flying away in the wind. “Oh no!” Mimi said, “Why don’t you just read it out loud, and then we’ll race to the prize!” Everybody agreed, so Harold opened the paper. “The prize is under the shower of flowers,” it read.

IMG_3019Suddenly it was a speeding foot race to the old watering can that had flowers in the top. Mimi managed to arrive first, and still breathing heavily, she was greeted with a full platter of delicious looking cupcakes. “Congrats!” The sign read, “You found the prize, and don’t forget to share.” Mimi nodded, and announced “Perfect!”

IMG_3015So the six friends spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying their yummy sweets and playing in the bright sun shine!

Happy Spring!

Lulu and Mimi:)

Zig-Zag in New York City-A Photo Story

2 Mar


So sorry for not posting lately, (I’ve been so busy with my school’s production of the Little Mermaid) but today I have some super awesome photos:) My Dad went to New York for a couple of days, and he took some pictures of Mimi’s friend, Zig Zag around the city…


Here he is at Rockefeller Center…


And outside the Today show…


Oh, and at the NBC Studios!


Here’s Zig-Zag at the Radio City Music Hall…


Isn’t he so adorable? :)

I’ll be back later in the week with a brand new book review, and Love List,


P.S. I apologize for not posting my Books I Really Think You Should Read for February. Don’t worry though, I have an extra long one planned for March!

Mimi’s Birthday Party!-A Photo Story

21 Jan


Guess what?! Last Tuesday was Mimi’s birthday! To celebrate Mimi turning four, I decided to have a photo story birthday party  for her just like I did last year. I got some adorable photos that I can’t wait to share with you, so…

IMG_4378Mimi can’t wait for her party to begin! She had been setting up all morning. (She had such a tough time getting that banner up!)

IMG_4381She even made party hats! I guess she should have measured first though (they’re a bit too large)…Oh well!

IMG_4384Mimi skipped over to the snack table, making sure everything was ready before her guests arrived. She had made cupcakes the night before and spent all yesterday afternoon frosting the cake! The balloons even match the color palette of the food:)

IMG_4387“Ooh! That’s my balloon!” Mimi exclaimed when she noticed a random red balloon floating around. She grabbed it, and stuck it under her paw just as she heard the doorbell ring. “Those are my guests!” Mimi said as she ran to answer the door.

IMG_4393“Happy Birthday Mimi!” Lavender and Fifi each gave Mimi a big hug, and handed her their gifts. “I’m so glad you guys could come! We’re going to play all sorts of games, and have pizza and cupcakes, and open presents, and-” Suddenly, the doorbell rang again, and Mimi rushed to greet her friends.

IMG_4395It was Willow and Dottie. “Hi!” Mimi said excitedly. “Hi Mimi!” The two friends answered at the same time.”Okay, we just have to wait until everyone else gets here, and then we’ll start the games!”

IMG_4402Once all of Mimi’s friends had arrived, they came into the room and Mimi made an announcement, “Okay! First we’re going to play some games, and then we’ll eat pizza and desert, and then finally we’ll open presents.”

IMG_4405Mimi’s favorite game of the party was Pin the Bow on the Mimi. They even found a use for her too big party hats; they could acts blindfolds. “Alright…one…two…three…”  Her friends chanted as Lavender spun her in a circle, “Go!” Unsteadily Mimi wobbled to the photo, and after a few moments of feeling around, she taped her bow to the wall.

IMG_4408“So how did I do?” Mimi asked Lavender when she hat taken the blindfold/hat off. “Well…” Lavender replied, ” Just look.” She pointed to the wall.

IMG_4412Somehow Mimi had gotten the bow all the way up near the ceiling. “We’re still trying to figure out how you managed to get it up there!” Mimi shrugged, and said, “So what I’m hearing is that although I didn’t win…I didn’t lose!”

IMG_4417After a few more party games, it was time to eat! Mimi went over to the food table and grabbed a slice of pizza, a cupcake, and one white chocolate covered pretzel. “So are you having fun?” She asked Juliet the Elephant who nodded eagerly in-between bites of frosting.

IMG_4418And then it was time for Mimi’s most favorite part of all…presents! She sat on the floor happily as her friends grabbed their gifts.

IMG_4420First Dottie, Stella, Willow, and Juliet gave her a board game. “We combined all of money to get you it!” Stella said proudly. Mimi gave each of them a big hug and thanked them again and again.

IMG_4422“I got you this,” Fifi told her, handing Mimi the most adorable and fluffy pink teddy bear. “It’s oh so cute!” Mimi hugged the stuffed animal.

IMG_4424“When I got back from my vacation this summer, I heard about your adventures in being a hair stylist, and so I got you some pretty ribbons in you favorite color so you can practice on yourself!” Lavender told her best buddy, giving her the package. Mimi’s eyes widened, “They go perfectly with my ears!”

IMG_4427“Thanks everyone!” Mimi told all of her guests, “This was the best birthday party I’ve ever had!”

The End:)

Isn’t Mimi adorable!?


Mimi and Dottie Play in the Snow-A Photo Story

3 Jan


Today is a snow day for me, so it makes perfect sense for me to post this photo story of Mimi and Dottie the unicorn (who I got for Christmas, isn’t she adorable?) playing outside in the snow…

IMG_4138Today Mimi and her new friend Dottie are playing in Mimi’s backyard. “Hi Dottie! Ready to play in the snow?” Mimi asked eagerly. Dottie nodded up and down, and the two friends went to grab their sled.

IMG_4140“Okay, I’ll steer, and we’ll go down that big hill!” Mimi pointed to a towering pile of freezing cold snow. “That seems pretty high, are you sure you can keep us from falling off?” Dottie asked nervously. “Of course I can!” Mimi answered optimistically.

IMG_4142The two friends pushed the sled to the to of the hill, and jumped on. “Ready, set, go!” Mimi yelled as they flew down the snow pile.

IMG_4146Suddenly, the sled came crashing down with no control. As they landed on the flat ground, Dottie fell off the sled into the snow. “Dottie! Dottie! Are you okay?” Mimi cried as she jumped off to help her friend.

IMG_4148Dottie got up excitedly, “That was so much fun! Let’s do it again!” Mimi shrugged, and they brought the sled back to the hill.

IMG_4150After Mimi and Dottie went sledding, they decided to try out ice skating. “Mimi? Why do you only have two skates?” Dottie asked as her friend wobbled onto the ice. “I couldn’t find the other two, but I’ll be fine!” Mimi replied optimistically.

IMG_4152Spreading her arms out, Mimi started to glide on the ice, and was only a little unsteady. Feeling confident, Mimi skated away from the edge of the ice and into the middle…

IMG_4153until she immediately fell down! “You did awesome Mimi!” Dottie exclaimed. “That was pretty great for only two skates!”

IMG_4154“Here, why don’t you try,” Mimi told Dottie, handing her skates over to her friend. She laced them up and slipped them on before going onto the ice.

IMG_4155“Ta-da!” Dottie announced as she successfully skated around the ice. After a couple laps around the rink she joined Mimi who had been watching in awe.

IMG_4156Once Dottie had gotten the skates off, Mimi announced “I’m kind of hungry, why don’t I go get us some snacks?” Mimi said to Dottie before she ran back to the house.

IMG_4159“Here we go!” Mimi returned a few minutes later, pushing two ice cream sundaes with spoons. “Mimi! You do know it’s winter right?” Dottie asked, confused. Mimi smiled, “Well, then they won’t melt!” Smiling she dug into her ice cream, and so did Dottie.

IMG_4161The End:)


Mimi and the Gift Exchange-A Photo Story

23 Dec


Today I’m just having a lazy day at home, but I can’t wait for Christmas Eve tomorrow! (Even as I write this post, I’m listening to holiday music:)) Mimi wanted to join in the fun too, so she planned a gift exchange with her friends…

IMG_4103Today, Mimi and her friend Mia are exchanging gifts.

IMG_4106Unfortunately, Mimi had no idea what to get her friend!

IMG_4107“Hmmm…” Mimi thought, “What should I get Mia?” She pondered this for a while until she had a brilliant idea! “I’ll make Mia a scarf!” Mimi ran off to gather some supplies before coming back to begin.

IMG_4108Turns out making a scarf is a lot harder than Mimi thought…

IMG_4111“I know! I’ll make her cookies instead!” Mimi grabbed her over-sized chef hat and went to pick out a recipe. “It’ll be easy to make some peanut butter cookies,” She decided.

IMG_4113It wasn’t as easy as she thought…half of the cookies were burnt, and the other half didn’t taste good at all!

IMG_4117“Now what do I do?” Mimi asked. She slumped down on her rug, and thought hard for a moment. “Wait! If I go now, I’ll have just enough time to go to the toy store, and get back before Mia comes over.” She ran off.

IMG_4118“Perfect!” Mimi announced when she got back to her house. She slid a board game onto the floor happily.

IMG_4120But just as Mimi went to go and sit, her leg got caught on the cover of the box…

IMG_4121Suddenly the cards flew all over Mimi’s bedroom, and then she heard a loud knock on the door. “Oh no! Mia’s here, and I don’t have enough time to clean all of the cards up!”

IMG_4127In walked Mia, and Mimi got even more worried. “Hi,” she sighed. “Hey!” Mia replied, a lot more cheerfully. “Ready to see your gift?” Mimi nodded up and down slowly, “Here you go!” Mimi tore open the box and saw a Christmas tree ornament of herself!

IMG_4128“I love it!” Mimi exclaimed, “but all of my presents for you didn’t work out…” She continued to tell Mia all about the present mishaps. “That’s okay,” Mia said, hugging Mimi. “It’s so nice of you to try again and again to get me a gift.”

IMG_4131“I still feel really bad.” Mimi told her friend. “It’s okay! How about we have some hot cocoa and watch a holiday movie instead of exchanging gifts?” Mimi smiled, and went into the kitchen to grab some mugs and marshmallows.

IMG_4133Together Mimi and Mia snuggled up in Mimi’s room and watched all their favorite Christmas specials.

IMG_4100Happy Holidays from Mimi:)