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Unlocking The Spell-A Book Review

20 Oct

Unlocking The Spell by E.D. Baker

When Gwendolyn’s (a.k.a Sleeping Beauty, the most beautiful princess in all the land’s) sister Annie was born she got one christening gift from a fairy godmother: the power that no magic could touch, help, or harm her or people near her. So when her sister pricked her finger on a spinning wheel she and her crush Liam who is also a guard/prince were the ones to find princes to kiss Gwen. And they did, but that prince, Beldegard, is an enchanted bear! If Annie ever wants to get a break from the irritating love birds she, Gwen, Liam, and Beldegard have to find the dwarf that turned him into a bear. Will Annie ever get a break…or a chance alone with Liam.

My Thoughts: E.D.Baker is my favorite author and I’ve been awaiting this release since I heard about it in the summer. This series will never compare to The Frog Princess but this was still a great read. I loved all of the fairy tales mushed into one:)  I know Gwendolyn always means well, but she just ends up looking self-centered, (which makes her funny and one of my favorite characters:) Annie was a very well-developed character and I liked her. Liam and Annie were so cute together!!! I give this book four and a half stars out of five:) (You don’t really need to read my thoughts because I love all E.D.Baker books:))



13 Oct

So Tuesday was my birthday and here’s some of the stuff I got!!!!

Unlocking The Spell, The new E.D. Baker book!!!!! I read it in two days…:)

Doll Star, This is the best AG set yet!!!

Ty Beanie Boos Pugsly - Pug

Beanie Boo Pug, IT’S. SIR. PUGS. A. LOT!!!!!!

Bitty Twins Movie Set, It’s so cute!!

Bitty Baby Party Set, even though this is discontinued, I love it! My favorite part are the balloons.

Anne of Green Gables: Green Gables / Avonlea / Island / Windy Poplars / House of Dreams / Ingleside / Rainbow Valley / Rilla of Ingleside (8 Volume Set)

The Anne Of Green Gables Box Set, I LOVE it!


Purple North face, IT’S SO FUZZY!!!!!!!