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Ice Cream Cone Banner-A Craft

8 Jul


Ice Cream BannerFull Banner

I started my first class/camp of the summer today, so I was in a very sunny mood! Nothing screams ‘summer’ to me like an ice cream cone, so I made this cheery banner to brighten up my room. It’s very easy to make and has great results, so let’s get started…

Y O U   W I L L   N E E D: Colorful paper, markers, scissors, a pencil, ribbon, tape, a glue stick, and a ruler.

  1. Start by drawing out your cones on a tan piece of construction paper, (or you can print out a cone pattern. I used this one over at Miss Tiina’s.)
  2. Cut out your cones and trim any bumpy edges.
  3. Draw, cut, and decorate your ice cream scoops. Make sure they’re the right size to fit your cones.
  4. Glue the cones and ice cream scoops together.
  5. Lay your ice cream cones out on a piece of matching ribbon, making sure there’s enough space before you cut it.
  6. Tape the ice cream to the ribbon and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week,


Mimi in Vermont-A Photo Story

14 Apr

Hi! It’s your awesome blogger Lulu, back from her (1 day!) vacation in Vermont! I had lots of fun, and so did Mimi…(Sorry for some of the quality of the pictures, these were all taken with my iPod, not my camera.)

So, my family stayed at the Green Mountain Suites Hotel, and I got to get some photos of Mimi all around the hotel!


“Hmm, so cozy!”


“I am just so stylish! Wait! Am I the real one, or am I in the mirror?!”


“Welcome to my humble pillow fort!”


“Hmm…what to bring?”


“It’s so nice to relax!”

Next, we went on a fun little shopping trip!

We started at an adorable cupcake shop, My Little Cupcake!


“Wow, this is a really over sized chair!”


“What to eat? What to eat?”


“They all look so delicious!” Mimi stared in awe, “There’s even cookies and cream flavored cupcakes!”


“This is the biggest and cutest cupcake ever!”


“It looks so good, I’m not sure if I should eat it…” Mimi pondered, “Actually, yes I should!”

Then we just walked around town, and headed to the mall…


“This is a really slow bike!”


“Ooh! An adventure into the mall garden!”


“Mimi, the fearless adventurer at your service!”


“Giddy Up! Watch me go!”

Lastly, we went on a tour at the ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory!


“So when do we leave? I can’t wait to get my free sample!” Mimi asked excitedly, as she browsed through the tour pamphlet.


“So much ice cream!!!!!”


“Can I eat it?”

What Ice Cream Flavor are you?-A Quiz

27 Jun

1. Your favorite thing to do at the beach is…

A. Go swimming

B. Play with beach ball, (pass it, volley ball, etc.)

C. Build a sandcastle

2. Your favorite summer day trip would be…

A.  Going to the Beach!

B. Go to an Amusement park!

C. Somewhere else

3. Your favorite sport is…

A. Basketball

B. Soccer

C. Tennis

 Mostly As                Mostly Bs          Mostly Cs

Strawberry               Chocolate            Vanilla