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Christmas List!

29 Dec

Here is some of the stuff I got for Christmas!

This bike, I love this bike! The bright purple looks so shiny and new:) The seat is comfy and it’s really fast. I can’t wait for it to be Spring so I can ride it!

This book, as many of you know Jessica Day George is one of my favorite authors! I have read all of her books and this one was just as good! It is a cross between Little Red Riding Hood, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and Robin Hood. I read it in one day and am now reading it again!

These PJs, these PJs are so cute! I was sad when it was retired but when I got it I was so happy! The slipper/socks look so comfortable and I wish I had my one pair. The snowflakes on the pants add cute detail, too:)

This stuffed animal, I love this stuffed animal sooooooo much!! I named her Lavender:) She is really fluffy and a great reading buddy:)

This Vera Bradley Lap Desk, (sorry no link.) I love the pattern Va Va Bloom and I always hate having to sit on the floor for a hard surface to write on, so this was a great gift! The bottom  is so plush making it easy for your lap:)

This game, I have been playing this game ever since I got it and it is so much fun!!!! I love the little symbols for the dance cards:) My favorite dance of all is to Jailhouse Rock, (by Elvis Presley.)

This iPod, (no link either.) I was really happy when I got an iPod touch! I always borrow my sister’s iPod to listen to when I am riding my bike and now I have one of my own! I got a purple case for it which matches my bike, (how cool is that?)

This outfit, my doll Gabby (who is actually shown above) is currently wearing this outfit:) I like it better in person then online, though. The skirt is s fuzzy and soft and the sweater is glittery and cute and is very easy to mix and match but they make an adorable winter outfit together. I’m glad the outfit has leggings because without them the outfit wouldn’t look complete. The boots are really cute and are my favorite part!

Casual Check Top

This Tunic, I love Boden’s tunics and this was just as cute as their other ones! It is soft and I really like the neckline, not to mention that it’s purple. It will go perfect with my new purple hair bands!

This shirt, (it’s also from Boden, but there’s no link) I like the cut of this shirt a lot and the roses at the top look so pretty! It’s very simple and cute, and I like that the bottom flows out. Again, I love the color!
This TV show season,  Chuck is my all time favorite TV show and I was so sad when it ended last year, (The ending was so sad:( ) so I was glad when I got the fifth season. I have been watching all my favorite episodes from the season and enjoying all the bonus features!
Purple Confetti 8' Jump Rope
This jump rope, FINALLY!!!! I always jump rope at recess with my friends, (I’m not very good…yet) and have been wanting one of my one so I can practice. Now, if only the weather would get warm…
This perfume, I don’t use perfume very much, but I love all the scents! The Positively Purple Justice perfume smells so good (to me it smells like candy:)) The roller ball at the top tickles but prevents me from spilling the perfume….
Cosy Cable Cardigan
This sweater,  I got this yesterday and I love it! The color is so pretty and bright but it still goes with a lot of things! It’s very comfy too, perfect for my first day back to school on Wednesday!
Icon T-shirt

This Top, I also got this top yesterday to go with my sweater. I have been wanting it ever since it came out since I play guitar and it’s, well, adorable! The stars on the guitar add great detail. I love the polka-dots on the guitar, I mean who wouldn’t want a guitar with polka-dots?
Long-sleeve glitter graphic T
Fleece pajama pants
These Pajamas,  I LOVE these pajamas. They are so comfy and soft, an they are purple!
This CD,  I have wanted this CD for a while and I can’t wait to upload it to my iPod!
 This adorable outfit, One of the CUTEST Bitty Twin Outfits EVER!!!!!!!
These PJs,  I love these adorable PJs the antler headband is so cute and I love the silky pants! The slippers are so fuzzy I’m jealous of my doll…It’s perfect for waiting up till midnight!
Bye guys, I’m off to Providence to go to Bright Night!

Lulu’s (Really Close To Birthday) Love List!

4 Oct

Alright, who else loved Wizards of Waverly Place and was sad when it ended just like me? Well, apparently the cast is getting back together to make a movie! And Selena Gomez is producing it! Can’t wait:)

Princess of the Silver Woods (Twelve Dancing Princesses)

Even though it isn’t coming out till christmas…IT’S THE NEW JESSICA DAY GEORGE BOOK, PRINCESS OF THE SILVER WOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Style Savvy: Trendsetters

My sister and I loved Style Savvy, (I played a little too much than I should have but…) and now apparently they are coming out with a Style Savvy Trendsetters?!

I can’t wait to see Disney’s new series, Dog With A Blog, I’m also looking forward to Girl vs. Monster starring Olivia Holt.

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Only five days till my birthday!!!!!

(Look it! Snickerdoodle cupcakes from Bakerella:)

Princess Of The Midnight Ball-A Book Review

6 Apr

Princess of the Midnight Ball

Princesses Rose, Lily, Jonquil, Violet, Poppy, Daisy, Lilac, Hyacinth, Lilac,  Iris, Pansy, Orchid, and Petunia are forced to dance against their will every night at midnight in the Under Stone Realm because their Mother, Queen Maude had made a deal with The King Under Stone and his twelve sons. Now it’s a few years later and Queen Maude has died the only thing left to remind you of her is her garden full of flowers and her daughters named after flowers. Meet Galen, a young solider returning back from the war, his family is dead and goes off to look for his uncle. Soon Galen finds himself working in the Queen’s garden at the castle. When Rose and Galen first meet it is a terrible sight. Rose falls into a fountain and gets a disease which her eleven sisters catch as quickly as she did. Now everyone is hearing about the princesses’ worn out dancing slippers, why were they dancing if they were sick? Many princes had tried to find out and were found dead the week later. Galen did not care, he had to find out and help Rose…and her sisters, (but mainly Rose.) Then the princesses are accused of witch craft, Galen knows this is not true and feels like he is the one to help. But he is not the only one who knows the Queen and princesses secrets. But he loves Rose….

My Thoughts: I love Jessica Day George and first read her book Tuesdays at the castle, this was not as good but I still loved the take on the Twelve Dancing Princesses, I hope there is a third book in the series, I already read the sequel. I give this book four and a half stars out of five.

Dragon Slippers-A Book Review

23 Feb

Dragon Slippers

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Creel was just a poor farmers daughter, until her parents died. Then she and her brother Hagen were the children of their Uncle and Aunt also very poor people. Creel’s Aunt (who reads tons of romance novels) thinks that if they give Creel to a dragon, that a young prince will save her, fall in love with her, and carry her off along with her Uncle, Aunt, cousins, and brother to his castle.

Duh this did not happen, instead Creel is dropped off at the cave of some dragons who have no interest whatsoever in eating her. Luckily for Creel, they just want her to leave. They make a trade so Creel is able to find work as a dressmaker in a faraway village. Creel thought that dragons collected gold, but one of the dragons, who she was trading with collected shoes. Well, it was better than nothing. Creel found boots, dancing shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, but what interest her is a pair of blue fancy slippers.

Creel leaves and walks on a path to the village, but she is attacked by bandits. Creel cries for help and suddenly a wonderful dragon named Shardas comes to her rescue. She stays at his cave which the dragon shares with another dragon. Creel stays with them for awhile. Once Creel gets a job in the town as a worker in a dress shop, she meets three other employees of Derda (The Person in which Creel works for.) Their names are Marta, Alle, and Larkin. Marta and Alle seem super nice and for some weird reason Creel becomes friends with one of the princes, but something seems off about Larkin and Amaila (the bride off the crown prince, but not by choice.) When a war breaks out involving dragons, Creel finds out there is more then just fashion to her slippers.

My Thoughts:  I love all books by Jessica Day George,like Tuesdays at The Castle (My third favorite book:) so…I love this story, maybe because it reminds me of my favorite series the Frog Princess! But, I like the second book in the series slightly better than this one. It was a shocker to find out that Shardas and Velika were the queen and king of all dragons (Spoiler!) But not for me since I read the third book first, but…I give this book four out of five stars for great read, but not as outstanding as the third and second:)

Sorry if this is super confusing, It rocked my socks off. (My sister dared me to write that, plus I do not wear socks:)

Tuesdays at The Castle-A Book Review

8 Jan

Princess Celie, her sister Lilah, and her two brothers Bran and Rolf live in a Castle that grows a new room, hallway, or tower whenever it wants, mostly on Tuesdays. When Celie’s parents, the King and Queen go to pick up her brother Bran from college, she is left under the care of her two older siblings. When Celie, Lilah, and Rolf are expecting their family home, they get terrible news, their parents carriage had been ambushed, and their parents and brother were dead! Since Rolf was his father’s heir he would be declared king, while two princes were expected from two different countries, whom no one trusted. One day Celie finds a new tower which she names the spyglass tower, since she finds…duh, spyglasses. But then Celie finds out something horrible! One of the foreign princes is going to kill her brother and take over their country! Can Celie help save the day along with the help of her siblings, and the Castle, plus find out the truth about her parents?

My Thoughts: This might be my second favorite book, it is so awesome! The writing is amazing, and keeps you entertained throughout the whole book, and there are great characters! Celie was my favorite out of all of them because she was so courageous and funny, and I hope to read more about her in future books. Rolf, Lilah, and Pogue were really fun supporting characters with lots of distinctive traits.  Anyways, the writing in this book was so original, whimsical, and magical, with great description. The setting of the story was also really interesting, and I liked how the author talked about all of the different rooms in the castle, (my favorite is the one with the bouncy floor!), and gave examples about how the Castle seemed to be able to think for itself. Overall, this was an amazing book,  (I read it in two nights! It would have been one, but I had play practice:)), and I totally give this book five out of five stars.