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Lulu’s Super Cool Love List!

7 Feb

Smash Season 2

Smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smash is my favorite TV show! And, the second season premiered on Tuesday, but I was able to watch the first half of the episode on itunes earlier! This season Jennifer Hudson joins the cast and I loved her and Karen (Katherine Mcphee’s) duet! I can’t wait to watch it again next Tuesday!!!

 Upside Downton Abbey   Sesame Street   Video

This Video! Now all you Downton Abbey fans out there, (including me!) will love this video. It’s really funny and makes you want to watch Downton Abbey even more! The set is so like the real one, but it still makes you laugh because everything has puppets and they’re upside down. The Lady Violet puppet is also really funny, (but not as much as the character on the TV show,) and the puppet Carson is basically what the one on the TV show is, but he still makes you smile because he is so serious.

These adorable stuffed animals! I have the elephant who I named Juliet and I love her! I think the other ones are so, so, so, cute! The turtle’s eyes are so big and just make you want to hug it! I love the giraffe, who looks so fluffy, and plush. Out of the four my least favorite is the dog, but still, these are so adorable!

Traitor in the Shipyard: A Caroline Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)The Haunted Opera: A Marie-Grace Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)

Lost in the City: A Julie Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)

These books, I really like reading these books on snowy afternoons spent inside snuggling under a blanket. They are short and suspenseful, and I really like the Julie mysteries, but I didn’t really enjoy the other Cecile and Marie-Grace stories, but hopefully this one will be better. This is the first Caroline mystery, so hopefully it will be another great mystery! I always like reading the facts in the back of the books, they are usually my favorite parts!

Valentines Day Pink and Red Mini Heart Dress fits American Girl or other 18 inch Dolls

This dress from Enchanted Designer, I LOVE this! It’s so cute and I would so get it for myself if it was for girls!

Shirred graphic T

This shirt, I really like this shirt and I think it’s great for Valentine’s day! The dog is really cute, and I like how the sleeves are fitted. The sequins and sparkles add some pretty texture, and I love the color!

Lulu’s Excellent Love List

12 Jan

The Sisters Grimm Series, this was my recent obsession, and although I just finished the series yesterday, I still love them! They are so awesome!!!! I read three of tHem in four days:) You can read my reviews of The Fairytale Detectives and The Unusual Suspects here and here.

Pink Bloom PocketBac - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

Pink Bloom Hand Sanitizer, not only do these smell awesome, they kill your germs! With all the sickness going around this is perfect, (and this one makes your hands sparkle!) I also kind of have thirteen of them:)

Bun heads, I have been catching up with this show lately, (the second part of the season has just started up.) It’s a perfect show to cuddle up in a blanket and watch, (but it’s not as good as Switched At Birth.)

Downton Abbey, I always don’t like Sundays because it’s the end of the weekend, but Downton Abbey makes it worth it! I love it so much! That’s really all that I can say to describe it because it’s just so awesome:)!

Just Dance 4 Wii Game UBISOFT

Just Dance 4, I got this game for Christmas and love it! I play it all the time, it’s fun and it’s a great workout. My favorite song to dance to would have to be Jail House Rock!


Sky Zone, I went to Sky Zone yesterday for my friend’s party, it’s so much fun!!! I love to bounce all over the trampolines, you can even jump on the walls! It’s a great workout and it’s fun!!! My favorite thing to do was play dodgeball.