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What Fruit Are You?-A Quiz

21 Apr

Hi! Spring finally seems to be here, and almost everything in my backyard is blooming, or growing greener or greener everyday. Anyways, spring reminds me of bright fruits, so…

1. You’re at your favorite store, and are allowed to pick out 1 thing. You choose…

A) A set of art supplies

B) A new album by your favorite singer

C) A shiny hula hoop, (or other outside toy)

2. Great news, you’re going on vacation! You can’t wait to…

A) Go sightseeing

B) Eat out

C) Shop downtown

3. The walls in your bedroom are covered with…

A) Adorable posters of your favorite animals

B) Pictures of you with your friends or family

C) Elaborate drawings made by you


Mostly As, You’re a sweet and helpful strawberry!


Mostly Bs, You’re a juicy and energetic watermelon!


Mostly Cs, You’re a bright and cheerful banana!

(All Clipart from My Cute Graphics)

What Spring Flower Are You?-A Quiz

25 Mar

1. It’s a nice day outside so you decide to…

A) Ride your bike or scooter

B) Play soccer (or any other outdoor sport) with your friends or siblings

C) Create an elaborate chalk drawing

2. You can’t wait for Spring Break because…

A) You’re going on vacation with your family!

B) You’re sleeping over at your friend’s house!

C) You’re going to attend a baking class!

3. Your favorite dessert is…

A) A chocolate chip cookie

B) A gooey brownie

C) A vanilla cupcake covered in swirling frosting


Mostly As: Tulip! You’re sweet, smart, and you always have the best ideas!


Mostly Bs: Daffodil! You’re a bright ray of sunshine, who is full of laughs and fun!

Mostly Cs: Crocus! You’re creative and artsy. You also love to have some type of project, and have a great personality!

What Candy Heart Message Are You-A Quiz

13 Feb

What candy heart message are you?

1. You’re celebrating Valentines day by…
A) Throwing an awesome Valentine Party!
B) Making adorable cards for your friends!
C) Watching your favorite Valentine movie, along with a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries!

2. You just went to the library, you can’t wait to start reading…
A) A new fantasy by your favorite author!
B) A realistic fiction story with a really cool cover!
C) An autobiography all about your favorite gymnast!

3) If you were on a game show your dream prize would be…
A) A VIP pass to a movie premiere!
B) A trip to anywhere in the world!
C) Unlimited chocolate for life!

Mostly As: Cute as a button!

Mostly Bs: So Sweet!

Mostly Cs: Cool Cat!


Please vote for number 37 (My sister!) in the American Girl Fan Photo Contest! (Thanks!)

What Winter Animal Are You?-A Quiz

23 Jan

Are you a polar bear, a penguin, or a seal?

1. Your favorite holiday gift was…

A) a new, shiny bike!

B) Tickets to your favorite singer’s concert!

C) A laptop in your favorite color!

2. Your favorite thing to add to hot cocoa is…

A) a peppermint stick, it adds flavor!

B) marshmallows, a huge mountain of them!

C) graham crackers, perfect for dipping!

3. It’s a snow day! You can’t wait to go…

A) Snowboard, it’s a great time to try out those new moves you just learned!

B) Sled, maybe you can call some friends over!

C) Build a Snowman, this is going to be the tallest one yet!

Mostly As, you are a fast and fun seal!

Cute baby penguins, Animals, penguins, snow

Mostly Bs, you are a fluffy and funny penguin!

Mostly Cs, you are a sweet and cuddly polar bear! (How cute is that picture!?)

What Cookie Are You?-A Quiz

7 Nov

I’ve been seeing this term a lot, so I felt like making an animation for it. ^u^On another note, I’m afraid to say October doesn’t look like a great month for drawing for me. I’m currently sick, bogged down with work, and trying to finish my first college application. I love you guys, and I’ll draw as much as time allow… but I have to take care of myself first, so please understand. ^^ Hoping for the best!

Hey friends, it’s that time of year again, Sweater Weather:) (It’s been really cold this week)

1) Your favorite book genre is…

A) Realistic Fiction

B) Mystery

C) Fantasy

2) Your favorite thing to do on a rainy afternoon is…

A) Read or Bake

B) Play with friends or have an adventure

C) Draw or Dance

3) Your favorite animal is…

A) Panda

B) Lion

C) Elephant

Mostly As: A classic but sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Mostly Bs: You are a fierce, adventurous Oatmeal, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cookie

Mostly Cs: You are a bold, outgoing Snickerdoodle

7 Weeks of Halloween Posts (What’s Your Halloween Costume?-A Quiz)

24 Oct

Today’s Halloween Post is a quiz, so enjoy:)

What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

A) The trick or treating!

B) Picking out the costume:)

C)  Decorating the house:)

What’s your favorite color?

A) Purples and hot pinks, anything bright and bold

B) Blues and greens

C) Pastels

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

A) Lollipops

B) Smarties

C) Chocolate

Mostly As                                                Mostly Bs                                                   Mostly Cs

Your are a cute, fluffy monster:)    You are a spooky, awesome ghost   You are a clever, outstanding Vampire

What Ice Cream Flavor are you?-A Quiz

27 Jun

1. Your favorite thing to do at the beach is…

A. Go swimming

B. Play with beach ball, (pass it, volley ball, etc.)

C. Build a sandcastle

2. Your favorite summer day trip would be…

A.  Going to the Beach!

B. Go to an Amusement park!

C. Somewhere else

3. Your favorite sport is…

A. Basketball

B. Soccer

C. Tennis

 Mostly As                Mostly Bs          Mostly Cs

Strawberry               Chocolate            Vanilla