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Ice Cream Cone Banner-A Craft

8 Jul


Ice Cream BannerFull Banner

I started my first class/camp of the summer today, so I was in a very sunny mood! Nothing screams ‘summer’ to me like an ice cream cone, so I made this cheery banner to brighten up my room. It’s very easy to make and has great results, so let’s get started…

Y O U   W I L L   N E E D: Colorful paper, markers, scissors, a pencil, ribbon, tape, a glue stick, and a ruler.

  1. Start by drawing out your cones on a tan piece of construction paper, (or you can print out a cone pattern. I used this one over at Miss Tiina’s.)
  2. Cut out your cones and trim any bumpy edges.
  3. Draw, cut, and decorate your ice cream scoops. Make sure they’re the right size to fit your cones.
  4. Glue the cones and ice cream scoops together.
  5. Lay your ice cream cones out on a piece of matching ribbon, making sure there’s enough space before you cut it.
  6. Tape the ice cream to the ribbon and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week,


Red, White, and Blue Books I Really Think You Should Read-B.I.R.T.Y.S.R Volume 17

4 Jul


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Red, White, and Blue Books

(Background from Wishing Well Creations)

Happy early Fourth of July everyone! Since I was so busy with school and other events last month, I wasn’t able to post a Books I Really Think You Should Read post, so I’m going to do two this month. Yay! Anyways, for this post’s theme, I chose ten books with fun red, white, and blue covers to help you get into the Fourth of July spirit. Enjoy!


Revolution: Book 2 in the Sixties Trilogy by Deborah Wiles

Right now I’m in the midst of reading Deborah Wiles’ wonderful first book in her Sixties Trilogy, Countdown, which follows the life of an eleven year-old girl named Franny, who’s growing up during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It’s a pretty great read, and you should totally check it out. Although I haven’t started the sequel, Revolution, yet, the plot sounds promising and it has a fantastic cover (that just happened to match this post’s theme) along with old advertisements and photos sprinkled throughout the pages. I’ll be reading it right away!

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag by Kate Messener

What happens when the original Star Spangled Banner gets stolen and you’re a junior member of a secret society dedicated to protecting treasures and artifacts? Anna, Jose, and Henry find out when they’re all trapped together in an airport along with the person who stole the gigantic flag! I love Kate Messener’s Silver Jaguar Mysteries; they’re always so fast-paced and exciting! This one is my favorite out of the first two, but that might change once I get a chance to read the latest book, Manhunt, that came out just a few days ago!


Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley

Before I ramble on about how remarkable Remarkable is, let us all just acknowledge the awesomeness of that cover. Done acknowledging? Okay! In Lizzie K. Foley’s debut novel, the whole town of Remarkable is filled with remarkable people who do remarkable things, (as the cover tells you), except for Jane who seems to not be able to do anything remarkable at all, (as the cover also tells you. See how awesome the cover is?) There’s tons of fun throughout the book including loads of quirky characters, a very secret sea monster, and lots of sugary jelly that shouldn’t be missed!

Spy School

Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

This is one of my more recent reads, and I have to say that I’m hooked! I mean, how much more could you ask for than a prestigious CIA school dedicated to training future spies, a cast of funny and interesting characters, and a likable and relatable main character who’s just as much out of his element in spy school as I would be, but does it in a hilarious and entreating way? Enough said, I’ll definitely be reading the rest of Stuart Gibbs’ books soon.

Molly Saves The Day

Molly Saves the Day by Valerie Tripp

For a bit easier red, white, and blue read this summer, I recommend the American Girl book Molly Saves the Day, along with the rest of the historical doll novels too, of course! The plot of this one is fairly simple, (Eleven year old Molly heads to summer camp in 1944, and ends up becoming a leader for Color War. She tries to help her team to victory, while still being a true friend) but there’s lots of camp fun and it screams summer to me! Don’t forget to check out the “Look Into the Past” section in the very back. It’s always my favorite part of the book!

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters by Lesley M. M. Blume

Some of the best things about summer reads to me is that they always seem to be able to make me smile and laugh, involve traveling somewhere I’ve never gone, and have a cast of quirky and lovable characters. Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters does all those things, and even more! Along with a very smart girl who can say dictionary-length words to describe every situation and a very adorable French bulldog (named Mister Kinyatta! How cool is that?), this is a read you’ll end up finishing in just one sitting.

The Hidden Staircase

The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene

Now we must take another moment to acknowledge the awesomeness of this lovely cover. Okay, we’re acknowledging…acknowledging…okay, done! So now I can start rambling (mostly about how awesome I think this cover is): The first four books in the original wonderful Nancy Drew series got all new covers recently at Penguin Book publishing, and I have to say I love them! Hopefully the updated look will attract new readers to the books, WHICH HAVE SUPER COOL COVERS, and I can say they definitely caught my eyes when I saw them at the Blue Bunny bookstore last month:) (Especially the one for the Mystery at Lilac Inn-it’s purple and one of my favorite ND mysteries! What could be better?)

Cat Among The Pigeons

Cat Among The Pigeons by Julia Golding / Read my reviews of the first four books in the series here, here, here, and here.

Being one of my ultimate favorite series of all time, I usually try to work a Cat Royal Book into one of these posts:) Seriously though, these are pretty awesome books for anyone who likes mysteries, historical fiction, or plain old great stories…(I may be a little biased, but who cares?!) The second book, (shown above) follows the adventures of Cat Royal: an English orphan who lives in the attic of a popular theatre and has a tendency to get into trouble. This time around she ends up being on the run from the police, having to disguise herself as a boy, and help save her best buddy Pedro from his old slave master. See, now you really want to read it, don’t you?

The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Perilous Journey

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart / Read my review of the first book here and the third book here.

Who wouldn’t want to join the Mysterious Benedict Society? When the brilliant Mr. Benedict sends his four young society members, Kate, Sticky, Reynie, and Constance on a scavenger hunt across the country, the kids suddenly realize that Mr. Benedict’s evil twin (evil twins are always in cool books :) ) Mr. Curtain and his workers are trailing them. Soon they’re embarking on a dangerous mission that requires their unique talents in order to be a success. This fast-paced and (very!) suspenseful book will keep you wondering what will happen next! (And the feeling might be so strong that you’re required to take a quick peek at the last chapter before you get there…I’m just speaking from experience.)

Regarding the Fountain

Regarding the Fountain by Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise

I adore Kate and Sarah Klise’s books! The Regarding the…series is one of my very favorites because of the great drawings and silly, but entertaining plot. The whole series is written in letters, newspapers, journals. etc. giving it a unique feel that keeps the story moving along nicely. If you end up liking these, you should definitely check out their hilarious Dying to Meet You series too!

Have a great 4th of July!


Mimi The Trapeze Artist-All About Mimi Week

21 Aug

Slide1I hope you enjoyed Mimi’s first pizza making adventure this week! Today Mimi decided to try something very new, along with her buddy Lavender…

IMG_3336Today, Mimi became a trapeze artist!

IMG_3335The nice summer weather was perfect for Mimi to try out her newest talent. “Hey Lavender! Are you getting just as dizzy as me?” Mimi called to her friend as she swung back and forth.

IMG_3338“Nope! I’m simply grinning from ear to ear!” Lavender replied, laughing.

IMG_3341“You know what?” Mimi asked. “This isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.” “It’s probably because we don’t know how to do any of those cool tricks yet.” “Oh well, I think we’ve been swinging here for long enough! Want a snack?” Mimi commented as she struggled to get down.

IMG_3344“Um…Mimi? I’m stuck.” Lavender sighed.

IMG_3337“Well, it looks like we’ll be hanging around for a while!”

It’s All About Mimi Week!

20 Aug

Mimi CollageDo you know what my favorite type of post to write is? Mimi’s photo stories, of course! Because of how fun they are, I decided to make this whole week of posts all about Mimi! She will be doing all sorts of cool things this week in her stories, from making pizza and s’mores to becoming a super secret spy! So now without further delay, I give you all about Mimi Week, post #1…

IMG_3304Today, Mimi and Sir Pugs A Lot are making pizza!

IMG_3305“This is going to be so much fun!” Mimi said excitedly as she bounced over to the counter. “Yeah!” Sir Pugs A Lot answered, trying to hop up onto the stool. “Okay, so first we have to get all of the things for the dough…flour…a bowl…what else?” Mimi wondered as she started to block Sir Pugs A Lot’s way.

IMG_3307“Um…I can’t really see, you know…” Sir Pugs A Lot jumped up and down trying to get a better view.

IMG_3308“Anyways, here, I just have to mix it up!” Mimi exclaimed, ignoring Sir Pug’s A Lot’s comment, She hopped up onto the counter, and began to stir the ingredients…until there was a big “boom!”

IMG_3309And then Mimi came crashing down. “Maybe we should just buy the dough…” Sir Pugs A Lot suggested. “Yeah…”

IMG_3310Finally, after getting some dough, and spreading the sauce and cheese on, the two friends started to decorate their pizzas.

IMG_3314“Wait! My need’s more!” Mimi announced as she started frantically grabbing things from the kitchen cupboards.

IMG_3317“There! With a finishing touch of pie!”

IMG_3319“Or not.” Mimi smiled guiltily as she accidentally brushed the pizza off the counter. “Let’s go out for pizza instead.” Sir Pugs A Lot instructed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

IMG_3321“This is much better!”

IMG_3322The End!

Mimi Goes To New York!

7 Jul

As some of you might remember, Mimi came with me to Vermont, and had an awesome photo story, and so now, she came with us to New York, and I took lots of photos! Even better, you can read some of Mimi’s Summer Journal where she wrote about some of the fun stuff we did while we were there…

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 1: Arriving in Ithaca

I’m finally out of that duffel bag! I mean seriously, although stylish, that bag is very stuffy! Where’s a personal space bubble when you need one? Anyways, we’re going out now, so…

bye for now,


IMG_2649Isn’t she adorable?

IMG_2653“I’m on the top of the world!”

IMG_2657“Isn’t it pretty?”

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 2: Visiting Cornell University

Now we’re walking around Cornell University, and I am practically dying in the heat. Luckily I heard Lulu saying that we’re going for ice cream soon. Ooh, I think we’re going to stop for a break! 


photo“That bridge looks strangely big!”

photo copy“Hello? Hi? Not much of a talker, are you?

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 3: Arriving in Syracuse

We just arrived in Syracuse after driving for a while, (and sitting on the side of the high way while we fixed up the car) and are going to look around Syracuse University before we have lunch and go home…


IMG_2664“Wow that’s a lot of stairs!”

IMG_2665“Hello up there!”

IMG_2674“Ooh, a red carpet!”

IMG_2683Don’t fall!

IMG_2684“Just me being awesome:)”

IMG_2688“Why are these stairs so oversized?”

IMG_2692Bye for now!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing Mimi around New York:)

Mimi Goes Camping!-A Photo Story

23 Jun

Summer is finally here! (Although I d0 still have to go to school for 4 more days. Ugh.) Anyways, to enjoy the wonderful weather, Mimi is going camping with two of her best buds, Lavender and Priscilla.


“Ready to go camping, Lavender?” Priscilla asked eagerly as she skipped along, carrying her back pack with her. “Yeah! It’s going to be so much fun! Roasting marshmallows, sleeping under the stars, and-” Lavender was about to ramble on and on, but she was cut off by a loud rumbling noise.


It was Mimi!…and a mountain of stuff…”Hi guys! Ready for camping?” “Yeah, but you do know that we’re only going camping for 2 days right, Mimi?” Lavender asked, as she stared in awe at Mimi’s abundance of items. “Of course! Don’t worry though, the rest of my stuff is coming in a moving truck…which should be here by now. Hmm…”


“I really don’t think you need all of this,” Priscilla said gesturing to the pile. “Hey! I’m not giving up any of my usual things…so instead of camping, I’m going glamping! Glamorous camping!” “Um…” “If it takes away your doubts, you can always share my tent! The description said it’s almost as big as a house!” Priscilla and Lavender got ready to go and set up their sleeping bags, “Wait! Guys! I have the s’mores supplies!”


Later that day…

“Ah..” Mimi sighed happily after finishing the glamorous decorating of her tent. “Home Sweet Home! I wonder how Lavender and Priscilla are doing with their sleeping bags…”


“Wow Mimi,” Lavender commented after Mimi’s tour of her tent. “Are you guys sure you don’t want to stay in my tent with me?” Mimi asked in response. “We’re fine,” Priscilla answered cheerfully.


“Hey! Look at what I found! I call it the Keep Coolirizer 1200! It’s a giant fan, spritz bottle, and it can act as a water fountain.”


“Cool! Why do you have the 1200 at the end?” “Because that makes it way more awesome!” Mimi laughed. “Anyways, why do you have it?” “I forget…I think I won it in a contest or maybe it was at the…” Mimi rambled. “One more question, what happened to Priscilla?”


“The fan is too strong!!!”


That evening after dinner, the 3 friends enjoyed delicious, gooey s’mores after the long day.



My Top Eight Super Summer Releases!

18 Jun

Hey! Since I can’t wait for summer, I decided to do a post about my top ten eight summer book releases!

The Treasure of Way Down Deep by Ruth White, (Publication Date-August 27th)

A Summer of Sundays by Lindsay Eland, (Publication Date-July 9th)

Moxie and The Art Of Rule Breaking By Erin Dionne, (Publication Date-July 11)

Confectionately Yours #4: Something New

Something New by Lisa Papademetriou, (Publication Date-July 30th)

The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer, (Publication Date-August 6th)

The Show Must Go On by Kate Klise, (Publication Date-September 10….Does that count as summer?)

The Sound of Your Voice, Only Really Far Away by Frances O’Roark Dowell, (Publication Date-August 27th)

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library By Chris Grabenstein, (Publication Date-June 25th)