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Alex Vs. Alex, The Wizards Return-A TV Show Episode Review

21 Mar



Selena Gomez as Alex 

Jake T. Austin as Max

Jennifer Stone as Harper

Gregg Sulkin as Mason

David Deluise as Jerry

Maria Canals Barrera as Theresa 

Beau Mirchoff as Dominic 

After Alex Russo became the family wizard, she thought everything would go on smoothly…not so much. Her family keeps trying to pressure her to be more mature and grow up after the endless mischief caused by her magic. So before a family reunion in Italy, Alex decides to use magic to separate the good and bad parts of herself, and ends up creating a Good Alex and a Bad Alex. Soon, she is caught up in an evil young wizard’s scheme to rule the whole world, and to destroy all mortals. Alex must save her friends and family, along with the rest of the world, all atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa, while facing herself!

My Thoughts: Wizards of Waverly Place was by far my favorite Disney show! I was so sad when it ended, but I eagerly awaited this hour-long special! The plot definitely reminded me of the episode in the Wizards of Waverly Place TV series, “Positive Alex.” This awesome episode is full of stunts and lots of special effects. The magic in this is very different from the bright spark of colors in the actual TV series, but was very well done with the slow movement of the colors all blended together. The big battle scene between the two Alexs (I don’t really know how to make her name plural!) was outstanding, and I thought it was funny how every time Alex defeated herself, her bad side would just come back! It was complete with a big shock, (but I’m not going to tell you what it is!) that is sure to surprise you, (don’t worry, it all works out:)) Also, the Villa in Italy’s set was also very well-designed:) The costumes in this were just as cool as in the TV show! Harper’s outfits are always very outrageous and silly, but make her character fun! Bad Alex’s “taking over the world outfit” reminded me of some of the classic Disney villains rolled into one, with a twist. I do think though, that it could have been more of a movie’s-length than just one hour. Moving on to the exceptional acting… Selena Gomez played her fun, full of jokes character Alex, who always can seem to make you laugh. Alex was just as likable in the special, and her magical mishaps are just as funny! David DeLuise and Maria Canals-Barrera have so many short jokes, but are always full of laughter! Jennifer Stone also did a great job as Harper, who’s always funny. There was a great cast, and I give this special three and a half stars out of five!

Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer and Pioneers of Television-Two Mini Reviews

27 Jan

Love is in the air! Really! Nancy and her best friend Bree are even learning about the human heart in science class. But when Nancy’s favorite baby sitter Annie and guitar teacher Andy are both going to be left without someone to celebrate with on Valentine’s day! Unless…unless Bree and Nancy can get them to fall in love! Yep, that’s right Nancy Clancy is going matchmaker! Will their be love at first sight or will everything go horribly wrong?

My Thoughts: I have grown up with Fancy Nancy so I was really happy to hear that Jane O’Connor came out with chapter books. Although these books are easy they are adorable! The mysteries and plot lines are really cute and I love Nancy’s hilarious outfits! Bree is a great best friend and is really sweet. I thought that in the end of the book Grace was really nice! I give this book four out of five stars for being a really cute read:)

Pioneers of Television is a documentary on PBS that focuses on the pioneers of a certain type of TV show. The latest episode that I watched was about “funny ladies” like Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball. It shows clips from episodes and actors and actresses talk about their shows. The next episode is about primetime, I can’t wait:)

My Thoughts: I watched another one of the seasons of pioneers of television last year and I really liked it! I was thrilled when I found out that it was going to be on  again. It’s really interesting and I can’t wait for the next episode! I give this show five out of five stars!

Quantum Leap-A TV Show Review

26 Jan

Quantum Leap 

Starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell

Scientist Sam Beckett has created the greatest invention the world has ever seen: a time machine. But the machine ends up getting out of his control, and Sam suddenly finds himself traveling through time…but not as himself. As he takes the identity of different people in decades that aren’t his own, he soon realizes that he can help make these people’s lives better…especially with the power of time on his side. Join Sam and his sidekick Al, as they travel through the ages and change the course of history…even if it’s as a monkey or a beauty queen.

My Thoughts: I love this show, (even if I don’t get all the references,) and Al’s, um, interesting outfits. My favorite episodes are definitely the ones where Sam turns into a monkey, a beauty queen, and Elvis. Overall, I give the series four stars out of five.

H2O: Just Add Water

30 Sep

Summary: When Emma, Ricki, and Cleo find themselves stranded on a mysterious island after their boat breaks down, they never would have expected that the abandoned island was filled with magic and loads of secrets. A few strange events later, and they themselves discover that they’ve become…mermaids.

My Thoughts: I think this TV series is awesome! It’s very addicting. The acting is very well done, and while the storyline can be a bit ridiculous, it’s also pretty whimsical and fun.

Overall Rating: I give it five out of five stars.

Cast: (In no particular order) 

Claire Holt as Emma

Phoebe Tonkin as Cleo

Cabriea Heine as Ricki

Angus Mclaren as Lewis

Indiana Evens as Bella