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7 Days of Halloween-(How to Make Mimi’s Halloween Costumes-A Craft)

28 Oct

Halloween Post #7

Supplies: White Fabric, Construction Paper, paper, scissors, string, tape.

Ghost Costume: Cut a square out of the white fabric, big enough to cover your stuffed animals body. Cut out two circles from colorful construction paper to be the eyes. Cut out two smaller squares from black construction paper and tape them onto your other circles. Tape your eyes to the middle of the fabric and you have a ghost!

Dog Costume: Cut a bone like shape out of construction paper and tape it to your animal’s mouth. Now cut a half moon shape out of paper, (I found index cards work better) and cut out a smaller half moon shape out of your original one. Color it brown, (or any color you want.) Cut out two ovals and color them the color of you headband shape. Tape them to the headband and put it on your stuffed animal!

Pumpkin Costume: First cut out two orange circles, one big, and one small. On one of them draw a jack-o-lantern face. Measure the width of your stuffed animal’s neck and cut a string with a little extra than the width. Tape the string to the larger circle and slip it over your stuffed animal’s head. Cut out a small green rectangle and tape it to the top of your stuffed animal’s hat, (a.k.a. the smaller circle) tape it to your stuffed animal’s head and you have an adorable pumpkin outfit.

Crown: Cut out a yellow rectangle from construction paper big enough to fit around you stuffed animal’s head. Cut out triangles at the top so it has sharp edges. DECORATE IT!!! Now tape the ends together so it fits your stuffed animal’s head. Enjoy:)

7 Days of Halloween Posts-(Gilda Joyce-The Bones Of The Holy-A Book Review)

27 Oct

So sorry for disappearing yesterday guys:)

Halloween post number 6:)

When Gilda Joyce’s mother comes back from a trip to St. Augustine, Florida she starts to act very strange. So of course Gilda decides to snoop. And what does she find in her mother’s bags? AN ENGAGEMENT RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her widowed mother is getting married to someone Gilda hasn’t even met?! and in Florida! Even worse the man’s name is Eugene Pook! Gilda’s mother brings Gilda down to Florida to meet her fiancee, (her brother Stephen got to go later) Gilda is even more horrified he has a waxed. Curled. Mustache…but there are two good things about this whole mess…St.Augustine is known for its spirits and ghosts, and Mr.Pook owns an antique shop, filled with vintage clothing, one of Gilda’s favorite things. But Gilda’s getting suspicious of Mr.Pook, turns out he used to be engaged to a woman named Charlotte Furbo. She ran away to Europe with another man the night before the wedding who her parents hated and caused them to kick her out of their house. Also Charlotte happens to look a lot like Mrs. Joyce. Gilda and Darla, (Mr. Pook’s next door neighbor’s daughter) keep seeing a mysterious ghost-like woman in white with blood stains walking around Eugene’s house. Could Charlotte have been killed? Did Mr. Pook or Charlotte’s parents The Furbos do it? Why Does Mrs. Joyce keep having these weird trances everytime she goes into the kitchen? Can Gilda solve this mystery along with the help of her friends before her Mother get’s married, to some one who might be a murder?

My Thoughts: I LOVE the Gilda Joyce books! This one is one of my favorites too, except I always look ahead in mysteries…(ha, ha:) Eugene was just creepy, spoilers*(I mean what kind of person hides a corpse under their kitchen?). Darla got better by the end of the book, but I guess she was just scared in the beginning , and Debbie was my favorite character besides Gilda. I liked Stephen better in this book. Mrs. Joyce’s sudden trances were really freaky. Even though I loved this book it probably wasn’t a good idea to read it at night…anyways I give this book four out of five stars.

7 Days of Halloween Posts-(Mimi Goes Trick or Treating)

25 Oct

Halloween post #5:)

Today Mimi is going Trick-or-Treating!

Along with Pippaloo,Oreo, Midnight, Spooky, and Bailey!

“Let’s go!”

“I can’t see through this!”

“Guys! Ow!”

Our friends were having a great time until…

They noticed the haunted house on the end of the street!

“Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!” They ran and hid.

Except for Bailey. “Come on guys, don’t be a bunch of cowards!” “But I want to be!”cried Mimi. Bailey heard a creepy noise…

“Save me!” “Come on guys let’s get in a huddle. We’re better than this we’re going to go and see what’s in that house!”


At the house…

“Huh, it was just a halloween party…”

Bye for now!

7 Days of Halloween Posts, (Return To Halloween Town-A Movie Review)

24 Oct

Halloween post #4:) Return to Halloween Town-A Movie Review.

Marnie Piper is a witch, who loves using her powers. So when she gets accepted into Witch University in Halloween town it’s no surprise much to the annoyance of her mother. When Marnie arrives she finds out two annoying things: she can only stay at the college if her brother stays too, and there’s NO magic allowed! But there is also some weird things going on, and Marnie’s sure the three mean girls, The Sinister Sisters, have something to do with it. Her brother’s acting weird and there’s a mysterious box that just landed in Marnie’s hands during class. Can Marnie figure out what’s happening along with the help of her friends Ethan and Aneesa?

My Thoughts: I watch this movie every Halloween, (I haven’t seen the other ones in like five years:)) It’s not my favorite disney movie but… it’s still okay. The other Halloween town movies are actually kind of scary the first time you see them, but this one is more comical. I give this movie three out of five stars.

7 Weeks of Halloween Posts (What’s Your Halloween Costume?-A Quiz)

24 Oct

Today’s Halloween Post is a quiz, so enjoy:)

What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

A) The trick or treating!

B) Picking out the costume:)

C)  Decorating the house:)

What’s your favorite color?

A) Purples and hot pinks, anything bright and bold

B) Blues and greens

C) Pastels

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

A) Lollipops

B) Smarties

C) Chocolate

Mostly As                                                Mostly Bs                                                   Mostly Cs

Your are a cute, fluffy monster:)    You are a spooky, awesome ghost   You are a clever, outstanding Vampire

7 days of Halloween Posts, (Mimi Goes To The Pumpkin Patch)

22 Oct

Halloween Post #2, (How cool is that poster:))

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Mimi and her friends Addison, Candy Corn, Pumpkin, and Sir Pugs A Lot are going to the pumpkin patch!

Look at all their pumpkins:)

There’s entertainment too! So cute!

Mimi found a big pumpkin! She’s going to enter it in the fair:)

And she’s off!

“Mimi! Wait for us!”

“And me!”


At the fair…”WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Bye for now!”