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Way Down Deep-A Book Review

6 May

Way Down Deep By Ruth White 

Summary: It’s the summer of 1944, and in the small town of Way Down Deep, a tiny 3-year-old toddler is found sitting alone on a bench outside of the courthouse, who is unable to inform the towns people of anything but her name, and a few other unhelpful details. When no one comes to claim the little girl as their own, the people of Way Down Deep decide to keep little Ruby June.

When Ruby is twelve, a new family moves into town, with news that might change Ruby’s life. Soon Ruby starts to discover her past as she tries to find answers to all these questions: What happened that night when she was found in Way Down Deep? Who were her parents? Would she have to move away from Way Down Deep? To find the answers she’ll have to venture high into the mountains to meet a long-lost relative, but she isn’t sure if she’s ready for a change this big.

My Thoughts: This might be one of my new favorite historical fiction books! Way Down Deep has memorable characters, entertaining settings, great writing, plus an amazing cover! Even when you just read the first page, you’re suddenly sucked into the small town, and into all of the character’s worlds! Speaking of the characters, they were so awesome, distinctive, and likable! Ruby was a refreshing main character with lots of interesting traits, and a fun personality. She was also described very well, and was nice to everyone in the town, but she still shared her ideas, and I could barely find any flaws with her:) All of the townspeople were also well-described, and each of them stayed in my mind for the whole story. My favorite would have to be Ms. Bevins because of all her crazy, yet stylish outfits, but the triplets were a close second because of how they did everything together, and because they were so funny:) Ruby’s grandmother was my least favorite character of all because she refused to do any work, and because she was so mean, although she did turn out to be better in the end. Overall, Way Down Deep was a great book, that keeps you entertained for the whole story, and I give it four and a half stars out of five!

The Bat Pack and Twin-Tastrophe-Two Mini Book Reviews in One!

27 Apr

The Bat Pack by Sienna Mercer

Big News! Olivia Abbot is going to a premiere of a movie, which she’d played a minor role in! Olivia’s all ready to walk down the red carpet with her (vampire!) twin, Ivy Vega and movie-star boy friend Jackson Caulfield. Even better, a big shot director is making big plans for the twins! Now Olivia is up against the vampire diva, Jessica Phelps for a leading part in a movie based after a best-selling book series! Soon the twins are flying off to Hollywood to attend a glamorous award show! Olivia can’t wait to experience everything Hollywood has to offer, but Ivy isn’t so sure about this whole acting thing…even worst Jessica isn’t going to give up the big part that easily…

My Thoughts: Every year, I get a My Sister The Vampire book at my school’s book fair, and The Bat Pack is one of my favorites out of the whole series, and I read it in about two hours!  The writing is very entertaining, and keeps you intrigued for most of the book, although at some points it was kind of slow. There were very distinctive characters, and most of them were very likable. I liked Olivia better than Ivy, but it’s mostly just because of her personality traits. I wish that you learned more about what happens next with the movie, bit I was still glad for Olivia when she got the part. I missed most of the supporting characters because some of them weren’t present for a lot of the story, but I thought it was really funny when they did the whole movie star mix up thing. The awards show part of the story was really exciting, sad, and happy all at the same time! Jessica was so mean during it, but I’m glad it worked out in the end. Jackson was really sweet, and he and Olivia are really cute together! Anyways, it was a really good book, and I give it four out of five stars.

Twin-Tastrophe by Sienna Mercer

When Olivia’s movie filming is put on hold because of a strike in Hollywood, Olivia is left without anything to look forward to…except the school dance! Olivia decides to become chairman of the dance committee, which is not at all what she expected. Three older kids are trying to take over all the planning, and aren’t going to allow anyone who doesn’t fit their vision into the dance, which includes Olivia’s twin sister! Meanwhile, the sisters’ Transylvanian vampire royalty grandparents are visiting, and they have big news for Ivy! They want her to attend a top school for vampires halfway across the world! Even worst, she can’t tell Olivia! Can the twins get through this?

My Thoughts: This wasn’t my favorite of all the books, but it wasn’t bad. The characters weren’t as interesting in this book, and so wasn’t the plot, but it was still well written. I did like that the twins’ grandparents came back, because I thought it was interesting to learn about them in the other book where  Olivia and Ivy visited them in Transylvania. The terrible trio was so annoying and mean, but luckily they did get nicer in the end. Charlotte was a lot more pleasant in this book, and she actually turned out to be a pretty likable character. I think that Mr. Vega and Lillian would be a really cute couple, and I thought it was really sweet when she came to dinner! Overall, Twin-Tastrophe was an okay book, and I give it three and a half stars put of five

Sparrow Road-A Book Review

9 Apr

Sparrow Road by Sheila O’Connor 

Summary: 12 year-old Raine O’Rourke’s mother has dragged her along to a creepy, old mansion, several hours away from home for the summer for no apparent reason, that now houses a group of artists. There’s Lillian, the poet who is making less sense everyday, and the outrageous Josie, along with Diego, the one who knows just what to say. And Eleanor, the strict work-focused writer. Besides the elaborate artists, there’s the cold innkeeper, Viktor who has some secrets of his own. Trying to make the best of what seems like a ruined summer, Raine decides to discover the mysteries the lonesome house holds, but she would never imagine what she would find out!

My Thoughts: While I was sick with a cold last week I got this book to fill my boring day, and it was so good! It’s beautifully written, and has a fun and quirky plot. It also has amazing characters, that are wonderfully developed, and very likable! My favorite of all would have to be Josie because she’s so rambunctious and bold! She has such big ideas and plans that are interesting to read about. Raine was an okay character, with lots of in-depth  thoughts and actions, though I felt she sounded very grown-up for her age. The other artists had distinctive personalities that are easy to recognize. Diego was really nice, and I thought that he and Raine’s mom would be really cute together:) Speaking of Raine’s mother, she might have been one of my least favorite characters. I wish she had told Raine why they were at Sparrow Road in the first place. Gray was another character that I didn’t like very much. I knew he was trying to be nice, and make everything better, but I just didn’t enjoy reading about him. There were a few plot holes throughout the story, and I thought that the ending wasn’t very satisfying, but Sparrow Road had a great beginning and was full of good characters! Plus it has an awesome cover. :) Overall, I thought this was a great read, and I give it three out of five stars.

My Summer Of Pink and Green-A Book Review

4 Apr

Hey! I just noticed that although I’ve been reading a lot of books, I haven’t posted a book review in a while, so….

My Summer of Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald (To read my review of My Life in Pink and Green, click here.

Lucy’s family’s pharmacy is finally expanding! They are about to open their new eco-friendly spa, Pink and Green, and Lucy can’t wait to help with all the planning and makeovers! She also can’t wait for summer, time for barbeques, trips to the beach, and swimming! Lucy’s sure everything’s going to be awesome!…Or not…Lucy soon learns that this may not be the summer she was hoping for: now she has to hang out with the spa’s investor’s annoying daughter, her best friend seems to be doing everything without her, the new spa consultant doesn’t want any of Lucy’s help, and her older sister, Claudia only wants to hang out with her boyfriend! Things seem to look pretty bad…but can Lucy make the best of it, and find a way to help with the spa?

My Thoughts: I really liked this book! It had a lot of good description, and I LOVE the cover:) The spa was described really well, and for most of the story you felt like you were there with Lucy. Her character wasn’t very likeable in the middle of this book though, but she was nicer in the beginning and the end. I really missed Sunny and Yamier in this story! I wish Sunny was her normal funny self because she was one of my favorite characters in the first book:( Yamier wasn’t my favorite this time around either, but he was really sweet in the end. I did think it was cool that the author put “How to Have a Great Summer” tips in the beginning of each chapter because they were fun to read. (My favorite one was: “Wear Flip Flops every day, try not to ever wear real shoes.”:)) I do think the ending wasn’t very satisfying, and I wish you learned more about what happened, but it does leave you in suspense. (Which will hopefully lead to a third book!) Overall I really enjoyed it, and I give this book four out of five stars.

13 Gifts-A Book Review

16 Mar

13 Gifts By Wendy Mass 

When Tara Brennan sneaks into school at night with a can of pepper spray with her in hand in attempt to steal a stuffed coat she quickly learns its not such a good idea. She is sent to the sleepy town of Willow Falls for the summer as a punishment, but Willow Falls is a really strange town. The last time she was here her cousin Emily ate a whole stick of glue, and she isn’t even the most weird person at all! There’s a boy who sings at the bottom of a giant pit, two best friends the communicate using chalkboards, an Australian personal assistant who no one can under stand, and a girl who happens to be friends with Tara’s favorite teen actor ever! But the most strange person of all is Angelina, a very old woman who seems to have been around forever, and has a birthmark that resembles a duck. Angelina is now making Tara find thirteen very odd gifts before her thirteenth birthday or she’ll loose her soul or something like that….no big deal, right?

My Thoughts: The whole Willow Falls series is so mystical and quirky, and this book was just as good as the others! Tara wasn’t as interesting a character to read about compared to Rory and Amanda, but she was pretty likable. I thought it was really annoying that she kept stealing things even after she learned her lesson, but that was really her only big flaw. She also got along with the other characters easily so that helped make the story flow nicely. Rory, Amanda, and Leo were really good supporting characters. (Aren’t Rory and Jake fun together?) I’m glad they came back in this book so that things were sort of cleared up. I also thought that the whole chalkboard idea was really funny and weird, but helped give the characters traits. Now, Angelina, couldn’t she just help explain things at all? We did get some answers in this book, and there was a really cool and magical secret, but I want some answers! Wendy Mass did a great job with the detail and suspense, and I give 13 Gifts four and a half stars out of five.

Finally-A Book Review

12 Mar

Click here to read my (awesome!) review of the 11 Birthdays, (The First Book in the Willow Falls Series) 

Finally By Wendy Mass

Rory Swenson’s over-protective parents have always told her “You can have a cellphone when you’re twelve!” “You can get contact lenses when you’re twelve!” “You can get your ears pierced when you’re twelve!” And so on and so on. Rory has been making a list of all these things, and finally in 18 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds she will be twelve. And when that happens, she can finally do all the things her friends do. Even Better! A movie is getting filmed at her school, and she might be able to be an extra! But for now, life isn’t so glamorous, because right now Rory is currently stuck in a drain pipe.

My Thoughts: Wendy Mass is an amazing middle grade author, and this book was just as awesome as the cake on the cover! The main character Rory is really believable. Her character is strong, easy to like, and interesting, but she wants to grow up way too fast! I loved all her funny moments like when she thinks her pet bunny is trying to kill her in her sleep, (It’s name was Kyle R., try saying it five times fast), or when she finds out she’s allergic to practically everything she wants, (for instance, gold earrings , plant based-make-up products, etc.) Annabella was a really nice supporting character, but that made me wish we saw more of her. She was a really sweet best friend, and had good character traits. I am really glad Angelina came back in this book since we were left in such mystery before, except for one thing: you don’t get any answers! So, hopefully we find out more in Thirteen Gifts! I also want to point out that there wasn’t much of a secret here, or big event like in 11 Birthdays. Angelina did show Rory an important lesson, but it wasn’t as fun to read about as the first story. I definitely recommend this story, and I give it four and a half stars out of five:)

11 Birthdays-A Book Review

10 Mar

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass 

Summary-Amanda and Leo have always had their birthday parties together, until this year. When they were one they learned to walk, and when they were five they painted homemade pots and planted seeds. After a big fight on their tenth birthday the two former friends wouldn’t speak to each other. For the first time they are having their own parties, but then everything goes wrong! Amanda and Leo find themselves stuck in the same day over and over again, and they don’t know how to stop it. Could this mysterious happening have to do with the old Angelina who has been in the sleepy town of Willow Falls for what seems like forever?

My Thoughts: Wendy Mass is an amazing author, and I couldn’t wait to start reading this series. The concept was really interesting, but parts of the story were confusing. Amanda was a good character, but Leo wasn’t my favorite. I felt that he was kind of bossy, but he did help convince Amanda to try out for the marching band. Stephanie was a good friend, but I felt she was kind of clueless to what Amanda wanted. I wish her character was in the story more. Angelina was so mysterious and confusing! I want to find out more about her in the next book in the series. The writing was well done, but keeping track of all the birthdays was so puzzling! It was a good read, full of fun and suspense, and I give it three and three quarter stars out of five!