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New Rating System + Purple Panda Points: Pegasus Series

12 Jan


A few days ago I was going to do a Purple Panda Points review of the book, Pegasus: Flame of Olympus by Kate O’Hearn. I, of course, procrastinated and didn’t review it until after I had read the second book, and then I just headed straight into the third one. (Speedy reader I am!) And, then I really had no choice but read the fourth one, right? So now, I might as well review them all together!

Here’s a quick review of the Purple Panda Points format (along with a few rating updates) for your reading pleasure…

My book review format is called “Purple Panda Points”, where I talk about three elements of the book (setting, plot, characters) in brief points. Hopefully this will help to keep the reviews informative, interesting, and spoiler-free!

I’ve decided to adjust my rating system. Until now, I’ve been assigning stars to books, but I haven’t had a clear description of what these stars mean. I may give five stars to a book I enjoyed, but I also may give five stars to something like The School For Good and Evil (my all time favorite) and that just doesn’t seem fair. And so, today I’m switching to “Panda Points” instead of stars. This ratings, of course, are based on pandas and ice cream, (what else?) You can see full explanations for what each of these “Panda Points” mean below…

1 Panda PointOne Purple Panda Point: One point means that the book was just plain bad. I would never read it again. It’s the book equivalent of spinach ice cream.

Two PointsTwo Purple Panda Points: Two points means the book was okay. Fine. Nothing remarkable. The book equivalent of vanilla ice cream with no toppings in a dish.

Three PointsThree Purple Panda Points: Three points means the book was good. I enjoyed it and would read it again. The book equivalent of vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream in a sugar cone.

Four PointsFour Purple Panda Points: Four points means the book was great. I loved it actually! The book equivalent of cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a sugar cone.

Five PointsFive Purple Panda Points: Five points mean that the book was one of the best ones I’ve ever read. Amazing! Awesome! Cool beans! The ice cream equivalent of chocolate cookies and cream ice cream in a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

Woo, that made me hungry! And now onto the review…

PegasusAbove or below you can read a brief summary of my thoughts on the Pegasus series by Kate O’Hearn.

Summary: When the Olympian winged-horse, Pegasus, falls onto the roof of New Yorker Emily’s apartment, she is suddenly thrust into the dangerous world of Roman gods and goddesses, blood-thirsty monsters, magic, powers, and mysterious scientists. As her adventures with Pegasus continue, Emily begins to discover more about the powers that hold the key to protecting Olympus…and herself.

Characters: The best part of this series was the characters. Despite being Olympians, they all felt realistic to me, and I enjoyed their friendly natures, (not including the villains.) I’m also glad the romance between two characters didn’t overpower the story.

Plot: The entire series was suspenseful and exciting, though I sometimes thought it got a bit too strange. My favorite books in the series were #1 and #4 because they felt more original than the middle two. I was sick of the CRU after awhile

Setting: The characters in this series travel so much, it’s sort of hard to discuss one setting. Each did what it was supposed to do: the prison was creepy, Olympus was whimsical, New York was busy. I wanted to learn more about Xanadu, but there’s always a chance for one more book! :)

Overall rating: 4 Purple Panda Points

Four Points

Have a great week!



Updates + Purple Panda Points: Greenglass House

2 Jan


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I apologize for keeping the blog so quiet for so long, but school, activities, and the holidays have kept me quite busy. That’s not all though. Blogging was starting to seem like a burden, and that’s no fun for me or you lovely readers. I don’t want to give up blogging though, so instead, I’ve decided to rework the posts so they’re more enjoyable for everyone. Yay!

No worries; Mimi and B.I.R.T.Y.S.R will stay, (of course!), but I’ve decided to change up the format of my book reviews. The new format is called “Purple Panda Points”, where I talk about three elements of the book (setting, plot, characters) in brief points. Hopefully this will help to keep the reviews informative, interesting, and spoiler-free! And so, without further ado, I present the first ever Purple Panda Points…

Green Glass HouseToday I’m reviewing the book, Greenglass House by Kate Milford. I received the book as a Christmas present and read lots of positive reviews online, so I went into to it with very high hopes. Luckily the story lived up to those expectations, and it’s already become a new favorite of mine. My thoughts in the image above are summarized, so you can read my full opinion in the text below. Enjoy!

Summary: It’s winter vacation, and 11-year-old Milo Pine is planning on spending his days relaxing in his family’s inn, The Greenglass House. His plans are soon interrupted when many mysterious guests arrive at the house in mere hours of each other, each bringing a mysterious story. Milo eventually finds a friend in the cook’s daughter, Meddy, and the two of them begin an investigation of the inn’s new tenants. What starts out as a mere game however, eventually turns into a suspenseful mystery when they discover the house hides more than just secrets.

Plot: I absolutely love suspenseful mysteries that take place in one spot, and Greenglass House fits that description perfectly. The writing was extremely detailed and made me feel like the entire story was really happening. Kate Milford is a great writer and I love how she weaved the history of the house into the plot; it really helped the book come to life.

Characters: The guests at the inn added the necessary suspense and wonder to make the mystery enjoyable, and the inn itself was practically its own character. Milo was a fine M.C., but I have to say that I preferred the hilarious Meddy over him. I did, however, really enjoy reading about his close relationship with his parents, since so many books usually forget about characters’ families the minute they need to go on some sort of dangerous adventure. It was quite refreshing! :)

Setting: The secrets of the Greenglass Inn kept me interested throughout the entire story and they definitely added to the suspense of the mystery. The author did a fantastic job of creating a whimsical setting that I would love to go and explore myself.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

Recommended Reading: If you enjoy the Greenglass House, I definitely recommend reading The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Vengekeep Prophecies, Tuesdays at the Castle, and Three Times Lucky.

Have a great Friday,

Lulu :)