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Updates + Mimi and Fifi

21 Jun


MimiWell. Long time no see, right? I feel a bit bad about leaving all of you lovely readers for so long. The end of the school year has been crazy busy for me, and I haven’t had a lot of time to blog. :( To help fill you in on past and upcoming events, I have compiled a purple-panda-approved list! Enjoy…

  • Mimi got a new buddy named Fifi… (See below)
  • I auditioned, went to call-backs, and got cast in my school’s production of Once on this Island. Yay!
  • Zig-Zag the Zebra (Mimi’s traveling buddy) went to Turkey. Pictures coming soon, not to worry. :)
  • I just went to see Inside Out, which was super adorable, and therefore deserved to be on the list.
  • Feeling like you need an extra dose of purple panda-ness? Go check out my recent posts on Doll Mag, the online magazine devoted to dolls that I write with my amazing sister Bella, (who blogs here).

Speaking of Mimi’s new friend, I recently received a very cute Disney Marie Tsum Tsum as a gift from my wonderful mom, who I have named Fifi. After meeting her tiny look-alike, Mimi immediately knew that she had found a new friend! I couldn’t wait to take a few pictures of the two cuties together – check them out below!

Mimi and Fifi 1 Mimi and Fifi 2 Mimi and Fifi 3 Mimi and Fifi 4 Mimi and Fifi 5

Have a great night!


theawesomeadventuresoflulu’s Snow Day Essentials

28 Jan


THE SNOW HAS TAKEN OVER! (Not really, but my window is currently so covered in snow that I can barely see outside of it.) Yesterday afternoon I learned the wonderful news that I would be having a snow day today (and tomorrow! Yay!) and I immediately began making plans of snuggling up and reading all day long. I did exactly that and my day turned out absolutely positively awesome! To ensure your future snow day (or random weekend) is as great as mine, I have compiled a list of my Snow Day Essentials. Enjoy!

Snow Day (Hat Clipart from My Cute Graphics)

 1 >> Blanket and Cocoa >> There’s nothing like snuggling up in a cozy blanket with a mug of warm cocoa, right? Add in a few extra marshmallows and some graham crackers, and you have the ingredients for a very cozy snow day.

Pictured Here >> Vera Bradley’s Throw Blanket in Leopard Spots >> My Cute Graphics Hot Cocoa Mug Clipart

2 >> Good Books >> I just spent the last few hours reading the second book in the Kiki Strike series, and it made my snow day quite delightful! I think tomorrow afternoon I’ll start the third…

(By the way, has anyone seen the cover for the third School for Good and Evil book? It’s pure awesomeness.)

Pictured Here >> The Empress’s Tomb and The Darkness Dwellers by Kirsten Miller

3 >> Comfy Clothes >> When I heard that I was having a snow day, I immediately knew that I would have to wear my cozy “Le Snow Day” sweatshirt from Abercrombie! And of course, no outfit would be complete without my fluffy hat from American Eagle. :)

Pictured Here >> Le Snow Day Graphic Sweatshirt from Abercrombie >> Hat from American Eagle (I can’t find a link to my specific hat, but this one is very similar.)

4 >> Movie and TV Show Marathons >> I tend to have TV marathons all the time, but they’re extra fun when it’s a snow day! I’m actually watching Gilmore Girls as I write this blog post, (although I usually am.)

Pictured Here >> The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Fosters, and Gilmore Girls.

5 >> Games >> What can I say? A snow day is nothing without fun and games.

Pictured Here >> Stratego, Just Dance 2015.

Happy snow day / Tuesday!


The Liebster Award!

21 Apr


liebsterblogawardI was awarded the Liebster Blogging Award by the oh-so awesome Abby W., from the also awesome blog, Dollightful Days! Yay!

The rules of the award go like this:

  • Answer the questions the person who awarded you asked in their post
  • Come up with your own set of eleven questions
  • Award other fabulous bloggers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know!

So, I’ll start by answering Abby’s questions:

What is a favorite post of yours? Hmm…well, I do love writing Mimi’s adventures and my favorite one of those would have to be when she became a superhero! I also enjoy writing the Books I Really Think You Should Read posts and Cat Royal book reviews:)

Do you have a favorite doll/stuffed animal? Mimi!!!

The blog you have been following the longest? I have to admit that I don’t really follow blogs, but more like obsessively check them…I think the first blog I read was my sister’s, Ciao Bella, and then a close second would be American Girl Fan. But I’m pretty sure I’ve read almost every review on the Toy Box Philosopher by now:)

Doll item on your wish list? (Or clothes item, etc, if no dolls) Well, it was the Ever After High doll, Cedar Wood, but since I received her yesterday, the top thing on my wish list would probably now be the Tea Party Mix and Match set from American Girl!

If you had to shop at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be? Boden.

Cookie or cupcake? Cupcakes, preferably ones flavored like cookies.

Favorite dog breed? Oh, um, I’ve never had a dog so I don’t really know. My best friend’s yellow lab is pretty cute though!

Favorite smiley face? (For example, :D) :)

Favorite holiday? Hmm…my birthday! (Does that count? If not, Christmas)

Least favorite day of the week? Either Monday or Thursday:(

Greatest reward you got from blogging? My writing has gotten so much better!

That was fun! Now it’s time for my eleven questions:

  1. Who’s your favorite book character and why?
  2. What’s your favorite post to write? (Photo story, review, craft, etc.)
  3. If you could travel to any time period where would you go and why?
  4. If you had a million dollars, what would you use it for?
  5. Summer or Winter?
  6. Favorite dessert?
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  8. Favorite character from character from a Disney movie? (coughOlafcough)
  9. Best part about blogging?
  10. Favorite movie?
  11. Favorite color?

Anyways, since this award has been going around the internet for a while, a lot of blogs have already been chosen, so I picked five that I think haven’t gotten the award yet. If you also haven’t received it, consider yourself awarded and use my questions! Here are the ones I chose:

  • The Toy Box Philosopher
  • Clarisse’s Closet
  • The Salty Breeze
  • Tea Time With Melody Q.
  • AG Doll-icious

Happy blogging!


Zig-Zag in New York City-A Photo Story

2 Mar


So sorry for not posting lately, (I’ve been so busy with my school’s production of the Little Mermaid) but today I have some super awesome photos:) My Dad went to New York for a couple of days, and he took some pictures of Mimi’s friend, Zig Zag around the city…


Here he is at Rockefeller Center…


And outside the Today show…


Oh, and at the NBC Studios!


Here’s Zig-Zag at the Radio City Music Hall…


Isn’t he so adorable? :)

I’ll be back later in the week with a brand new book review, and Love List,


P.S. I apologize for not posting my Books I Really Think You Should Read for February. Don’t worry though, I have an extra long one planned for March!

My Top Ten Favorite Quotes from Holiday Specials

21 Dec


Slide01Since Christmas is so soon and I’ve been watching all of my favorite holiday specials and movies, I decided to make a list of my top ten favorite quotes from them! Enjoy…

Slide02This year, my family got Prep and Landing on DVD, which I’m very happy about because it’s just so cute and funny! My favorite line is by Lanny the Elf, “This is so tinsel!”

Slide03What is there really to say about this quote? It’s just so awesome!

Slide04Let me just say that Buddy the Elf rocks, and that this line is completely true:)

Slide05Even though this quote creates a few problems for Frosty the Snowman, it still always makes me laugh because of the goofy way the character says it!

Slide06Oh, I love the Polar Express! My family watches it every year on Christmas Eve, and I’m super excited to see it again. :)

Slide07Yes, Virginia is such a cute Christmas special, and I love watching it every year. This quote sums up all of it’s awesomeness for me!

Slide08Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have a cup of hot cocoa with the Kringle’s?

Slide09My favorite part of A Charlie Brown Christmas is when all the kids realize the tree that Charlie Brown picked out wasn’t so bad after all, and this quote sums up the entire scene for me.

Slide10I die of cuteness overload every time Cindy Lu Who says this…

Slide11Yes Rudolph, yes you are.

Do you have any favorite Holiday Special quotes?


Snowflake Movie!

8 Dec


Today I started to get into ‘holiday mode’ because I’ve been listening to seasonal music, decorating, and working on gifts all day! (Yesterday I even made a Holiday TV special calendar to help me keep track so I wouldn’t miss favorites like Frosty The Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:)) To help me get into the mood, I made an awesome winter animation that I wanted to share with you..

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to make the paper snowflakes, but I hoped you enjoyed my quick animation:)


Happy Teddy Bear Day!

10 Sep

Hi! Sorry for such a short post today, but I wanted to make sure I got a chance to write about this…National Teddy Bear Day!

Cute Little Bear

(Clipart from Pumpkins and Posies)

Don’t you just love all these fun random holidays? Today to celebrate I took some photos of the my Teddy Bear, Nellie who I got at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (which is super fun by the way!)

Did you do anything to celebrate today?