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Wednesdays In the Tower-A Book Review

14 May

To read my book review of the first story in this series (which will probably make this make more sense!), click here.

Hey:) Guess what???!!!! I’m finally doing a book review of the sequel to one of my favorite books ever! Enjoy…

Wednesdays in the Castle by Jessica Day George 

What in the world are you supposed to do when the Castle you live in is constantly taking away or adding rooms, hallways, or towers and seems to have it’s own mind?

When Princess Celie finds a new tower with a mysterious giant egg in it, she has no idea what to expect! Soon she’s caring for a pet griffin that she has to keep secret, also she has to figure out why the Castle has been acting so weird lately, and she has to deal with a mysterious visiting wizard, who doesn’t want Celie to learn anything about the Castle’s history! Can Celie keep on hiding her new pet, and try to save the castle?

My Thoughts: I’ve been waiting to read this for what feels like forever, so you can imagine my excitement when I ripped open a package on Friday, and found this! After diving into the story of Celie and her beloved Castle, I was immediately sucked in to the world of griffins, magic, and creepy old wizards who try to take away your favorite character’s stuff! (Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself…)  Anyways, my point is that I LOVED this book! (Which is to be expected, since Jessica Day George is one of my favorite authors, and I also LOVED Tuesdays at the Castle, but…) Moving on, the writing was superb as always; full of whimsical adventures and characters, plus original and creative ideas. The beginning starts off with a bang, goes into an eventful, intriguing, (sometimes complicated middle) and finishes with a great, yet torturing ending! Speaking of the ending, that cliff hanger is so, so, so…umm…cliff hanger-like! Now, the next book in this series better be ready, or I think I’ll die of suspense! Don’t worry, I’m joking, but I still just want to read the next book so badly!!!! (Cue dramatic music:))

Anyways, before I continue to ramble on about how much I want (no, need!) Jessica Day George to write her next book, I’ll talk about the characters. Celie was such a memorable one in the first story, so I was really looking forward to reading about her again this time, and she didn’t disappoint at all! She was still her adventurous, caring, silly self, but for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on she was even more entertaining. She was so sweet with Rufus, and had quick reflexes when she went to investigate the Castle “Eye.” I also thought that it was a good choice to show Bran’s character more in this book because you didn’t get to see his personality in the last story, though I did miss some of the other characters, like Rolf, Lilah, and Pogue because they were more interesting and important in the last book, but weren’t featured very much this time.

Continuing with my thoughts about the characters, Wizard Arkwright was my least favorite one of all. He was so mysterious, evil, and clever, but I still can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of his story. I also can’t wait to see what else happens with Rufus and the other griffins. Overall, I give this book five stars out of five for being a wonderful fantasy story, that leaves you in suspense!

The Red Blazer Girls, The Ring Of Rocamadour

23 Jan

Summary! (That’s kind of long…) If one day your best friend Sophie screamed during english class while reading Great Expectations because she saw something in the window, would you sneak out of school and go to church to investigate what she saw? Sophie, Rebecca and Margaret did. And if you saw a mysterious door in the basement of a church, would you pick it? Sophie, Rebecca, and Margaret did that too. Would you go into the mysterious house of the mysterious old lady (who might be crazy) that mysteriously connects to the church? Yep, they did that too. In this mysterious old house they meet the not-so-crazy/mysterious (although her fashion choices are) old lady named Elizabeth Harriman. Oh, and of course there’s a mystery to be solved!!! Just a few days before Elizabeth had found a note from her late father to her grown-up daughter. The note was supposed to be given to Caroline on her twelve birthday, but Mr. Harriman passed away the day before. So now Elizabeth wants Rebecca, Sophie, and Margaret to solve a slew of puzzles to find the amazing present Mr. Harriman left his grand-daughter, (I’m guessing from the title you can guess what it is.) Along with the girls’ friend Leigh Ann, they become the Red Blazer Girls, (because of their school uniforms…which have red blazers.) But these girls’ first case may not go as smooth as they would hope. Scary deacons, half-blind security guards, accusing priests, spying housekeepers, detention-giving nuns, an ex-husband who may or may not be evil, and a slew of confusing puzzles and clues (and next time don’t complain about having to read a really long book in english class, you never know when it will help you solve a mystery) cause this case to be Confusing with a capital C!

My Thoughts: This is an AWESOME book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like mysteries, (please just forget about how I like to look at the end:)) My sister loves them too and recommended this series to me, (thanks Bella!!!!) It has strong characters, a great plot, and an awesome cover!! I personally love the title and the fact that the book is interactive. It actually taught me some algebra!!! (Though I’m not one hundred percent sure I did the puzzles right…but still!) I love all of the Red Blazer girls, so I just can’t pick a favorite: Rebecca is funny and bold, Margaret is smart and resourceful, Leigh Ann is caring and sweet, and Sophie is just awesome!! Ms. Harriman is really funny and nice, and you just want to hug her. Malcolm isn’t to bad himself and is full of surprises:) It made me so happy when they helped out Rebecca so that she would not have to move! I’m glad that the author lets you meet Caroline because you really just want to see if her family will make up. I’m not going to talk about who did it because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s super surprising!! Mr. Eliot was a really good character and he was important which I thought was nice because in most books there is a lot of adult absence. I give this book five out of five stars for being overly-amazing!

Princess Of The Silver Woods-A Book Review

2 Jan

Sorry this review is so long…but, it was a really good book:)

When princess Petunia and her twelve sisters Rose, Lily, Jonquil, Violet, Poppy, Daisy, Lilac, Hyacinth, Lilac,  Iris, Pansy, and Orchid were younger they were forced to go into the dark Kingdom Under Stone every night and dance against their will because their mother, the late Queen Maude, had made a deal with the evil King Under Stone. The princesses had defeated The King Under Stone and some of his sons along with the help of Rose’s lover Galen, but are still being haunted with the cruel nightmares of the new King Under Stone, along with visits in the night from the princes’ shadow forms.

Petunia, the youngest of all her sisters, was on her way to stay at her friend The Grand Duchess’s estate along with the duchess’s grandson Prince Grigori, when her coach was attacked by a group of bandits, The Westfalin Wolves! And even worse, brave Petunia was abducted by their leader Oliver!

When Petunia gets to the Grand Duchess’s estate not everything is how it should be…The nightmares about The Kingdom Under Stone are becoming more and more real, the evil princes of the Kingdom Under Stone are out to get Petunia and her sisters, Oliver has discovered mysterious writing on the floors of a hot house at the estate, and everywhere the princesses look there is someone trying to get them into the Kingdom Under Stone! Is the duchess really one of the Nine Daughters of Russaka? Why does the maid Olga seem so suspicious? And will Oliver, Petunia, the Princesses, and their husbands be able to defeat the King Under Stone once and for all?

My Thoughts: I LOVE this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may even be my new favorite!  As many of you know I love all of Jessica Day George’s books and she is one of my favorite authors. Since I read the other two books in the trilogy Princess of the Midnight Ball (which you can read my review of here) and Princess of Glass and loved them I have been awaiting the release of this ever since I found out about it over the summer. When I got it for Christmas I was so excited and I immediately went in to reading it, and then I read it again because it was so good! It’s really interesting to see more of Petunia’s personality now that she is older. I really liked the take on Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, and the Twelve Dancing Princesses all in one. Oliver was so sweet to Petunia and they were such a cute couple:) It was really cool to have the good frau come back since she played such an important role in the first book. I was really surprised at the end of the story, but I’m not going to tell you what happened because I’ll spoil it:) Jessica Day George did a great job with the writing and I was never bored:) The princesses are definitely my favorite characters and I understand what they’re feeling throughout the whole book. Princess Poppy is really funny and brings comical relief to really suspenseful moments:) I understood why Oliver turned to banditry after I heard his story and it was kind of funny to read about him abducting Petunia. It’s really cute when Oliver tries to deny that he loves Petunia, but you know he really does. Prince Grigori and The Grand Duchess are so evil! They are my least favorite characters in the whole book, but the Nine Daughters of Russaka tale was really interesting to read about. The King Under Stone and his brothers are so evil and bad, but they’re funny at the same time, especially when Violet and Poppy beat them at poker and got all the princesses’ things back:) Galen and Heinrich were really sweet and you could tell that they cared about the princesses a lot:) And they were really brave when they helped Oliver and his men escape and when they went into the Kingdom Under Stone. I know that Oliver’s men are minor characters, but they are very loyal and they have so much confidence in Oliver! I give this book  10 stars out of 5 (It was that good!)

The Sisters Grimm, The Unusual Suspects-A Book Review

20 Dec

The Unusual Suspects (The Sisters Grimm, Book 2) (Bk. 2)

Daphne and Sabrina Grimm have recently moved to the mysterious town of Ferry Port Landing after their parents disappeared a year and half ago leaving only a blood-red hand print behind. Now they live with their Grandmother in a town full of fairytale characters. Yep, those fairy tales really happened and now the characters  live in the same town as the Grimms. The Grimms have also have someone new in their house… the fairy boy Puck, the King of mischief, who has seemed to make it his life mission to annoy Sabrina. The Grimms now have to start school. Daphne is lucky enough to get the legendary Snow White for a teacher but luck isn’t on Sabrina’s side. She is stuck with the grouchy Mr. Grumpner who gives way too much homework. And oddly the kids in the sixth grade come to school everyday being super sleepy… It’s time for the sisters Grimm to take on their next case, which may even lead them to the person who kidnapped their parents!

My Thoughts: I have recently become obsessed with the Sisters Grimm series and read this story in two days:) I never expected any of the surprises that happened which kept me wanting to read it. This book is a little scarier then the other two I’ve read but Puck’s character kept it comical. Daphne is really cute and her hairstyles are so funny:) My favorite character is Snow White, she’s so caring and nice, and she even has her own self-defense class (the Bad Apples:)) Sabrina was very annoying in the beginning of the book but again she became easier to read about at the end. The end was very suspenseful and interesting to read about. I give this book four out of five stars for an overall good read:)

The Candymakers-A Book Review

13 Dec

The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Congrats Future Candy Makers!  You’ve been chosen to compete in the New Candy Contest!

This is the news that four twelve-year olds, Daisy, Logan, Philip, and Miles have just gotten!

Logan- Logan is the Candy maker’s son, (the person who won the contest before!) This means that the pressure is on for him (even if he does have an advantage because the contestants are studying at his family’s candy factory), and he really wants to win, on his own…without help from his family or the candy factory’s workers. He doesn’t even seem to notice the scars on his face and neck from an accident a few years ago that everyone seems to dwell on.

Miles- Everyone seems to think that Miles dwells on a tragedy that happened one year ago, and most people don’t believe it even happened…but Miles is sure! When he entered the competition he never imagined being accepted, let alone meeting the people he did…

Daisy- Daisy is that cheerful, preppy, happy girl, or so everyone at the factory thinks…Daisy has a secret though, and she has to make sure she doesn’t blow it even if she thinks what she is supposed to do isn’t right. It might be hard, especially with her strength, gadgets, and not wanting to lie to her new friends…

Phillip- Phillip has been in the shadow of his brother all his life. His brother wins every competition, even if it means cheating. That’s not what Philip wants to do, he is there for one reason: revenge on Logan, how? By winning! In his mind the only way to do is to be as unlikable as possible, but one thing may bring out his heart…

When the kids meet at The Life is Sweet Factory, a friendship (eventually) blossoms, but not everything is how it seems…

My Thoughts: This book was so AWESOME! (I even read it in one weekend!) I really enjoyed Wendy Mass’s Twice Upon a Time series and I decided to try this one for a project for school after great recommendations from friends:) I loved to imagine all the different rooms in the factory. My favorite character was Daisy, and I was surprised when I found out she was a (spoilers*) spy!!! I also predicted that she was the girl at the lake, (and I was right!) I thought that Wendy Mass did a great job of adding suspense at the end of each part when the kids were in the cocoa room trying to steal the secret ingredient. I  started to like Philip’s character a lot better by the end of the book, but I understood why he acted the way he did in the beginning. It was really interesting to read from the different character’s views and about their stories, which caused the story to fall in to place. I give this book five out of five stars for a great, mouth-watering mystery!

I So Don’t Do Mysteries-A Book Review

6 Dec

Meet Sherlock (Sherry) Baldwin, your average teenager. Except for the fact that her mom died pretty recently and her dad is getting REMARRIED! And it is to Sherry’s least favorite teacher! Oh yeah and by the way, her mom’s a ghost. Yes, a GHOST!

When Sherry finds out that her dad is shipping her off to San Diego for the summer, she is devastated, how is she going to complete all her plans? But maybe all is not lost, Sherry is soon visited by her ghost mother and her grandfather-turned-wren. She then learns that her mother is failing all her classes at the academy, (a spy school for ghosts) and that she can only communicate with Sherry, and other ghosts, and ghosts-turned-animals, she also needs Sherry’s help. If Sherry’s mother can’t solve a mystery in San Diego involving poison, rhinos, and murder (…of rhinos) along with Sherry’s help, she is going to have to leave to an afterlife for failed ghosts. Sherry’s determined to help (along with her best friend Junie, and crush, Josh) but can she, especially if this case involves somethings she’s not sure she can handle!

My Thoughts: I thought some of the characters featured in the fourth book in the series, I So Don’t Do Famous, seemed different in this book, (but it is the first one, so I know that some series get better or worse as they go on.) I have not read the other two books in the series yet, I So Don’t Do Spooky and I So Don’t Do Makeup, but out of the two I’ve read, I like I So Don’t Do Famous better. Amber was very funny and at suspenseful parts she lightened the mood with her crazy clothing and boys obsession. (WARNING- Spoilers Ahead!) I was so sad when Sherry figured out Gary did it! I didn’t expect it at all! (He even had a British accent!) The chef seemed very suspicious too. Overall it was an okay book. I give it three and three quarters out of five, (It was too good to be half, but not good enough for a four, so I chose the middle:))


Reel Life Starring Us-A Book Review

30 Nov

Meet Dina, the new girl. The one who has to move to a new town, start school a month late, and has no friends. Dina is considered “weird” just because she likes to film people around school. She couldn’t be more surprised at how different Rockwell middle school is from her old school. No one would ever put crushed up potato chips in your backpack or post a video of you tripping in the hallway there.

And Chelsea, the popular girl, the one everyone thinks has the perfect life-like her friends Kendall and Molly, but she doesn’t. Her dad has lost his job, and she has missed the first month of school because of mono, and her friends want her to like someone she doesn’t even know if she likes as a friend.

When these two girls are paired up to create a video for the town’s fiftieth anniversary an unlikely friendship begins to bloom, or not… One second Chelsea thinks she likes Dina and the next she doesn’t. Her friends Molly and Kendall thinks she’s weird but Chelsea likes her boldness, sort of. And Dina can’t believe her luck! She got paired up with the most popular girl in school, she’s determined to become popular like she was in her old school, but then she finds out Chelsea’s big secret….

My Thoughts: This was another book by Lisa Greenwald that was fantastic! I read it on my sister’s kindle yesterday. It was really good too:) I always really like Lisa Greenwald’s covers, this one was really cool, (there’s a picture of the other girl but I can not find it, sorry;)) I felt bad for Dina in the beginning of the book and I thought Chelsea could have treated her better, but I guess it was hard for her with all that was going on. I was so happy for her when her dad got a new job, though! Molly and Kendall were awful and funny at the same time. It was really interesting to read about the girls trying to find Sasha. I thought the plot of the book got better and better as the story progressed, I give this book four out of five stars.

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