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Mimi’s Easter Egg Hunt-A Photo Story

21 Apr


Happy Easter everyone! I had my annual Easter egg hunt on Friday, and today I went with my family to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman again, (plus I got the Cedar Wood Ever After High Doll! She’s adorable:)) Mimi had a wonderful Easter too, and invited three of her friends over to hunt some eggs…

IMG_3688Mimi’s friends Priscilla the Pig, Quacky the Ladybug, and Rosebud the Bunny were all gathered in her backyard, ready to start their egg hunt. Everyone grabbed their brightly colored baskets and stood together in a line as Mimi announced, “One…two…three!” And the friends sprinted off!

IMG_3693Pastel colored eggs were scattered throughout the sunny yard, and Mimi immediately spotted one sitting on the tree swing. With a tall jump, she grabbed the edge of the turquoise seat, and pulled herself on. “Perfect!” Mimi said happily, adding the blue egg to her daisy-covered basket.

IMG_3699As Mimi hopped off the swing, Priscilla was busy reaching into the long white pipe to grab her next egg. “Almost got it…” She groaned as it rolled away from her grasp. “Got it!”

IMG_3700Rosebud had spotted an egg sitting in the branch of a tall tree, and had hopped her way up to it. With a final little jump, she knocked it right into her overflowing yellow basket.

IMG_3714Almost all the eggs were gone, but Quacky noticed one more nestled in the cracks of stone on Mimi’s patio. “I wonder what’s inside…” Quacky wondered, plopping it in to the silver basket.

IMG_3722And then there was only one egg left…but it was stuck at the top of the fence! Agreeing to share whatever treat was inside, Rosebud gave Mimi a boost so she grab it. After throwing the egg down to Quacky and Rosebud, who were still on the ground, Mimi discovered she couldn’t find a way to get down! “Oh no…”

IMG_3735Luckily, the three others were able to grab a soft pillow from inside that Mimi could fall on, convincing her to jump. Since there were no eggs left, the friends sat down on the grass and began to look through their baskets. Hidden under a chocolate bunny, Mimi noticed an unopened egg with something special inside…

IMG_3738A hot pink collar with a charm of herself on it! “This has been an extra awesome Easter!” She declared, trying on her new piece of jewelry.

How was your Easter?

Lulu and Mimi:)

Mimi and the Scavenger Hunt-A Photo Story

7 Apr


It’s springtime! There have been some warmer days lately, and there was plenty of sunshine this weekend, so to celebrate I decided to do a Mimi photo story! This week, Mimi and her friends went on a scavenger hunt…


IMG_2972“Is everyone with their teams?” Mimi asked when they ensembles on the grass. The six friends had split up into two teams of three: The Pink Bows with Mimi, Willow the Lamb, and Harold the Unicorn, and the Springtime Snuggles with Daisy Lou, Emma, and Sir Pugs A Lot. “Okay!” Mimi announced, ready to read the rules a loud. “There are five locations with clues and prizes! There are two clues at each spot, so only take the one for your team. Whoever gets to the final destination first wins!”

IMG_2988With that they all scrambled off to read the first clue with their teams. “Here’s the clue” Mimi handed a folded piece of paper to Willow, who read aloud. “You’ll find the next clue where the crown on the frog’s head sits.” The three stood there puzzled for a moment until Harold called out, “The frog prince garden statue!”

IMG_2996Daisy Lou’s team was already there, and Sir Pugs A Lot had grabbed one of the two papers hidden beneath the metal crown. “It says that the next clue is in the empty pit–what pit?” He wondered, as his teammates shrugged and started looking around.

IMG_2998Mimi’s team had worked out the clue and where sitting on top of the fire pit…well two of them. “Did you find it yet?” Mimi called down to Harold, who was searching the ground. “Uh-huh!” He yelled back, “It reads, ‘Your next clue is hidden among the grapes.” Mimi and Willow started pacing back and forth. “Umm, guys? How am I going to get back up?” Harold shouted.

IMG_3000Emma had figured out the clue was hidden in the grape-vine, but since there were no grapes yet, the clue was tucked between two high branches. The three started climbing loose vines in order to reach their paper. “Almost got it!” Emma exclaimed, reaching her hove out. “It says, “Climb the fence to spot the final clue…”

IMG_3005Minutes later, everyone was climbing the old fence in order to reach the final clue, which was in the middle of a bare bush. Harold the Unicorn was able to grab one of the papers, but the other flew flying away in the wind. “Oh no!” Mimi said, “Why don’t you just read it out loud, and then we’ll race to the prize!” Everybody agreed, so Harold opened the paper. “The prize is under the shower of flowers,” it read.

IMG_3019Suddenly it was a speeding foot race to the old watering can that had flowers in the top. Mimi managed to arrive first, and still breathing heavily, she was greeted with a full platter of delicious looking cupcakes. “Congrats!” The sign read, “You found the prize, and don’t forget to share.” Mimi nodded, and announced “Perfect!”

IMG_3015So the six friends spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying their yummy sweets and playing in the bright sun shine!

Happy Spring!

Lulu and Mimi:)

Make A Spring Word Garland-A Craft

22 Feb


Slide1 IMG_4474 IMG_4475

I am so sick of snow. There is still so much on the ground outside and now it’s just all slushy and bothersome….If you can’t tell, I really, really, really want it to be spring! So, yesterday, even though it’s pretty early, I made a spring word-themed garland to brighten up my room! It does take a bit of time, but the results are gorgeous, so let’s get started…

You Will Need: Paper, Construction Paper, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Ribbon, a Pencil, and Markers, (crayons or colored pencils also work)

Step 1- Divide your paper into squares according to how large you want each letter to be.

Step 2- Sketch one letter in each square. I used a flower lettering from the American Girl A-Z Letter Art book, where you just draw a flower and put a swirly letter inside, but you can choose whichever font you would like.

Step 3- Color the letters in.

Step 4- Cut the squares out.

Step 5- Cut squares out of construction paper that are slightly bigger than your letters. Glue these to your letters so they act as a border.

Step 6- Tape onto a ribbon.

Step 7- Hang up your garland, and you’re done!


What Fruit Are You?-A Quiz

21 Apr

Hi! Spring finally seems to be here, and almost everything in my backyard is blooming, or growing greener or greener everyday. Anyways, spring reminds me of bright fruits, so…

1. You’re at your favorite store, and are allowed to pick out 1 thing. You choose…

A) A set of art supplies

B) A new album by your favorite singer

C) A shiny hula hoop, (or other outside toy)

2. Great news, you’re going on vacation! You can’t wait to…

A) Go sightseeing

B) Eat out

C) Shop downtown

3. The walls in your bedroom are covered with…

A) Adorable posters of your favorite animals

B) Pictures of you with your friends or family

C) Elaborate drawings made by you


Mostly As, You’re a sweet and helpful strawberry!


Mostly Bs, You’re a juicy and energetic watermelon!


Mostly Cs, You’re a bright and cheerful banana!

(All Clipart from My Cute Graphics)

How to Draw a Spring Butterfly in 5 Easy Steps-A Craft

19 Apr


(Butterfly clip art from My Cute graphics)

Hey! I’m currently on my spring break, and the weather is super nice today, so I thought I would do another spring step-by-step drawing. Anyways, butterflies are very easy to draw, and are fun to decorate, so…

Step 1: Start by drawing one large oval (this will be your bigger wing) with waves on the side, but don’t close it. Continue by making a another smaller oval, connecting it to the line (from the other wing).

Step 2: Now draw your body. For this butterfly, I just made a stretched out oval, and drew a face, but a line of connecting circles can work too. Next, add the antennae by drawing two long swirls coming out of the head.

Step 3: Then, draw the other wings, and try to make them as symmetrical as possible. If it’s easier, you can fold the paper in the middle, and then you can trace the other side.

Step 4: Decorate! I drew two teardrop shapes on the larger wings, and swirls on the smaller ones, but you can pretty much do what ever you want with it.

Step 5: Lastly, you get to color! I tried to use fun springy shades, but your butterfly can be in whatever colors you would like:)


Speaking of butterflies, my sister and I made this awesome drawing on our chalkboard wall at our house! Isn’t it cool?

What Spring Flower Are You?-A Quiz

25 Mar

1. It’s a nice day outside so you decide to…

A) Ride your bike or scooter

B) Play soccer (or any other outdoor sport) with your friends or siblings

C) Create an elaborate chalk drawing

2. You can’t wait for Spring Break because…

A) You’re going on vacation with your family!

B) You’re sleeping over at your friend’s house!

C) You’re going to attend a baking class!

3. Your favorite dessert is…

A) A chocolate chip cookie

B) A gooey brownie

C) A vanilla cupcake covered in swirling frosting


Mostly As: Tulip! You’re sweet, smart, and you always have the best ideas!


Mostly Bs: Daffodil! You’re a bright ray of sunshine, who is full of laughs and fun!

Mostly Cs: Crocus! You’re creative and artsy. You also love to have some type of project, and have a great personality!

How To Draw a Spring Bunny in 5 Steps!-A Craft

19 Mar

IMG_2508 copy

I love to draw cute animals when it seems like spring is right around the corner, and my favorite is an adorable bunny:) It’s very easy to make, so I decided to show you how!

You Will Need-Paper, a pencil, and some type of coloring tool

Step 1: First start by sketching a large oval shape, (in my picture, I made the sides curve in) and drawing a face on it for your bunny’s head.

Step 2: Now draw the ears, (Tip: for this type of bunny I would recommend making them flop down instead of up.) Don’t forget to shade in some pink near the insides!

Step 3: To make your bunny’s body, start to draw an oval shape, but don’t complete the bottom. Instead, make two front paws. Now add the paws in the back so it looks like the bunny is sitting down.

Step 4: Next add the fluffy tail, and the basic bunny is done!

Step 5: Decorate and finish adding color! (Tip: Add some quick lines to the drawing, so it looks like fur!)