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My Summer Of Pink and Green-A Book Review

4 Apr

Hey! I just noticed that although I’ve been reading a lot of books, I haven’t posted a book review in a while, so….

My Summer of Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald (To read my review of My Life in Pink and Green, click here.

Lucy’s family’s pharmacy is finally expanding! They are about to open their new eco-friendly spa, Pink and Green, and Lucy can’t wait to help with all the planning and makeovers! She also can’t wait for summer, time for barbeques, trips to the beach, and swimming! Lucy’s sure everything’s going to be awesome!…Or not…Lucy soon learns that this may not be the summer she was hoping for: now she has to hang out with the spa’s investor’s annoying daughter, her best friend seems to be doing everything without her, the new spa consultant doesn’t want any of Lucy’s help, and her older sister, Claudia only wants to hang out with her boyfriend! Things seem to look pretty bad…but can Lucy make the best of it, and find a way to help with the spa?

My Thoughts: I really liked this book! It had a lot of good description, and I LOVE the cover:) The spa was described really well, and for most of the story you felt like you were there with Lucy. Her character wasn’t very likeable in the middle of this book though, but she was nicer in the beginning and the end. I really missed Sunny and Yamier in this story! I wish Sunny was her normal funny self because she was one of my favorite characters in the first book:( Yamier wasn’t my favorite this time around either, but he was really sweet in the end. I did think it was cool that the author put “How to Have a Great Summer” tips in the beginning of each chapter because they were fun to read. (My favorite one was: “Wear Flip Flops every day, try not to ever wear real shoes.”:)) I do think the ending wasn’t very satisfying, and I wish you learned more about what happened, but it does leave you in suspense. (Which will hopefully lead to a third book!) Overall I really enjoyed it, and I give this book four out of five stars.

Lulu’s Entertainment-Filled Love List!

15 Mar

Alex Vs. Alex, The Wizards Return! Okay, so Wizards of Waverly Place was one of the best Disney shows, and I was so sad when it ended! When I heard that the cast was coming back together to make a special hour-long movie, I was super excited, and have now been waiting for a while to see it! It premieres tonight, are you going to be watching it?

This Adorable Mickey Mouse Video!!  Minnie and Mickey are pretty awesome, and this short is so cute:) Minnie runs out of croissants for her adorable cafe, so she looks to Mickey for help, and he has to rush through the busy streets to get the bread to her:) The drawings are playful, and the scenery is beautiful! I definitely recommend watching it:)

Wordgirl March Enemy Week, is a really good (it has won awards!) show, and this week was called March Enemy Week, (get the play on words?) I watched some this week and really enjoyed it!

My Summer of Pink and Green Lisa Greenwald is a really amazing author, and I loved her book, My Life in Pink and Green. I have been waiting and waiting for this to come out, and it will be soon! (March 19th) I also really like the cover design, how about you?

TV Spots From Oz The Great And Powerful Celebrate New Year’s Eve on http://www.shockya.com/news

Oz the Great and Powerful The whole Wizard of Oz story is so mystical and whimsical, but the Wizard’s story hasn’t been focused on very much. The set looks really cool in this movie from what I’ve seen in the previews, and so do the costumes. I am hoping to catch it Easter Weekend, what movies do you want to see?

Valentine’s Day Books that I Really Think You Should Read!

9 Feb


The Candy Smash by Jacqueline Davies

The Cupcake Club, Recipe For Trouble by Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk

Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer by Jane O’Connor, (Read my Review Here!)

Juliet The Valentine Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes by Lisa Greenwald, (Read my review here!)


Look at all the snow we got! I had a snow day yesterday, (it was really nice!) And luckily I didn’t loose power, but there are huge hills of snow in my back yard! I spent my day reading my book and snuggling:)

7 Books coming out that I really think you should read:)

21 Jan

Sugar and Spice, (Confectionately Yours #3,) Publication Date-Febuary 1st.

Emily Windsnap and the Land of The Midnight Sun, (Emily Windsnap Book #5) Publication Date-Febuary 12th

My Summer of Pink and Green (Sequel to My Life in Pink and Green) Publication Date-March 19th

Whatever After #3: Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim (Whatever After #3) Publication Date-May 1st

Wednesdays in the Tower

Wednesdays In The Tower (Sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle) Publication Date-May 7th

Pi in the Sky, Publication Date-June 11th

Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking: A 14 Day Mystery

Moxie and the art of Rule Breaking, Publication Date-July 11

My parents/sister got me this elephant as an early Valentine’s day present!!! Isn’t she adorable? I named her Juliet:)

Reel Life Starring Us-A Book Review

30 Nov

Meet Dina, the new girl. The one who has to move to a new town, start school a month late, and has no friends. Dina is considered “weird” just because she likes to film people around school. She couldn’t be more surprised at how different Rockwell middle school is from her old school. No one would ever put crushed up potato chips in your backpack or post a video of you tripping in the hallway there.

And Chelsea, the popular girl, the one everyone thinks has the perfect life-like her friends Kendall and Molly, but she doesn’t. Her dad has lost his job, and she has missed the first month of school because of mono, and her friends want her to like someone she doesn’t even know if she likes as a friend.

When these two girls are paired up to create a video for the town’s fiftieth anniversary an unlikely friendship begins to bloom, or not… One second Chelsea thinks she likes Dina and the next she doesn’t. Her friends Molly and Kendall thinks she’s weird but Chelsea likes her boldness, sort of. And Dina can’t believe her luck! She got paired up with the most popular girl in school, she’s determined to become popular like she was in her old school, but then she finds out Chelsea’s big secret….

My Thoughts: This was another book by Lisa Greenwald that was fantastic! I read it on my sister’s kindle yesterday. It was really good too:) I always really like Lisa Greenwald’s covers, this one was really cool, (there’s a picture of the other girl but I can not find it, sorry;)) I felt bad for Dina in the beginning of the book and I thought Chelsea could have treated her better, but I guess it was hard for her with all that was going on. I was so happy for her when her dad got a new job, though! Molly and Kendall were awful and funny at the same time. It was really interesting to read about the girls trying to find Sasha. I thought the plot of the book got better and better as the story progressed, I give this book four out of five stars.

To read my review of Lisa Greenwald’s other books click here:

Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes

My Life in Pink and Green

Oh yeah, by the way, tomorrow I will be changing the background or maybe header of my blog, so sorry if it keeps changing or messing up:)

Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes-A Book Review

27 Nov

Kate, Olivia, and Georgia are really looking forward to Valentine’s day this year. Kate is sure her crush is going to finally talk to her, Olivia just wants to stare at her crush all day, and Georgia, well no one knows about her crush yet…But when a terrible blizzard causes a snow day, the girls have been looking forward to seems ruined. Most of the people have canceled reservations for eating at Georgia’s family’s restaurant, none of the girls will be able to do what they want to, they are stuck in their apartment buildings all day, and their friendship seems to be slowly drifting. Wait! Maybe this is just what the girls need, they can pass out fortune cookies from Georgia’s family’s restaurant to people all over their building. They can meet new people and maybe their apartment building will be like how it was before, but is it enough to keep their friendship strong?

My Thoughts: I started reading Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes after I read My Life in Pink and Green (recommended by my sister) which is also by Lisa Greenwald. I really liked reading this story and thought it would be fun to review because it’s snowing where I live. I thought the story was sort of slow at some points (even though a lot happened, some points I thought were dragged on,) but it was interesting to read from the different characters’ views. I thought a lot happened over the course of one day, but I may just be assuming that passing out the cookies took longer than the story implied;) When Olivia blurted out Georgia’s secret I was screaming in my head, why did you have to do that?! So I was glad when they made up. I felt bad for Kate because when she finally got what she wanted it was a huge let down, but she did jump back very quickly. I thought the end of the story was really cute. I give this book four out of five stars.

My Life in Pink and Green-A Book Review

19 Nov

Prancing through crunchy oak leaves while walking home from school. c; 

(From Chibird)

Hey guys!! I wanted to start this week off with a little book review:)

Twelve year old Lucy’s life seems to be spiraling out of control. Ever since her grandpa died her family’s pharmacy has been in financial trouble. Now even more than ever.  Her grandmother has had to lay off workers. Lucy wants to do whatever she can do to help but what? It’s not like a twelve-year-old can do whatever she wants, right…wait can she? It starts to seem like it when Lucy proposes business ideas, finds a grant that can help the pharmacy with money problems and make it more eco-friendly. She even starts to give make overs to people all over town, even Courtney Adner one of the most popular people in high school! Even with all of this can Lucy still save the pharmacy?

My Thoughts: Last weekend I was very upset. The library was closed and I had no books to read! Luckily this was in my sister’s bookshelf. Lucy was a really strong, well-developed character unlike some of the others. Sunny was really funny and Sunny’s brother turned out to be really sweet. I think Lucy’s grandmother needed to take some of her own advice. Lucy’s mom was very different from the usual parents in stories. I think she gets really passionate about one thing and looses focus on a lot of other things. I give this book four out of five stars for an over all good read but not very well developed characters, (except for Lucy.)

Now to start Lisa Greenwald’s other book Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes.