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New American Girl Release Thoughts

2 Jan


So sorry for not posting for a while, but I have lots of fun things planned for the month! Today was American Girl’s new release of the 2014 Girl of the Year, Isabelle Palmer, so I wrote up my thoughts about most of the items that came out this morning…

F7323_main_1Isabelle Doll

I actually think Isabelle is really cute, and I like the ombre hair piece. Her hazel eyes are pretty fun, and I love the shoes that come with her meet outfit! The shirt looks like it fits kind of weirdly, but I do like the color.

F7331_main_1Isabelle’s Pajamas

These are cute and they come in favorite color, but I think the weird fabric flap thing on the pants kind of ruins it for me.

F7335_main_1Isabelle’s Performance Outfit

This has really nice pieces, but for me, pairing them together doesn’t work. I kind of wish it had a little bit more color, but American Girl did a great job on the accessories.

F7333_main_1Isabelle’s Metallic Dress

Again, the accessories of this outfit are great, but I’m not loving the outfit altogether. The dress has a weird sleeve and I think the color washes Isabelle out, but I would have to see it in person.

F7353_main_1Coral Mix and Match Sweater

This is probably my favorite part of the whole collection! I have to say that the Mix and Match collection where you can buy separate pieces was a great idea, and I can’t wait to own this sweater:)

F7369_main_1Isabelle’s Purple Leotard

This is a pretty cute leotard, even if it does remind me of McKenna’s a lot. It’s purple for one thing, and it has cool sequin detail, so overall I have to say I like it.

F7341_main_1Isabelle’s Mix and Match Dance Skirt

Even though I can’t resist purple and sparkles, this skirt isn’t something I can’t wait to buy. I guess if I had a really cute top that goes perfectly with it I might buy it, but I bet those sequins would start falling off after lots of use.

F7614_main_1Isabelle’s Studio

This is so cool! The sewing machine, the mannequin, all the adorable accessories and details! It even can become a dance practice area…too bad it’s over $200:(

F7596_main_1Isabelle’s Dance Barre

This is also pretty cute, but I wish you could just buy the accessories, since it’s actually pretty easy to make a doll-sized dance bar yourself, (My sister and I did a couple months ago, click here to take a look at it.)

F8552_main_1Tennis Outfit

I miss the old yellow/gray tennis outfit, and I don’t think that AG really needed to redo it, but this is still cute! I think that the racket should have been purple instead of pink and that the t-shirt didn’t have the Innerstar U logo on it.

F8554_main_1Pretty Pink Dress

The only reason I would buy this is for the shoes, and I’m not sure they’re worth it. The dress just isn’t very stylish and the shade of pink in the ruffles is a little weird, (although it could just be the photo.)

F8574_main_1Friends are Sweet Set

I don’t really like this Valentine’s set at all. You could easily make the banner yourself, the balloon isn’t very cute, (I prefer the ones from the retired Bitty Baby birthday set,) and I don’t really know what to do with the little bag and bouquet.

F8359_main_1Bitty Baby Mix and Match Set

I have to say that I loved the Bitty Twin and Bitty Baby stuff that was released today, and that this Mix and Match set is no exception. I love the bright colors and playful patterns, and might end up buying this because of it’s sheer cuteness!

F8506SET_main_1Bitty Baby Tea Party Set

Ooh, I’m going to die of adorableness! Even if the cupcakes are a bit out of scale, and the blanket needs to be a little bigger, this set won me over:)

F8520_main_1Bitty Twin’s Butterfly Pajamas

Not the best pajamas the Bitty Twin’s have ever have, but the Butterfly Pajamas are actually a lot cuter than I thought when I first saw them! The pattern is colorful and sweet, and if I didn’t already have lots of pajamas for my Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin, I would probably get them.

F8545_main_1Bitty Twin Camping Set

Did you see those s’mores? Aren’t they just so cute? The tic-tack-toe game is okay, but I just love those s’mores so much! Seriously, I love them!

F8539_main_1Bitty Twin Sleeping Bag

So CUTE! The pattern on the inside is fun, and I love the detailed stitching on the butterflies. I think I might even end up buying it!


American Girl Release Thoughts

28 Aug

Hi! Yesterday was American Girl’s latest release, and they came out with lots of cute outfits, and accessories! Yay! Anyways, here are my thoughts about the new things…

The Polar Bear PJs

Isn’t the pattern on these so cute? The dark and light blue look nice together, and the boots just top it all off!

Coconut Fun Outfit

Yay! They brought back the Coconut Fun Outfit! I have to say that I probably like this one better than the original because of the navy top and leggings.

Frosty Fair Isle and Jacket Outfit

Although I don’t like cold weather, I LOVE this cold weather outfit! The soft colors are nice, and those shoes are adorable, but I could most likely live without having American Girl put their logo on the gloves.

Sparkle Party Dress

Now this I really like! The skirt has a fun shape, and I love the detail on the shoulder. I would probably get rid of the tights, but otherwise it’s a pretty solid outfit.

Brocade Holiday Dress

This is a pretty dress, but I’m not really in love with the color. I’m all for the shoes though:)

Sparkle Sequin Outfit 

I’m simply speechless! This probably has to be my favorite MyAGDoll outfit of the release.

Bitty babyThe New Bitty Baby Line

The new dolls are adorable! I’m glad that AG expanded their line, and redid a lot of the accessories, but I’ll still miss some old favorites.

Twinkle Party Dress

This isn’t my favorite party dress of all time, but the deep red is a nice shade, and the details make this a perfect outfit for the holidays.

Snowy Dream PJs

Ooh! I love that periwinkle color, along with the pink accents and patterns.

Nature Cutie Set

I love that hat! (I have one in the same style, and it happens to be pretty awesome;)) The whole outfit overall though looks cozy and would work as a great winter outfit, (although, I would probably end up snagging the fabric on something pretty quickly.)

Prima Ballerina Outfit

Oh cuteness! What else is there to say?

Purple Posies Outfit

How adorable! This is such a fun fall outfit, but I still would rather see it in person before I would buy it online.

Dotty Coat Set

This has to be one of my favorite Bitty Baby Outfits ever! I love the details, and accessories…so basically I love the whole thing!

Fair Isle Skirt Set

Why do all of the Fall/Winter Bitty Twin outfits have to be so cute? The colors in this are very fun for the upcoming season, and the headband is just too adorable not to love!

The Spa Chair

Isn’t this adorable? I love all the accessories…but not the fact that it costs more than an actual doll.

Gymnastics Set

After the success of the McKenna gymnastics set, I was happy to see that AG came out with a new one that even has a cheaper price!

Snow Much Fun Set

What can I say? That snowman is pretty awesome

All of these images belong to AG


American Girl’s New Release!

27 Jun

Hi guys! Today is a super awesome day because it was my last day of school, and there was a new American Girl Release! (It has to be one of the best ones in a while) Below are my thoughts on some of the new items!

The New My American Girl Dolls

Aren’t these dolls really cute? I love their hairstyles and I bet they will pretty popular.

Saige’s Tunic Outfit and Accessories

There has been some talk about this outfit when it was spotted in an American Girl ad, and I have to say I really like it. The tunic is a great color, the shoes are adorable, and the basic pants will match with lots of items. Also, the accessories are really cute:)

 The Floral Sweater and Skirt Outfit

This is a perfect back to school outfit! The colors are great, and the patterns are great, because they’re easy to match and accessorize.

The School Days Outfit

This is cute, but it isn’t my favorite. The colors look great together, and the shoes are awesome, but it’s still not the best outfit of the release, although maybe once I see it in person I will like it better.

The Tropical Bloom Outfit

This outfit is so coordinated. The accessories add to the outfit, and the colors and style of the clothes look perfect for a casual day. It’s personally not really my style, but I’m sure others will like it.

The Purple Peacock Pajamas

I am in love with these pajamas. :) The pattern is so cute, and the colors are my favorites! I will definitely get this outfit!

Talent Show Set

This is so ADORABLE!!!! The colors and designs are so bold and fun, plus the whole outfit is just so playfully cute!

2 in 1 Track Outfit

This is such a cute version of American Girl’s previous track outfit. The colors are bright and cheerful, and will look great on most dolls.

The Basketball Outfit

Another great outfit! It looks cute on the doll, and the sneakers will work well with other outfits.

The Witch Costume

For the last of the My American Girl Outfits I’m going to talk about, I decided to use the Witch costume, which has to be one of their cutest halloween costumes in a while. All the pieces are great, plus the broom makes an adorable final touch.

The Butterfly Tunic and Dress

I. am. at. a. loss. for. words. These are just so cute!

The Garden Play Outfit and Rainbow Plaid Outfit

I really like these two outfits, and their colors and pieces. They’re perfect for back to school, but the patterns can work for spring too.

The Campus Snack Cart

This has to be one of my favorite things out of the whole release. I really want it!!! I mean, it’s just so cute. :)

School Locker Set

This is so awesome! It makes it so easy to store your doll’s stuff, and the color combo is very pretty.

The Science Set and School Backpack Set

I laughed at first when I saw the backpack set because it has a copy of the match book my school uses. Anyways, both sets are super adorable, and I would use the pieces really often.

Doll Hairstyles

These pieces were such a great idea! They can really add to an outfit, and make it so easy to do different styles.

Delicious Breakfast set

This. is. adorable.

All of these pictures are form American Girl. :) 


Big News For Doll Mag!

1 May

Slide01Alright, there’s lots of big news today, so I guess I’ll start with the winner of the interview contest…Megan and her doll Rebecca! Congrats! You can read Rebecca’s interview, along with an article about travel fashions, a summer saying quiz, an interview with Julie Albright, ways to celebrate with your best friend, and much more in the May/June issue of Doll Mag!

Moving on, this is the last post on my blog where you can find out who won the interview contest…But don’t get too sad! Doll Mag is getting it’s own blog, where you can read past issues, enter the contests, and read all sorts of posts! To learn more, read our Doll Mag Online article inside the issue.  To enter the contests, read the magazines, find out the winner, and do lots more, visit the Doll Mag website, at http://thedollmag.wordpress.com!

Lulu’s Super Amazing Love List!

15 Apr

Hey! Today I’m doing a short, (but still very awesome!) love list! (Meaning there aren’t that any things, but still a lot of words!)

Whoppie Pies Food For American Girl Dolls Chocolate Cupcakes Food For American Girl Dolls Vanilla Cupcakes Food For American Girl Dolls

Pippaloo’s Homemade American Girl Doll Food!

I love Pippaloo’s adorable food for American Girl Dolls, and I could hardly await for her new release! This collection was made up of cakes and other party treats, that are perfect to use for photo shoots! Most of the food was snagged up in minutes, but I was able to get the cupcakes and whoopie pies shown above:) Aren’t they just so cute? I love the fun rainbow sprinkles on the cupcakes, and the whoopie pies are just plain awesome:)

(Photos from Pippaloo)

The Nancy Drew Diaries

The original Nancy Drew Mysteries and Girl Detective books are great, so I was super excited when I learned about this new version of the Nancy Drew books coming out! The first two books follow Nancy and her friends Bess and George on a fancy Alaskan Cruise Ship after Becca, one of Nancy’s close friends who is also the cruise director, enlists her help after several weird happenings occur. Threatening e-mails are sent, a priceless chandelier comes crashing down, and a (fake!) bloody body is discovered in the pool! I loved the first two books, and read them pretty quickly, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the next story, The Mystery of the Midnight Rider! (Don’t you think the cover of this book is awesome?)

20,000 Leagues (A 5 Wits Adventure!) 

I just went to 5 Wits’s adventure, 20,000 Leagues today! It’s really fun and full of adventure! Based after the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you venture deep into the ocean in an old Victorian submarine that has been lost for hundreds of years! After solving several puzzles and creating a mysterious formula, you have an exciting encounter with a furious sea monster! This was so much fun to go to to! I really enjoyed 5 Wits’s other attraction, Espionage, but I can’t decide which adventure I liked better! The shows (or rides? I don’t really know what to call them) are also really well constructed and have awesome sets and puzzles!

top level collection photo

Melody Valerie’s Bloom Collection

I love all of Melody Valerie Couture outfits, and their new dresses are to die for! I love the color palette, (my favorite color being purple, of course!) and the patterns and details are so pretty! My favorite dresses would have to be Lisianthus (the purple floral one) and Snowdrop, (the white one) I love the extra details like the shimmering buttons, wavy lines, delicate polka dots, and dark belts. The necklines are also gorgeous, and I would say that Bloom is an amazing collection of cute dresses!

(Photo from Melody Valerie Couture)

8 Mystery Books That I Really Think You Should Investigate!-Books I think You Should Read, Volume 3

5 Mar


(Background from My Cute Graphics)

The Red Blazer Girls Series by Michael Beil, (Read my reviews of the books here, here, and here)

The Mystery of The Third Lucretia by Susan Runholt

Nancy drew: Girl Detective Eco-Mystery Trilogy by Carolyn Keene

I so don’t do Mysteries by Barrie Summy

The Sherlock Files, The 100 Year-Old Secret by Tracy Barrett

Trial By Journal by Kate Klise

An American Girl Felicity Mystery: The Ghost of Lady Margaret by Elizabeth McDavid Jones

Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator by Jennifer Allison (Read my reviews of the books here and here)

March/April Doll Mag Interview Contest Winner!

1 Mar


Congrats Jess and her doll Rosalyn! They are the winners of the March/April Doll Mag interview contest! This issue of Doll Mag includes a fashion article called Wearing the Rainbow, a quiz on What Spring Animal Are You?, an April Fool’s pizza recipe, an interview with Josefina Montoya, a craft about how to use up your fabric scraps, a Sleepover Spectacular guide, and much more! Click here to read it: Doll Mag March/April issue.  Have fun reading!

*Here are the questions for the May/June issue of Doll Mag:

Your Name:

Doll’s Name:

What do you like most about your best friend?

What are you looking forward to this summer?

If you could go back in time, which decade would you go to and why?

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

What is your favorite website/blog to read?

*Please note these questions are for your doll, not you. 

We will try to post the next issue on May 1st, so please get your answers in by April 1st! Thanks:)