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Lulu’s Love List of Ultimate Awesomeness!

31 Mar



Apple White’s Fainting Couch

I love the Ever After High doll line, and was so excited to learn that one of my favorite characters in that line was getting a play set. My parents got me that set, Apple White’s Fainting Couch, as a gift last weekend, and I’ve been using it everyday since then:) It’s very cute and fun to photograph, and I even wrote up a guest review for one of my favorite blogs. You can expect some photos soon!


A World Without Princes Book Trailer

I’ve talked about my School For Good and Evil obsession so many times before, (you can read more about it here, here, and here) but the book trailer for the sequel, A World Without Princes, was recently released, so I couldn’t help but feature it again! The graphics are so cool and it got me super excited for the book–only 15 more days until it comes out:)


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

I’m a bit obsessed with Pinkberry frozen yogurt and its delicious flavors and toppings, so when I found out that an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt shop was opening in my town, I wasn’t sure if I would like it as much. I went a couple of weeks ago, got the cookies and cream flavor, and ended up loving it! I’ll definitely be going again soon…


The Muppets Most Wanted

Oh, I can’t wait to see The Muppets Most Wanted! I’m going with friends to see it next weekend, and I’m so excited to hear more cheery songs and funny jokes! It just feels impossible not to be happy when watching a Muppet movie:)

Book Covers

Jessica Day George’s New Book Covers

Jessica Day George is one of my favorite authors, and after the suspenseful cliffhanger in the end of her last book, Wednesdays In The Tower, I’ve been eagerly waiting to find out what will happen to Princess Celie and my other favorite characters. The cover of the next book in that series was released a few days ago, along with the redone covers of her other trilogy, Dragon Slippers. Aren’t they amazing?

Have an awesome week!


Lulu’s Super Summer Love List!

12 Aug

It’s time for another Love List! Check out my latest summer faves in this fun post…


The slackline might just happen to be one of my new favorite outdoor activities! It’s basically two tight ropes, one of which is just a teaching line to help teach you how to walk across without falling down, (not as easy as it sounds!) Anyways, its super fun, and I go on it almost every day!

Panini Presses

For my mom’s birthday last week, we got her a Panini press and we’ve already tried it out! I have to say that a peanut butter and jelly panini is my favorite so far. I definitely recommend it; it’s very easy to use, and I hope to try out many fun things in the future!

Alpine SlideThe Alpine Slides

Over the weekend, my family headed up to Vermont for a quick getaway, and we ended our trip by heading to the Bromley Adventure Park, and decided to go on the Alpine Slides! After the long wait, (and awful chair lift up) we finally got to go on the slides, and they ended up being super awesome. I would love to go again!

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

During my weekend vacation, my family headed to The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory! We went on a tour and got to see it all, plus I got to make my own teddy bear! It was loads of fun, and I love my new bear, Nellie. (Expect to see her in future photo stories!)

The Newport Jazz Festival

Last Saturday, my family and I headed to the Newport Jazz festival for the afternoon, (followed by some delicious ice cream from the Newport Cookie Company!) It was a fun experience and I hope to go again next year, plus I found this cool vintage poster, so I just had to use it.

Slide1Ever After High Dolls

I just noticed that after about two months of looking at the Ever After High Website, and recently getting one of the dolls, that I hadn’t yet featured the line! I figured, what better time to do it than now? Well, the dolls are super cute and I definitely recommend taking a peek at the website.

Monte Carlo

After wanting to see this movie for a while, I FINALLY remembered to put it on hold at the library, and so I’m hoping I get to watch it tonight! I’m oh-so excited. :) Have you seen any fun movies recently?

Lulu :)