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Bibbidi…Bobbidi…Books!-8 Fantasy Books I Really Think You Should Read! (Volume 4)

2 Apr


(Clip art from My Cute Graphics)

Yay! It’s time to write about my favorite genre! I could list you hundreds of awesome fantasy stories that I love, but these are some of the best that I’ve read. Most of them are part of a series that I would definitely recommend.

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George, now this was hard to decide on…because I LOVE all of Jessica Day George’s amazing books! (She’s such a great author!) I decided to show this story because it was part of the first series by her that I had read:) This story is really fun, and full of adventure: A perfect read for a rainy afternoon!

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley, this is an awesome series! I finished it pretty recently, and loved it:) The first book is shown above, and I really suggest you try it. The whole series is a mix of mystery and fantasy, with quirky and likable characters!

The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler, this series is great! The first book (shown above) is my favorite, plus it has a really fun cover! They’re quick reads, but are still filled with great description and whimsical adventures!


Fairy Lies by E.D. Baker! This is actually the sequel to another book, (Fairy Wings,) but I chose to show this story because it has a more springy setting. It is based after A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and takes place in the mystical fairy kingdom. It also has outstanding characters! I love all of E.D. Baker’s books, (she’s one of my favorite authors!) and they’re perfect for anyone who loves fantasy stories as much as me:)

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, this is a great book! The whole concept of it is really interesting, and it’s filled with suspense. You always want to keep reading! I also really like the setting of the story too, it’s filled with great detail and depth.

Whatever After, Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski, this book is a great spin on a classic fairy tale! In it, two kids get sucked up by a mirror in their basement, and find themselves in Snow White’s story! This leads to them stopping her from eating the poison apple, which also unfortunately messes up the whole story! It’s really cute and silly, but creative read that is filled with entertaining characters!

Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver, this is an AMAZING piece of writing. It has wonderfully developed characters, and detailed settings. The cover is also really awesome…I don’t really know what else to say because it is so good:)

Princess For Hire by Lindsey Leavitt, this is an amazing book! It’s about a girl named Desi, who randomly answers a magical advertisement. The next thing she knows, Desi is substituting for princesses all over the world who need a quick break! She can’t believe this is happening to her, there’s all sorts of mystical elements, like the magical disguise make-up “Royal Rouge” that allows you to look just like a princess! But Desi isn’t sure if the job is actually perfect…anyways, this is such a good book! It’s full of suspense, good detail, and some fantasy! It’s a perfect read for a long weekend:)

Unlocking The Spell-A Book Review

20 Oct

Unlocking The Spell by E.D. Baker

When Gwendolyn’s (a.k.a Sleeping Beauty, the most beautiful princess in all the land’s) sister Annie was born she got one christening gift from a fairy godmother: the power that no magic could touch, help, or harm her or people near her. So when her sister pricked her finger on a spinning wheel she and her crush Liam who is also a guard/prince were the ones to find princes to kiss Gwen. And they did, but that prince, Beldegard, is an enchanted bear! If Annie ever wants to get a break from the irritating love birds she, Gwen, Liam, and Beldegard have to find the dwarf that turned him into a bear. Will Annie ever get a break…or a chance alone with Liam.

My Thoughts: E.D.Baker is my favorite author and I’ve been awaiting this release since I heard about it in the summer. This series will never compare to The Frog Princess but this was still a great read. I loved all of the fairy tales mushed into one:)  I know Gwendolyn always means well, but she just ends up looking self-centered, (which makes her funny and one of my favorite characters:) Annie was a very well-developed character and I liked her. Liam and Annie were so cute together!!! I give this book four and a half stars out of five:) (You don’t really need to read my thoughts because I love all E.D.Baker books:))


13 Oct

So Tuesday was my birthday and here’s some of the stuff I got!!!!

Unlocking The Spell, The new E.D. Baker book!!!!! I read it in two days…:)

Doll Star, This is the best AG set yet!!!

Ty Beanie Boos Pugsly - Pug

Beanie Boo Pug, IT’S. SIR. PUGS. A. LOT!!!!!!

Bitty Twins Movie Set, It’s so cute!!

Bitty Baby Party Set, even though this is discontinued, I love it! My favorite part are the balloons.

Anne of Green Gables: Green Gables / Avonlea / Island / Windy Poplars / House of Dreams / Ingleside / Rainbow Valley / Rilla of Ingleside (8 Volume Set)

The Anne Of Green Gables Box Set, I LOVE it!


Purple North face, IT’S SO FUZZY!!!!!!!

Lulu’s Cool Love List:)

20 Sep

Anne of Green Gables: Green Gables / Avonlea / Island / Windy Poplars / House of Dreams / Ingleside / Rainbow Valley / Rilla of Ingleside (8 Volume Set)

The Anne of Green Gables Box Set:) I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlocking the Spell: A Tale of the Wide-Awake Princess

Unlocking The Spell, the sequel to the wide awake princess and it’s by my favorite author! What could be better?

Ty Beanie Boos Pugsly - Pug

The Beanie Boo Pug, IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If I get it I’m going to name it Sir-Pugs-A-lot)


The new Taylor Swift C.D., I don’t really know why I want it, but I do!

Doll Star, Singing, Acting, Dancing! It’s perfect:)

The Spooky Fun Outfit, It’s like an adorable giant candy corn!!!!!!!

Fairy Lies-A Book Review

9 Apr

Fairy Lies

Everything is good in Tamsin Warner’s life, once Jak and her got back from Fey and were in the human world, they became boyfriend and girlfriend:) But she feels the urge to go back to Fey and the gate to the mystical world is always closed, but the urge to go back is getting so strong it is hurting Tamsin and she starts to lash out and get in arguments with Heather and Jak. On one night when it is a full moon and Tamsin has the urge to dance, she slips outside and is captured by Mountain Ash, a warrior in her fairy step dad Oberon’s army, (she was the daughter of the fairy queen and was adopted and then the fairy queen got remarried.) Everything went black from there… when she awoke she was in the fairy king’s court in Fey with thousands of eyes staring right at her. Oberon is obsessed with thinking that he is Tamsin’s birth father but he is not, Titaina (her birth mother and the fairy queen) hid her existence from him because she was worried he would hurt Tamsin or use her against herself. At his court Tamsin meets Dasras, an orphan advisor to Oberon, Dasras seems to like Tamsin but Tamsin loves Jak. That night Oberon uses special nectar to make Tamsin believe any thing he says, shortly after Dasras does the same thing and makes Tamsin think that Dasras is her true love and she forgets Jak altogether. When Jak finds out about the capturing he is furious and goes on an epic quest to save her, but will he get there before there is war between Oberon and Titaina? (Titaina and Oberon should really just get divorced, don’t ya think?)

My Thoughts: I loved this book just as much as the first book. (I got it for Easter!) Although I know Tamsin was under a spell…but she just seemed different. I loved how E.D Baker included old and new characters but I wished she focused more on Jak and Tamsin’s life in the human world, overall I loved this book and give it five out of five stars.

Since both Fairy Wings and Fairy Lies are based after A Midsummer Night Dream are thought this dress was appropriate, and in my mind and in the book’s description the fairies wore outfits like this.

Fairy Wings-A Book Review

7 Apr

 Fairy Wings: A Fairy Tale

 (This is the newer cover and the title changed:))

Tamisin Warner has always knew something was weird about her. When she was little she got in trouble for having spreckles, (sparkly freckles) and she had ears like an elf’s, and every full moon she is compelled to dance outside with little sparks of light, and when she got angry there always was a sudden storm. Four years ago on Halloween she saw people, except they were not people, they were creatures, animals and humans combined, she could see them and she tried telling her best friend Heather, but only Tamisin could see them. But now, this is weird, she has wings, like ,they just suddenly sprouted from her back! At school there is a new kid named Jak, who seems pretty normal but Tamisin knows is hiding something. On top of that… she finds out she was adopted! At Jak’s Halloween party Tamisin finds out he is from the land of Fey, home to all mystical creatures, including the creatures she saw four years ago and had not seen since. For some reason those creatures want her, dead or alive! Together, Tamisin and Jak go into Fey and discover very dark secrets, and Tamisin finds her true love:)

My Thoughts: Based on Shakespeare’s story a Midsummer’s Night Dream, Fairy Wings is an awesomely amazing contemporary version. Wrote by one of my favorite authors,  I thought the plot was well carried out and the characters were well developed. I like that Tamisin is be a brave and confident character and I like that they talked about Jak’s life in Fey, (I hate Nihlo so much!) I absolutely love Lamiua Lou! Overall a great story and I give it four and a half stars out of five:)

The Wide Awake Princess-A Book Review

29 Mar

The Wide-Awake Princess

Meet Annie, the sister of Sleeping Beauty also known as Gwenie:) When Gwen was first born she was cursed by an evil fairy and if she touched a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday she would die. A nice fairy changed the curse so she and the whole kingdom would fall asleep instead… but for hundred years and the only cure is for Gwen to be kissed by her true love and he has to be a prince. When Annie was born another nice Fairy gave her the gift that no magic good or bad could touch her and if someone had magic hey would loose it around her, which is a problem because everyone she knew used magic to make themselves pretty or graceful, (which explains why Gwen is the most beautiful princess in all the kingdoms.) Well, everyone except for Liam one of her father’s guards, who was away when Gwen pricked her finger on a spinning wheel, so he was not asleep. Together, Annie and Liam go off to find a prince who might be Gwenie’s true love. Is it annoying Digby, the-oh-so-happy Andreas, the evil intentioned Clarence, or the enchanted prince Beldegard.  Maybe after Annie finds Gwenie’s true love her parents will feel fine being around her or talking to her, or sitting next to her, or maybe even hug her, which only happened once when Annie was first born. And maybe Annie will find her own true love too.

My thoughts: Written by my favorite author (E.D. Baker) The Wide Awake Princess was almost as good as The Frog Princess series! I loved the adventure and then Annie and Liam, (so sweet:)) I think it would be fun to have a sequel and right now I’m awaiting the arrival of two other of E.D. Baker’s books. I give this book five out of five stars.