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It’s All About Mimi Week!

20 Aug

Mimi CollageDo you know what my favorite type of post to write is? Mimi’s photo stories, of course! Because of how fun they are, I decided to make this whole week of posts all about Mimi! She will be doing all sorts of cool things this week in her stories, from making pizza and s’mores to becoming a super secret spy! So now without further delay, I give you all about Mimi Week, post #1…

IMG_3304Today, Mimi and Sir Pugs A Lot are making pizza!

IMG_3305“This is going to be so much fun!” Mimi said excitedly as she bounced over to the counter. “Yeah!” Sir Pugs A Lot answered, trying to hop up onto the stool. “Okay, so first we have to get all of the things for the dough…flour…a bowl…what else?” Mimi wondered as she started to block Sir Pugs A Lot’s way.

IMG_3307“Um…I can’t really see, you know…” Sir Pugs A Lot jumped up and down trying to get a better view.

IMG_3308“Anyways, here, I just have to mix it up!” Mimi exclaimed, ignoring Sir Pug’s A Lot’s comment, She hopped up onto the counter, and began to stir the ingredients…until there was a big “boom!”

IMG_3309And then Mimi came crashing down. “Maybe we should just buy the dough…” Sir Pugs A Lot suggested. “Yeah…”

IMG_3310Finally, after getting some dough, and spreading the sauce and cheese on, the two friends started to decorate their pizzas.

IMG_3314“Wait! My need’s more!” Mimi announced as she started frantically grabbing things from the kitchen cupboards.

IMG_3317“There! With a finishing touch of pie!”

IMG_3319“Or not.” Mimi smiled guiltily as she accidentally brushed the pizza off the counter. “Let’s go out for pizza instead.” Sir Pugs A Lot instructed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

IMG_3321“This is much better!”

IMG_3322The End!

Mimi Goes to the Beach!

17 Jul

I love summer, don’t you? I don’t enjoy the heat though. Mimi and her buds Sandy and Julie don’t either, so they headed to the beach this week to avoid the heat wave…

IMG_2810“Where’s Julie? She was supposed to meet us here.” “Hmm…Why don’t we set up first, and then we can look for her.”

IMG_2814After setting down their stuff, Sandy was about to head towards the water, but stopped when Mimi called out, “Hey! There’s Julie!” The two ran over to where their friend was lounging in the warm sun. “Where have you been?” Mimi demanded. “I’ve been here the whole time, silly!” Julie laughed in response.

IMG_2816And with that, the friends sat down and began to relax. Mimi got out her new magazine, Sandy began building her sandcastle, and Julie just laid down, and gazed up at the clear sky.

IMG_2821“Wait guys! I have something else that I brought!” Sandy exclaimed, running off to grab her surprise.

IMG_2826Sandy came back, lugging a giant beach ball with her. “Uh…Oh no! I think I might fall!!” She said, followed by a large “thump!” Mimi looked up in surprise, only to discover that her friend was half-covered in the sand, with the beach ball lying innocently a few feet away.

IMG_2829Mimi giggled at Sandy’s predicament, and announced, “Let’s go swimming!” She got up and sprinted into the nearby water, making a loud splash as she dived in.

IMG_2830Mimi was followed by the large beach ball into the water. “My beach ball!” Sandy cried as she chased after her toy with lightning speed.

IMG_2831The three friends spent the rest of the day swimming in the cool water, playing games and relaxing. A perfect afternoon!

Enjoy your summer!

Mimi Goes To New York!

7 Jul

As some of you might remember, Mimi came with me to Vermont, and had an awesome photo story, and so now, she came with us to New York, and I took lots of photos! Even better, you can read some of Mimi’s Summer Journal where she wrote about some of the fun stuff we did while we were there…

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 1: Arriving in Ithaca

I’m finally out of that duffel bag! I mean seriously, although stylish, that bag is very stuffy! Where’s a personal space bubble when you need one? Anyways, we’re going out now, so…

bye for now,


IMG_2649Isn’t she adorable?

IMG_2653“I’m on the top of the world!”

IMG_2657“Isn’t it pretty?”

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 2: Visiting Cornell University

Now we’re walking around Cornell University, and I am practically dying in the heat. Luckily I heard Lulu saying that we’re going for ice cream soon. Ooh, I think we’re going to stop for a break! 


photo“That bridge looks strangely big!”

photo copy“Hello? Hi? Not much of a talker, are you?

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 3: Arriving in Syracuse

We just arrived in Syracuse after driving for a while, (and sitting on the side of the high way while we fixed up the car) and are going to look around Syracuse University before we have lunch and go home…


IMG_2664“Wow that’s a lot of stairs!”

IMG_2665“Hello up there!”

IMG_2674“Ooh, a red carpet!”

IMG_2683Don’t fall!

IMG_2684“Just me being awesome:)”

IMG_2688“Why are these stairs so oversized?”

IMG_2692Bye for now!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing Mimi around New York:)

Mimi Goes Camping!-A Photo Story

23 Jun

Summer is finally here! (Although I d0 still have to go to school for 4 more days. Ugh.) Anyways, to enjoy the wonderful weather, Mimi is going camping with two of her best buds, Lavender and Priscilla.


“Ready to go camping, Lavender?” Priscilla asked eagerly as she skipped along, carrying her back pack with her. “Yeah! It’s going to be so much fun! Roasting marshmallows, sleeping under the stars, and-” Lavender was about to ramble on and on, but she was cut off by a loud rumbling noise.


It was Mimi!…and a mountain of stuff…”Hi guys! Ready for camping?” “Yeah, but you do know that we’re only going camping for 2 days right, Mimi?” Lavender asked, as she stared in awe at Mimi’s abundance of items. “Of course! Don’t worry though, the rest of my stuff is coming in a moving truck…which should be here by now. Hmm…”


“I really don’t think you need all of this,” Priscilla said gesturing to the pile. “Hey! I’m not giving up any of my usual things…so instead of camping, I’m going glamping! Glamorous camping!” “Um…” “If it takes away your doubts, you can always share my tent! The description said it’s almost as big as a house!” Priscilla and Lavender got ready to go and set up their sleeping bags, “Wait! Guys! I have the s’mores supplies!”


Later that day…

“Ah..” Mimi sighed happily after finishing the glamorous decorating of her tent. “Home Sweet Home! I wonder how Lavender and Priscilla are doing with their sleeping bags…”


“Wow Mimi,” Lavender commented after Mimi’s tour of her tent. “Are you guys sure you don’t want to stay in my tent with me?” Mimi asked in response. “We’re fine,” Priscilla answered cheerfully.


“Hey! Look at what I found! I call it the Keep Coolirizer 1200! It’s a giant fan, spritz bottle, and it can act as a water fountain.”


“Cool! Why do you have the 1200 at the end?” “Because that makes it way more awesome!” Mimi laughed. “Anyways, why do you have it?” “I forget…I think I won it in a contest or maybe it was at the…” Mimi rambled. “One more question, what happened to Priscilla?”


“The fan is too strong!!!”


That evening after dinner, the 3 friends enjoyed delicious, gooey s’mores after the long day.



Mimi Plays Soccer-A Photo Story

23 May

Hi! It’s me, Mimi! Lulu wanted me to apologize for not posting very much lately, but today there’s a new photo story…that I’ll be telling!!!! Enjoy!

Today my friends and I got together to play a game of soccer!


My friends got ready for the exciting game by carefully choosing their teams, and positions…


On Team Awesome, the first fierce goalie was Cottonball, with Sir Pugs A Lot and Emma as the ready defenders, and Sweetie Pie as the midfielder!


On Team Fabulous (I came up with the name!) there was the stylish Fifi as the goalie, Stella and Violet as the defenders, and well, I was obviously fashionably late!


“Ugg! The giant ball won’t move!!” I exclaimed with aggravation, as I tried to carry the ball to the field.


As you can see, that didn’t work, so I then tried to push the ball…


and push the ball…


Finally after, several minutes of annoyance, I stylishly arrived at the fields, with the huge pink soccer ball. “Don’t worry guys! The one you’ve all been waiting for is here! And I brought the ball!!”


“Um…Mimi…We already have a ball..” Emma said, as I came running over. “Wait, what?! I did all the pushing, and pulling, and carrying, and sweating for nothing?” “Um…”


Anyways, with me at the game, and Zigzag as our ref, we were ready to begin! I quickly rushed over to my position, and  stared at the ball with great intensity, until I heard the high pitched whistle.


I quickly snagged the ball, and began to dodge players, as I dribbled across the field. My heart beat got faster and faster as I got closer and closer to the other team’s goal.


I passed the spinning ball to Stella, who was being charged at by Emma…


Emma quickly stole the ball using some fancy footwork, and started to run faster than a lightening bolt. She got ready to make a perfect pass…


but was foiled when it was kicked out of the field, at the same time as Zig Zag the Ref blew the shiny whistle, informing us that it was halftime!

 During halftime, I headed over to the bench, and got ready for the next half! As I was quickly gulping down water, Violet started to discuss our next game plan. “Since it’s a zero-zero game either team could easily win!” “Hmm…can I play goalie?” I asked. “So, who wants to be midfielder…” “Can I be goalie?” I asked again, but again I was ignored. “Anyways-” “Can I be goalie?”

Soon ZigZag blew the whistle, and we rushed to our new positions, (guess who was goalie…Stella.)


Anyways, a few minutes later the game was in full swing! Emma was dribbling down the field with sweat dripping down her forehead, about to side kick the ball over to Sir Pugs A Lot!


Sir Pugs A Lot was just about to kick the ball as hard as could into the goal, when Violet came swooping in, and stole the ball.


“Pass Violet!!” I cried as I ran down the field, getting ready to receive the ball. Violet swiftly kicked the ball to me, and I immediately headed towards the other team’s net.


“BAM!” The ball sailed past Cutie Pie, causing me to smile even wider, and jump for joy! “GOAL!” Zigzag called, checking his stopwatch, “Game Over!” My teammates the ran over and cheered happily at our win!

After chatting with teammates, and complimenting the other team on their great footwork, I felt like falling down after all of the excitement, but it was worth it!


Bye for now! Try not to miss my fabulousness too much!

Mimi in Vermont-A Photo Story

14 Apr

Hi! It’s your awesome blogger Lulu, back from her (1 day!) vacation in Vermont! I had lots of fun, and so did Mimi…(Sorry for some of the quality of the pictures, these were all taken with my iPod, not my camera.)

So, my family stayed at the Green Mountain Suites Hotel, and I got to get some photos of Mimi all around the hotel!


“Hmm, so cozy!”


“I am just so stylish! Wait! Am I the real one, or am I in the mirror?!”


“Welcome to my humble pillow fort!”


“Hmm…what to bring?”


“It’s so nice to relax!”

Next, we went on a fun little shopping trip!

We started at an adorable cupcake shop, My Little Cupcake!


“Wow, this is a really over sized chair!”


“What to eat? What to eat?”


“They all look so delicious!” Mimi stared in awe, “There’s even cookies and cream flavored cupcakes!”


“This is the biggest and cutest cupcake ever!”


“It looks so good, I’m not sure if I should eat it…” Mimi pondered, “Actually, yes I should!”

Then we just walked around town, and headed to the mall…


“This is a really slow bike!”


“Ooh! An adventure into the mall garden!”


“Mimi, the fearless adventurer at your service!”


“Giddy Up! Watch me go!”

Lastly, we went on a tour at the ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory!


“So when do we leave? I can’t wait to get my free sample!” Mimi asked excitedly, as she browsed through the tour pamphlet.


“So much ice cream!!!!!”


“Can I eat it?”

Mimi Meets Willow-A Photo Story

7 Apr


Today Mimi is meeting some one new…”Hi! You just moved in across the street, right? I’m Mimi, what’s your name!?” “Hey! I’m Willow, I was actually just about to go over to meet you!” “Well anyways, do you want to play in my back yard with me?” “Sure!”


Mimi decided to start their adventure on the patio, “In here, they sometimes roast marshmallows!” “In a pit?” “I don’t know…”


Then the two new friends decided to pass the soccer ball around! ” Look at me! I’m at the top of the world!” “Mimi? Can I have a turn?” “Sure…once I figure out how to get down!”


“Catch me if you can!” Mimi called, as she sprinted across the large stepping-stones. “I don’t think I can jump far enough!” Willow answered, while she tried to figure out how to avoid touching the dirt.


Next, Willow tried to teach Mimi how to climb a tree: “Come on Mimi! You can do it!” “I think I prefer to stay on the ground, Willow…”


Then, they attempted jump roping. “Are we doing this right?” “I don’t think so…”


Soon Mimi and Willow started to get tired, so they took a small rest. ” What should we do now?” “I’m not really sure, but we can go over to one of the gardens.” “Okay!”


“Hello? Mr. Cat?” “Mimi, I think he’s a statue.” ” Don’t be silly, I bet he’s just shy!”


After a long day of playing outside, the friends could use a good cleaning. “Do we have to go in there?” “Yeah, Stella said it’s kind of like a roller coaster, I think she also said it’s called a microwave.” “I think it’s actually a washing machine…”