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Mimi and the Gift Exchange-A Photo Story

23 Dec


Today I’m just having a lazy day at home, but I can’t wait for Christmas Eve tomorrow! (Even as I write¬†this post, I’m listening to holiday music:)) Mimi wanted to join in the fun too, so she planned a gift exchange with her friends…

IMG_4103Today, Mimi and her friend Mia are exchanging gifts.

IMG_4106Unfortunately, Mimi had no idea what to get her friend!

IMG_4107“Hmmm…” Mimi thought, “What should I get Mia?” She pondered this for a while until she had a brilliant idea! “I’ll make Mia a scarf!” Mimi ran off to gather some supplies before coming back to begin.

IMG_4108Turns out making a scarf is a lot harder than Mimi thought…

IMG_4111“I know! I’ll make her cookies instead!” Mimi grabbed her over-sized chef hat and went to pick out a recipe. “It’ll be easy to make some peanut butter cookies,” She decided.

IMG_4113It wasn’t as easy as she thought…half of the cookies were burnt, and the other half didn’t taste good at all!

IMG_4117“Now what do I do?” Mimi asked. She slumped down on her rug, and thought hard for a moment. “Wait! If I go now, I’ll have just enough time to go to the toy store, and get back before Mia comes over.” She ran off.

IMG_4118“Perfect!” Mimi announced when she got back to her house. She slid a board game onto the floor happily.

IMG_4120But just as Mimi went to go and sit, her leg got caught on the cover of the box…

IMG_4121Suddenly the cards flew all over Mimi’s bedroom, and then she heard a loud knock on the door. “Oh no! Mia’s here, and I don’t have enough time to clean all of the cards up!”

IMG_4127In walked Mia, and Mimi got even more worried. “Hi,” she sighed. “Hey!” Mia replied, a lot more cheerfully. “Ready to see your gift?” Mimi nodded up and down slowly, “Here you go!” Mimi tore open the box and saw a Christmas tree ornament of herself!

IMG_4128“I love it!” Mimi exclaimed, “but all of my presents for you didn’t work out…” She continued to tell Mia all about the present mishaps. “That’s okay,” Mia said, hugging Mimi. “It’s so nice of you to try again and again to get me a gift.”

IMG_4131“I still feel really bad.” Mimi told her friend. “It’s okay! How about we have some hot cocoa and watch a holiday movie instead of exchanging gifts?” Mimi smiled, and went into the kitchen to grab some mugs and marshmallows.

IMG_4133Together Mimi and Mia snuggled up in Mimi’s room and watched all their favorite Christmas specials.

IMG_4100Happy Holidays from Mimi:)