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Suddenly Supernatural, School Spirit-A Book Review

6 Apr

School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel 

Kat has a big secret…ever since her thirteenth birthday she has been able to see spirits, just like her mother…and these spirits happen to be very needy. Plus, they don’t mix very well with seventh grade, where Kat already isn’t doing very well with fitting in. But, these spirits don’t want to be ignored; and soon she and her new friend Jac are solving the mystery of Suzanne Bennis, former high-school flute prodigy. Ever since Suzanne died many years ago, she’s been looking for someone to help her. Kat is willing too, (after several creepy spirit appearances!) but what does the mysterious ghost want?

My Thoughts: After getting this book from the library several times, because I never got a chance to read it, I finally picked it up! I’m also very glad I did, because it was really good! The whole book is well written, (in my opinion it gets better as it goes on) but the first few chapters felt a little slow. There’s lots of suspense too! Kat was a very likable main character, which was good, (don’t you just hate it when the main character is just not likable?) Jac was also a really good supporting character, and she was so nice, (I was rooting for her when she stood up to Shosanna!) She was also really well-developed! Kat’s mother wasn’t my favorite character, but it was nice that she was featured in this book, (unlike in others, where the parents are just always busy or gone somewhere!) The whole spirit part of the book is introduced well, and I wanted to keep reading about Suzanne’s story; it was so confusing and sad! (Luckily, it’s explained a little better in the end.) Speaking of the ending, I thought it could have been better, but it still closes the story well. Overall it was a suspenseful mystery that kept me intrigued for most of the book! I give it three and three-quarters stars out of five!