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Lulu’s Brilliant Love List

26 Jan


Boden’s Sample Sale

Twice a year my sister, mom, and I go to the Boden Sale to snag some adorable deals:) Although the sale can get a bit crazy, it’s always a fun adventure, and I end up with Boden clothes in the end! Seriously what could be better? It’s coming up next week, and my sister, Bella and I are counting down the days.

Saving Mr. Banks

Last Monday, I went to the movies with my dad to see Saving Mr. Banks. I really enjoyed it, and thought the acting was great! The story is also very interesting, and I definitely recommend going to see it. What movies are you excited about?

A little drawing of Anna and Olaf from the wonderful movie Frozen~! Chibird’s Adorable Frozen-Inspired Clipart

Speaking of movies, I went to see Frozen back in November and I loved it, (Even as I write this post I’m listening to “Let It Go”) so I was super excited to see this adorable drawing on Chibird! Anna and Olaf were two of my favorite characters (besides Elsa) and the drawing just made my day:)

Slide2Broken Latter Bracelet

I love to make friendship bracelets, and I have a growing collection in all sorts of patterns and colors. So, during the week I tried to try out a new one called the Broken Ladder, and I think it came out great! I’ll probably do it again with different colors (maybe some yellow and navy?), but I do like the dark purple and bright pink. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a tutorial on  it later in the week!

The 56th Grammy Awards

Finally, I will be tuning in to watch the Grammys tonight on CBS, and I can’t wait to see some of my favorite artists like Taylor Swift and Lorde perform! It’s always fun to hear all of the year’s best music, and to see who’ll win each award.