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Mimi’s Birthday Party!-A Photo Story

21 Jan


Guess what?! Last Tuesday was Mimi’s birthday! To celebrate Mimi turning four, I decided to have a photo story birthday party  for her just like I did last year. I got some adorable photos that I can’t wait to share with you, so…

IMG_4378Mimi can’t wait for her party to begin! She had been setting up all morning. (She had such a tough time getting that banner up!)

IMG_4381She even made party hats! I guess she should have measured first though (they’re a bit too large)…Oh well!

IMG_4384Mimi skipped over to the snack table, making sure everything was ready before her guests arrived. She had made cupcakes the night before and spent all yesterday afternoon frosting the cake! The balloons even match the color palette of the food:)

IMG_4387“Ooh! That’s my balloon!” Mimi exclaimed when she noticed a random red balloon floating around. She grabbed it, and stuck it under her paw just as she heard the doorbell ring. “Those are my guests!” Mimi said as she ran to answer the door.

IMG_4393“Happy Birthday Mimi!” Lavender and Fifi each gave Mimi a big hug, and handed her their gifts. “I’m so glad you guys could come! We’re going to play all sorts of games, and have pizza and cupcakes, and open presents, and-” Suddenly, the doorbell rang again, and Mimi rushed to greet her friends.

IMG_4395It was Willow and Dottie. “Hi!” Mimi said excitedly. “Hi Mimi!” The two friends answered at the same time.”Okay, we just have to wait until everyone else gets here, and then we’ll start the games!”

IMG_4402Once all of Mimi’s friends had arrived, they came into the room and Mimi made an announcement, “Okay! First we’re going to play some games, and then we’ll eat pizza and desert, and then finally we’ll open presents.”

IMG_4405Mimi’s favorite game of the party was Pin the Bow on the Mimi. They even found a use for her too big party hats; they could acts blindfolds. “Alright…one…two…three…”  Her friends chanted as Lavender spun her in a circle, “Go!” Unsteadily Mimi wobbled to the photo, and after a few moments of feeling around, she taped her bow to the wall.

IMG_4408“So how did I do?” Mimi asked Lavender when she hat taken the blindfold/hat off. “Well…” Lavender replied, ” Just look.” She pointed to the wall.

IMG_4412Somehow Mimi had gotten the bow all the way up near the ceiling. “We’re still trying to figure out how you managed to get it up there!” Mimi shrugged, and said, “So what I’m hearing is that although I didn’t win…I didn’t lose!”

IMG_4417After a few more party games, it was time to eat! Mimi went over to the food table and grabbed a slice of pizza, a cupcake, and one white chocolate covered pretzel. “So are you having fun?” She asked Juliet the Elephant who nodded eagerly in-between bites of frosting.

IMG_4418And then it was time for Mimi’s most favorite part of all…presents! She sat on the floor happily as her friends grabbed their gifts.

IMG_4420First Dottie, Stella, Willow, and Juliet gave her a board game. “We combined all of money to get you it!” Stella said proudly. Mimi gave each of them a big hug and thanked them again and again.

IMG_4422“I got you this,” Fifi told her, handing Mimi the most adorable and fluffy pink teddy bear. “It’s oh so cute!” Mimi hugged the stuffed animal.

IMG_4424“When I got back from my vacation this summer, I heard about your adventures in being a hair stylist, and so I got you some pretty ribbons in you favorite color so you can practice on yourself!” Lavender told her best buddy, giving her the package. Mimi’s eyes widened, “They go perfectly with my ears!”

IMG_4427“Thanks everyone!” Mimi told all of her guests, “This was the best birthday party I’ve ever had!”

The End:)

Isn’t Mimi adorable!?


theawesomeadventuresoflulu’s Super Awesome 2 Year Anniversary!

11 Jul

Big news! Yesterday marked my two year anniversary of when I first registered on WordPress, so this is just a quick little post to thank my followers and readers for being awesome and sticking with me for these two years. You rock!


(Clipart from My Cute Graphics)

Birthday Stuff Continued!

20 Oct

On Sunday some of my friends and I went to the Jack-o-lantern-spectacular at Roger William’s Park Zoo:) Sorry for some blurriness:)

The Wizard of Oz-



(The “Sound Of Music”)


All those are pumpkins! (I’m being serious) There were tons more too:) (Over 5,000!)