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Mimi’s Super Bowl Adventure, Part 4 – A Photo Story

1 Feb


Happy Super Bowl Sunday, my lovely readers! I’m not a big football fan myself, (I’m watching Downton Abbey as I write this post. :) ) but I always look forward to Mimi’s Superbowl Adventure photo story every year. (You can read the last three years’ posts here, here, and here.) And so, without further ado, I’ll hand it over to everyone’s favorite kitty, Mimi!

Mimi's PlanHello everyone! It’s moi, Mimi! As I do every February, I went on an epic Super Bowl adventure with my best friend Lavender, and I’m here to tell you all about it! Enjoy!

“Ooh! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Better call Lavender,” I said this morning, happily jumping into my favorite chair.

Mimi Talks with Lavender“Hey Mimi, what’s up?” My best friend Lavender greeted me cheerfully when she walked into the room a few minutes later. “I have a brilliant idea!” I answered back. Lavender groaned. “It’s Super Bowl Sunday, isn’t it?” I nodded and made room for her on the chair. “And you know what everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl is? The commercials! And this year, we’re going to star in them with all our friends! Onward!”

Take 1“Oreo and Juliet’s Baked Goods Commercial: Take 1!” Princess Minnie called out in the film studio when we arrived. “Look it’s Juliet!” I said happily. My pink elephant friend gave us a small smile and wave before turing towards the camera.

Juliet and Cupcake“Oreo and Juliet’s Baked Goods has all sorts of yummy treats! They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, parties, or any time you’re craving a bit of chocolate. Your sweet tooth is sure to be-“

Mimi Crashes 1 “Hi Juliet!” I burst in. “Hi Mimi!” She answered, tilting her head back so she could see me. “How’s it going?” “Great!” I answered, “See you at next week’s art class!”

Lavender Says Hi “Super Bowl adventure?” Juliet asked my buddy Lavender. She nodded before running off to join moi. “Great cupcakes Juliet!”

Minnie 2“Purple Panda Books Commercial: Take 2!” Princess Minnie called out in the next film studio when we arrived. “HI ELSIE!” I waved ecstatically at my sparkly friend. She gave me a wink before beginning her commercial monologue.

Elsie“Do you love reading? How about purple? How about pandas? If you do, Purple Panda Books is just the store for you! Come to our lovely store and discover shelves filled with loads of purple books and read to your heart’s content. You’ll be falling head over heels for these stories in no-“

Mimi Crashes 2“Hi Elsie! Nice work! Can I borrow one of these books?” I asked my awesome friend. “Sure Mimi! I just have to do one more take.” I shrugged, “That’s cool! I’ll see you at tomorrow’s book club meeting!”

Lavender Explains“Is this one of those Super Bowl adventures you told me about earlier?” Elsie asked Lavender, who nodded. “Awesome!” Elsie added.

Minnie Take Three“Dot-lightful Clothing Commercial: Take 4!” Princess Minnie called out in the third film studio when we arrived. “There’s Dottie!” I told Lavender, dragging her towards the set.

Dottie“Dot-lightful Clothing sells apparel with fun colors and prints that are sure to brighten up your day. Our styles can be purchased in one of our three locations across the-“

Mimi Crashes 3“Hi Mimi!” Dottie said without even taking her eyes of the camera. “Hows the Super Bowl adventure going?” “Fabulous! Thanks for letting me be in one of your commercial takes. See you at the Sparkle Lovers Convention on Tuesday!”

Lavender Explains“Oh. You were expecting us?” Lavender asked Dottie.

Mimi Begins Planning “So. What should we do next year?” I asked once we were back in my fabulously pink bedroom.

The End

The End :)

Have a great night,




Emily Windsnap and The Land of The Midnight Sun-A Book Review!

20 Feb

So today I will be writing a review of Emily Windsnap and the Land of The Midnight Sun by Liz Kessler, but first I have a contest…

Mimi Adventure Contest!!!!

Okay! So Mimi is looking for ideas for her next adventure! Pitch your idea in a comment, and Mimi and I will choose our favorite Friday, March 1st, and post the winner the next day! I will then make the photo story, and the winner will get to interview Mimi in a comment. Your idea can be silly, adventurous, or what ever you want.* Please make sure you enter by Thursday, February 28th! Mimi can’t wait to see all your ideas, and get to be interviewed! (I will write the interview in a post.)

*Please remember that I must be able to make the photo story with my items, (no crazy skydiving above the Eiffel Tower!) 

Anyways, onto my review….

Summary: Emily Windsnap is a semi-mermaid, which means that when she goes into water she becomes a mermaid, and when she’s on land she’s a human. So one day, she and her friend Aaron(who’s a semi-merman) were just swimming around when they were captured in fish nets…and were brought to the palace of Neptune, King of the Sea. Neptune has been having vivid nightmares causing dangerous storms, but Neptune is sure that they aren’t just nightmares, they’re memories, but he can’t remember anything about them. He is sure they are a threat so he wants Emily and Aaron to go to the Land of the Midnight Sun, a land where the sun never sets, yet it is bitterly cold. There he hopes they can find and defeat the threat. But they would never imagine they would find Neptune’s evil twin brother Njord…Can Emily and Aaron defeat him along with the help of their friends Shona and Millie?

My Thoughts: I really like Liz Kessler’s books, and this one was just awesome as her other ones! It had a good plot, but was confusing at points. There was very good details and description. I wish there was more of Shona in this book, but she was still a really good supporting character. Archie was really mean, and I don’t get how Millie trusted him, but he was really well-developed. His actions were so sneaky, but well written! The narwhal was so nice, and it made me so sad when Emily forgot about him:( He was so nice, and I want to know what happened to him! Emily and Aaron are so cute together! You feel bad for both of them when they broke up, but it’s really sweet when they make up:) Njord was pure evil! His evil scheme was just so…evil! I totally understand why Neptune froze him! Neptune was softer in this book, but I wish his character was developed a little more. Mr. Beeston was really clueless, but he acted like he was more important than everyone, so he was pretty funny. (And, could you imagine having to go to the really cold island? I would seriously never survive!) I definitely hoping for a sixth book, but for now I will await the release of Liz Kessler’s next book North Of Nowhere! I also just wanted to say how cool all the Emily Windsnap covers are! The sparkle and shimmer, and have lots of texture. The art work through out the book is simply amazing, and I give this book four out of five stars!

7 Days of Halloween Posts-(Mimi Goes Trick or Treating)

25 Oct

Halloween post #5:)

Today Mimi is going Trick-or-Treating!

Along with Pippaloo,Oreo, Midnight, Spooky, and Bailey!

“Let’s go!”

“I can’t see through this!”

“Guys! Ow!”

Our friends were having a great time until…

They noticed the haunted house on the end of the street!

“Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!” They ran and hid.

Except for Bailey. “Come on guys, don’t be a bunch of cowards!” “But I want to be!”cried Mimi. Bailey heard a creepy noise…

“Save me!” “Come on guys let’s get in a huddle. We’re better than this we’re going to go and see what’s in that house!”


At the house…

“Huh, it was just a halloween party…”

Bye for now!

Mimi The Detective-A Photo Story

1 Jul

Today, Mimi is a detective along with Zig-Zag and Emma.

Mimi was about to leave when Minnie and Minnie came in.

“Yesterday we went to the movies, and when we came back we saw we were robbed!”

“By Honey Dew! The honey bee!” (Evil music!)

A few days later, Mimi attacked Honey Dew and everything was all better:)

The End:)