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Mimi In Hutch!

7 Jun


So sorry for not posting lately, but I have lots of fun posts coming up! Today I just wanted to do a quick post starring everyone’s favorite kitten, Mimi! This one has an extra special surprise in it, but I’ll let Mimi explain… (Apologies for the quality of the first few photos–they were taken during the evening when the lighting wasn’t very good!)

Bookstore 1Hi everyone, it’s Mimi! On Wednesday evening, Lulu took me to this bookstore called the Blue Bunny where they were having a publication party for Hutch magazine. When Lulu had me pose with her copy of my magazine, I was so surprised to see her artwork on the cover!

Bookstore 2I got a chance to explore the bookstore and have Lulu take pictures of me! Here I am posing with the adorable bunny! Aren’t we so cute?

Bookstore 3Ooh, this is my favorite one! Here I am riding the coolest tiara wearing, hula dancing lamb ever!

Mimi and HutchYesterday I got a chance to look through the whole thing: “Oh my gosh! There is a monkey. This is awesome!” I squealed as I looked at the cover.

Article 1And then, the very best part came. When I was flipping through pages, I discovered a brand new photo story about me and my eco-spa right there on page 24. “This is so cool!” I flopped down so I could read my latest adventure.

Article 2“I really have to see how this ends!” :)

Have an awesome weekend,

Lulu and Mimi :)

P.S. I’m going to be doing some work on the blog design this weekend, so just be aware in case the appearance keeps changing.