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What Fruit Are You?-A Quiz

21 Apr

Hi! Spring finally seems to be here, and almost everything in my backyard is blooming, or growing greener or greener everyday. Anyways, spring reminds me of bright fruits, so…

1. You’re at your favorite store, and are allowed to pick out 1 thing. You choose…

A) A set of art supplies

B) A new album by your favorite singer

C) A shiny hula hoop, (or other outside toy)

2. Great news, you’re going on vacation! You can’t wait to…

A) Go sightseeing

B) Eat out

C) Shop downtown

3. The walls in your bedroom are covered with…

A) Adorable posters of your favorite animals

B) Pictures of you with your friends or family

C) Elaborate drawings made by you


Mostly As, You’re a sweet and helpful strawberry!


Mostly Bs, You’re a juicy and energetic watermelon!


Mostly Cs, You’re a bright and cheerful banana!

(All Clipart from My Cute Graphics)