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New Rating System + Purple Panda Points: Pegasus Series

12 Jan


A few days ago I was going to do a Purple Panda Points review of the book, Pegasus: Flame of Olympus by Kate O’Hearn. I, of course, procrastinated and didn’t review it until after I had read the second book, and then I just headed straight into the third one. (Speedy reader I am!) And, then I really had no choice but read the fourth one, right? So now, I might as well review them all together!

Here’s a quick review of the Purple Panda Points format (along with a few rating updates) for your reading pleasure…

My book review format is called “Purple Panda Points”, where I talk about three elements of the book (setting, plot, characters) in brief points. Hopefully this will help to keep the reviews informative, interesting, and spoiler-free!

I’ve decided to adjust my rating system. Until now, I’ve been assigning stars to books, but I haven’t had a clear description of what these stars mean. I may give five stars to a book I enjoyed, but I also may give five stars to something like The School For Good and Evil (my all time favorite) and that just doesn’t seem fair. And so, today I’m switching to “Panda Points” instead of stars. This ratings, of course, are based on pandas and ice cream, (what else?) You can see full explanations for what each of these “Panda Points” mean below…

1 Panda PointOne Purple Panda Point: One point means that the book was just plain bad. I would never read it again. It’s the book equivalent of spinach ice cream.

Two PointsTwo Purple Panda Points: Two points means the book was okay. Fine. Nothing remarkable. The book equivalent of vanilla ice cream with no toppings in a dish.

Three PointsThree Purple Panda Points: Three points means the book was good. I enjoyed it and would read it again. The book equivalent of vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream in a sugar cone.

Four PointsFour Purple Panda Points: Four points means the book was great. I loved it actually! The book equivalent of cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a sugar cone.

Five PointsFive Purple Panda Points: Five points mean that the book was one of the best ones I’ve ever read. Amazing! Awesome! Cool beans! The ice cream equivalent of chocolate cookies and cream ice cream in a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

Woo, that made me hungry! And now onto the review…

PegasusAbove or below you can read a brief summary of my thoughts on the Pegasus series by Kate O’Hearn.

Summary: When the Olympian winged-horse, Pegasus, falls onto the roof of New Yorker Emily’s apartment, she is suddenly thrust into the dangerous world of Roman gods and goddesses, blood-thirsty monsters, magic, powers, and mysterious scientists. As her adventures with Pegasus continue, Emily begins to discover more about the powers that hold the key to protecting Olympus…and herself.

Characters: The best part of this series was the characters. Despite being Olympians, they all felt realistic to me, and I enjoyed their friendly natures, (not including the villains.) I’m also glad the romance between two characters didn’t overpower the story.

Plot: The entire series was suspenseful and exciting, though I sometimes thought it got a bit too strange. My favorite books in the series were #1 and #4 because they felt more original than the middle two. I was sick of the CRU after awhile

Setting: The characters in this series travel so much, it’s sort of hard to discuss one setting. Each did what it was supposed to do: the prison was creepy, Olympus was whimsical, New York was busy. I wanted to learn more about Xanadu, but there’s always a chance for one more book! :)

Overall rating: 4 Purple Panda Points

Four Points

Have a great week!



Twice Upon A Time-A Book Review

29 Jul

Twice Upon a TimeTwice Upon A Time by James Riley

Summary-After discovering that May’s “grandmother” was the wicked queen, who Jack, Phillip, and May just might have released from imprisonment, the trio is on a journey to find out who May really is, and to stop the Wicked Queen from destroying everything. And the only way to do that is to find a fairy godmother, which might seem easy enough, until they discover that all of the fairies have been struck by a curse that the Wicked Queen put on their homelands. Even worse, a mysterious member of the Wicked Queen’s army, the Eyes, has been causing trouble for them wherever they go, and has been messing with Jack’s mind. Now the three must find a way to break the curse before sundown when a stampede of fire-breathing dragons come to burn down the fairy’s lands, and figure out a way to stop the Wicked Queen. Not as easy as they thought at all.

My Thoughts: I just love fantasies, don’t you? And of course, with this book’s cool cover and fun plot, it just made my day! Although not as good as the first book, this story was still full of great details, and whimsical ideas and settings. The different places that May, Jack, and Phillip traveled to made the story feel more adventurous and entertaining, and along with the well-developed characters the book came together easily. Speaking of the characters, I thought that Jack was again another great MC and was a refreshing point of view to read from, along with May, (who is still my favorite character:)) Anyways, May was awesome as always because of her personality, but this time around she seemed a bit less bold, and adventurous, but her fun jokes and sarcasm added the same comical relief to suspenseful moments, and always managed to make me smile. Phillip on the other hand was very caring and nice, but still was brave and adventurous. Continuing, the supporting characters are one of the reasons that the book was so good because of all of their tricks, ideas, traits, and other things that made the book so good. I also really like how most of them were from original fairy tales, but the author put a fun twist in them like the fact that the Land of Never, (A.KA. Never Land) was actually a whole illusion to make everyone trapped in their that they were part of the story.

Lastly, I thought that all the different settings in this book were very interesting, like the under water castle and fairy homelands so I’m hoping that in the next book in the trilogy there were will be more of that, (plus I really want to read the third book because of the cliff hanger ending!) Overall this was an amazing book that I give four out of five stars.

11 Birthdays-A Book Review

10 Mar

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass 

Summary-Amanda and Leo have always had their birthday parties together, until this year. When they were one they learned to walk, and when they were five they painted homemade pots and planted seeds. After a big fight on their tenth birthday the two former friends wouldn’t speak to each other. For the first time they are having their own parties, but then everything goes wrong! Amanda and Leo find themselves stuck in the same day over and over again, and they don’t know how to stop it. Could this mysterious happening have to do with the old Angelina who has been in the sleepy town of Willow Falls for what seems like forever?

My Thoughts: Wendy Mass is an amazing author, and I couldn’t wait to start reading this series. The concept was really interesting, but parts of the story were confusing. Amanda was a good character, but Leo wasn’t my favorite. I felt that he was kind of bossy, but he did help convince Amanda to try out for the marching band. Stephanie was a good friend, but I felt she was kind of clueless to what Amanda wanted. I wish her character was in the story more. Angelina was so mysterious and confusing! I want to find out more about her in the next book in the series. The writing was well done, but keeping track of all the birthdays was so puzzling! It was a good read, full of fun and suspense, and I give it three and three quarter stars out of five!

Whatever After, If the Shoe Fits-A Book Review

23 Feb

Summary: Abby and Jonah have a mirror in their basement. It’s not just any mirror though, it’s a magic mirror that transports them into fairy tales! The first time they went into Snow White, and stopped her from eating the poison apple, except then her prince didn’t come and save her, oops! But, don’t worry, they fixed it! This time, they have been whisked off to the Cinderella story, (with Abby in her pajamas…again)! And this time they’re not going to mess anything up! Yep, nothing at all…until they accidentally break Cinderella’s foot, which means it won’t fit the slipper, and she won’t get married to the prince…oops…again! Cinderella’s fairy godmother says she’ll fix her foot if Cinderella can become more self-reliant. So now Abby and Jonah must help Cinderella start a business and move out, make sure the prince finds her, and stay out of trouble!

My Thoughts: These books are really cute, quirky, and fun! Although they’re short, they still have plenty of adventure! Abby is a really strong character, with good leadership and ideas, and she’s very likable! Jonah is the funny character, though I do wish he was more developed. I like how in every book there’s a certain food he wants to eat:) Kayla was really nice in the middle and end of the book, and you feel really bad for her when she’s sad, and happy when she starts to become nicer:) Cinderella wasn’t my favorite of characters, but she wasn’t bad. I did really like her “crownie” business:) Betty and Beatrice were really mean! I mean, why would she turn her own daughter into a rat?! Anyways, the writing was really good, though I wished for a little more detail, and the plot is really fun! I think the story is starting to get better, and I preferred this book over the first one! I give this book three and three quarters (it was better than a half, but not as good as a four) stars out of five:)

The Red Blazer Girls,The Mistaken Masterpiece-A Book Review

31 Jan

To read my review of the first two books in the series click here and here.

Ever since RBGDA (The Red Blazer Girls Detective Agency A.K.A Leigh Ann, Sophie, Margaret, and Becca) solved the mystery of the Ring of Rocamadour and The Vanishing Violin, they have been anxiously awaiting a new case. And of course one finds them…on the way to Becca’s art class they stop in a gallery and meet the mysterious painter Gus, who seems to live in the gallery and never leaves. He seems terrified of something…but what? And then there is this whole thing about a painting…the R.B.G’s old friend Father Julien has a painting that could be worth a lot of money…except for the fact that it is a fake. The Red Blazer Girls are going to find the real painting, even if it means dealing with sneaky gallery owners.

Oh yeah, then there is this whole deal with a movie star. Sophie, Leigh Ann, and Becca’s (Margaret just thinks the whole thing is silly) favorite actor is filming a movie in the park. And the girls get to spend the whole day on set since the actor loved Sophie’s dad’s food! It’s a dream come true, and Sophie even gets to watch her favorite actor’s dog! But he keeps trying to put off taking the pet back, and it keeps acting really weirdly! What could Sophie possibly have done wrong? Join the Red Blazer Girls in this fun and artsy mystery!

My Thoughts: I love the Red Blazer Girls books so much! This wasn’t my favorite mystery, but the puzzles with the pictures are really fun! Sophie has a really interesting point of view to read from. The girls are really fun and clever characters and I thought that Livvey really grew  after she got stuck in an elevator with Sophie. I thought with all the paintings going around the mystery was slightly confusing, but it was still really interesting. The story was fast paced and awesome! I definitely recommend trying it! I give this book four out of five stars! Enjoy!