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Maleficent-A (Very Special!) Move Review

17 Jun


Maleficent PosterThe blog has been a little quiet lately, but not to worry because today I have an extra-special review for you! I went to see Maleficent (twice, actually!) with my sister Bella (she blogs here!), and we decided it would be fun to do a review where we basically have a conversation about Maleficent (which was great :)). So without further ado, here it is…

B: I really enjoyed Maleficent, Lulu! One thing I loved was that it took an original take on a beloved fairytale.

L: I really liked how they redid it too, but it was a bit confusing that they took out parts of the original story so their version would make sense, along with a few unnecessary changes (like changing the crow’s name from Diablo to Diaval). It’s a great fractured fairytale rewrite, though.

B: I agree! For someone who has not seen Disney’s Sleeping Beauty in quite a while, I would be interested in comparing the two versions. I have to say that Angelina Jolie was fantastic casting for Maleficent.

L: Angelina Jolie was fantastic, wasn’t she? I thought she did a great job showing Maleficent as both a loving fairy and an evil sorceress.

B: Exactly! I think it could be difficult displaying two such distinct parts {I know I would have some trouble}, but she nailed it. Another fantastic actress was Elle Fanning as Aurora…

L: She was one of my favorite characters in the whole movie! Since the Sleeping Beauty character in the original 1959 film appears for less than twenty minutes the whole way through, Elle Fanning got the chance to develop more of a personality for Aurora.

B: That’s a great point. Elle found just the right amount of tenderness and sweetness to give to Aurora’s character. While I loved the two leading ladies, the men weren’t that bad either. Sam Riley, who played Diaval, made me laugh, especially following the more intense parts of the film.

L: Yeah! I especially liked the scene where he, Maleficent, and Aurora are in the Moors and have the mud fight; it made me smile :) Speaking of the Moors, weren’t the visuals (computerized and sets) stunning?

B: Oh, absolutely! I didn’t realize that a good chunk of the Moors were animated, but all creatures fit seamlessly into the rest of the surroundings. And that castle set made my backstage/behind-the-scenes heart happy :) Another behind-the-scenes aspect of the movie that I liked was the costumes. Aurora’s dresses and Maleficent’s cloaks especially impressed me!

L: I though the castle was really cool too! In a few of the scenes the filming seemed a bit odd, though – maybe just because of the fireplaces and dark color environment? I completely agree that the sets were gorgeous, and the costumes were also! I would love to wear Aurora’s dresses or have her hairstyles.

B: The hair! I had such beauty envy after watching the movie. I was so excited to see that some of my favorite hair blogs posted tutorials to get Aurora’s twisted pull-back. Now, if only I could get my hands on one of her dresses and find myself in a field of wildflowers :)

L: That would be fun :) Finally, can I just say how amazing the make-up for Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones in this movie is? It must be magical.

And that wraps up our extra special review! I really hope you enjoyed it and that you consider going to see Maleficent in the future! It’s worth it.

Lulu :)


Mr. Peabody and Sherman-A Movie Review

17 Mar



Mr. Peabody and Sherman 


  • Ty Burrell as Mr. Peabody
  • Max Charles as Sherman
  • Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson
  • Allison Janney as Ms. Grunion
  • Stephan Colbert as Paul Peterson
  • Leslie Mann as Patty Peterson

Summary: Mr. Peabody is the world’s smartest dog; he became an advisor to heads of state, won an Olympic gold medal, and was even awarded a Nobel Prize…but who would have guessed he would adopt a human boy? When Mr. Peabody’s adopted son, Sherman, takes his classmate Penny, on a trip into the past in his WABAC time machine, they find themselves exploring the streets of Italy, escaping an Ancient Egyptian palace, and even hiding in the Trojan Horse! But can they get back to the present without messing up the past?

My Thoughts: I saw this movie on Friday with my dad, and I have to say that I LOVED it:) Not only was the story entertaining and interesting, the characters were also very fun, and there were plenty of silly puns and jokes that I found my self laughing out loud at! The whole movie was just really cute!

So, the plot is that Mr. Peabody’s son, Sherman, gets in a fight with an annoying classmate, named Penny, on his first day of school. When Mr. Peabody invites Penny’s family over to dinner to apologize, Sherman shows her the WABAC time machine, and the two end up traveling to Ancient Egypt, where things don’t go exactly as planned. When the WABAC machine needs fixing, they have to travel across time to gather supplies, witnessing some of the most famous events in history. Too bad things aren’t going so well back in the present…

I really liked the story of the movie and thought it was pretty adorable and funny:) One of my favorite parts about it though, was seeing how each of the different time periods was interpreted for the movie. Although I don’t know that much about the time periods shown in the movie, (I got most of my information about Ancient Egypt and the French Revolution from the Time Traveling Fashionista books:) ), but I thought that they did a great job making the events funny and kid-friendly, but still giving the correct information and making it interesting. (I especially liked the beginning of the movie when Mr. Peabody and Sherman traveled to France…I don’t want to spoil anything, but let me just say that there was plenty of cake and a cantaloupe!)

I also really liked the characters in this film! Mr. Peabody was very funny, and cool, and I thought that Ty Burrell did really well creating the character. Sherman was also very funny, (I love it when he says “I don’t get it” after every one of the puns), and I thought he was just cute and sweet:) (That sequence with all of the pictures of Sherman when he was a toddler was adorable!) One of the best parts of the whole movie was Sherman and Mr. Peabody’s relationship. My personal favorite line was when Sherman told Mr. Peabody, “I love you” and he responded, “I have a deep regard for you as well, Sherman.” And finally, I thought that Penny was super annoying at first, but she ended up being one of y favorite characters in the end. Oh, it made me so happy when she and Sherman became friends:)

Overall this was a super funny movie that I definitely recommend and give four and a half stars out of five!


The Lego Movie-A Movie Review

26 Feb



  • Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowoski
  • Elizabeth Banks as Wyldstyle
  • Will Arnett as Batman
  • Alison Brie as Unikitty
  • Charlie Day as Benny
  • Will Ferrell as President Business

Summary: An ordinary LEGO figure named Emmet is mistaken to be the mysterious “Special”, who was predicted years ago to discover the only piece of resistance that can stop the evil Lord Business from gluing the LEGO world into place. To save his world, Emmet must team up with some of the most skilled Master Builders and travel throughout dangerous instruction-filled lands in order to complete his dangerous mission. Can Emmet and the other LEGO master builders stop Lord Business’s plan before it’s too late?

My Thoughts: When I first saw the previews for this film a few months ago, I was sure it was going to be another really silly and bad movie, but after reading some extremely positive reviews, I was interested. After a bit more investigation, I was getting more excited and was hoping to see it over my school’s February vacation. I went to see it on Saturday, and I ended up being very entertained and loved it!

The story is about an ordinary Lego figure named Emmet, who is mistaken for an amazing special hero that was going to rise against the evil Lego President with a plan to end the world in only a matter of days (cue dramatic music!) He ends up traveling through different Lego worlds with some very, um, interesting characters, hoping to succeed on his dangerous mission. Throw in some cool graphics, cheesy moments, weird, but funny jokes, and a cast of hilarious characters, and you have a movie worth seeing! Oh, and of course, I can’t forget the very annoying, but catchy and addictive song that is played throughout the movie. (Everything is Awesome!)

Emmet was a very entertaining protagonist, and he even had all sorts of funny ideas, (the double-decker couch!) He made all sorts of fun jokes, and I also liked how he was awkward, but still a little sweet. Wyldstyle was another great character, (she had such cool style!) and I loved the moment at the end with her and Emmet, (I don’t want to ruin it for you though!) All of the supporting and main characters were hilarious, but the best one out of all of them was Unkitty!!!! I mean, how can you not love this adorable face…

She’s just so cute!!!!!! :)

Anyways, I was very interested to see how the movie would be designed; would it be exactly like LEGOs, but more computerized? It turns out that the graphics were designed to look like LEGO toys, (they even made the water and fire look like the little plastic pieces), but it was amazing to see all the detail. The action scenes were especially cool, but I also liked to see the differences between each themed LEGO world that Emmet and the others traveled too.

Overall, this was an entertaining and funny movie that I would see again and give 4 and a half stars out of five.

Have an awesome week,


Radio Rebel-A Movie Review

12 Feb


Debby Ryan

Sarena Parmar

Adam Dimarco

Merritt Patterson

Lain Belcher

Rowen Kahn

Mercedes de la Zerda

Summery-Shy student Tara, (Debby Ryan) can’t even write a word on a white board in front of her class or talk to anyone besides her best friend Audrey (Sarena Parmar.) This shy girl has an amazing secret though…she is the hit radio show host Radio Rebel! All the students at her school listen to the smooth talking podcast that Tara is secretly recording in her bedroom. The best part? No one knows who Rebel is! When her step-dad finds out that Tara is Rebel she even gets her own show on the radio station SLAM! But what happens when Tara’s friends start to get suspicious or when the school principal cancels prom because of Radio Rebel?

My Thoughts: Yesterday night my sister and I were looking for a movie to watch and we found this one on Netflix. It was pretty good and the plot was interesting. Barry and Larry were really weird, but funny. Cami Q and Audrey were really nice supporting characters, (didn’t you like Audrey’s “extended hyena?”) Tara was an okay main character and Debby Ryan’s acting was good, but she wasn’t memorable. The movie wasn’t very believable, but it was fun! I also think the end was kind of cheesy…I did like to hear Radio Rebel’s shows though. Stacy was your classic mean girl character, but I wish she was more likable. Overall it was an okay movie with good acting and I give it three out of five stars.

Have a good night everybody!

Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer and Pioneers of Television-Two Mini Reviews

27 Jan

Love is in the air! Really! Nancy and her best friend Bree are even learning about the human heart in science class. But when Nancy’s favorite baby sitter Annie and guitar teacher Andy are both going to be left without someone to celebrate with on Valentine’s day! Unless…unless Bree and Nancy can get them to fall in love! Yep, that’s right Nancy Clancy is going matchmaker! Will their be love at first sight or will everything go horribly wrong?

My Thoughts: I have grown up with Fancy Nancy so I was really happy to hear that Jane O’Connor came out with chapter books. Although these books are easy they are adorable! The mysteries and plot lines are really cute and I love Nancy’s hilarious outfits! Bree is a great best friend and is really sweet. I thought that in the end of the book Grace was really nice! I give this book four out of five stars for being a really cute read:)

Pioneers of Television is a documentary on PBS that focuses on the pioneers of a certain type of TV show. The latest episode that I watched was about “funny ladies” like Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball. It shows clips from episodes and actors and actresses talk about their shows. The next episode is about primetime, I can’t wait:)

My Thoughts: I watched another one of the seasons of pioneers of television last year and I really liked it! I was thrilled when I found out that it was going to be on  again. It’s really interesting and I can’t wait for the next episode! I give this show five out of five stars!

Ice Age, Continental Drift-A Movie Review

26 Jan

Ice Age 4 - Voll verschobenCast (Not in any specific order)-

  • Ray Romano
  • John Leguizamo
  • Denis Leary
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Queen Latifah
  • Keke Palmer
  • Chris Wedge
  • Peter Dinklage

Summary: When Scrat (show above) goes after an acorn that falls into the earth’s core he causes the continental drift! As it starts to happen, mammoths Manny and Ellie look for their daughter Peaches who has wondered off with her friend, Louis. The continental drift causes Ellie and Peaches to be separated from most of their friends and family. With a wall closing in on them they head to a land bridge with the rest of the animals for safety, but the journey is dangerous and they must be prepared to fight their way to safety.

Meanwhile Manny, who was set adrift on an iceburg with his friends Diego (a tiger) and Sid (a sloth) is determined to get to his family. But can he make it past sirens, pirates, and other dangers?

My Thoughts: I saw this yesterday night with my mom and sister, and it was very funny:) I have seen only one other Ice Age movie so I was kind of confused about the plot, but it was still very entertaining. I have always loved Scrat and his obsession to acorns that ends up causing these big events. The jokes were funny, but there were spots where I thought the movie could have improved. But let me say that the little animals on the island were adorable! (Sorry, I have no idea what they are.) I thought the acting and casting was good. Sid was really funny and so was his grandmother. I give this movie four and a half stars out of five.