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The Last Present-A Book Review

4 Jan


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The Last Present by Wendy Mass

Summary: When their friend Connor’s little sister Grace falls into a frozen state on her tenth birthday, best friends Leo and Amanda must go on a magical adventure to save her. After not speaking for a whole year, the two are able to travel back to each of her birthdays to stop the mysterious shock. Can they save Grace and discover the secrets behind their small town of Willow Falls along with the help of some old friends?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed the first few books in the Willow Falls series, (11 Birthdays, Finally, and 13 Gifts) and I was so excited when I found out this book was coming out! It was fun to see that some of my favorite characters from the other books were in this one again, and that it was told from the point of view of Amanda, who I really enjoyed reading about in 11 Birthdays. The setting of Willow Falls was just as mysterious and interesting as it usually is, and I thought that it was really cool to read about Amanda and Leo going back in time to see Grace’s (and someone else’s) birthdays there! (It was also pretty cute to see some of the characters like Rory and David when they were younger:))  This book continued most of the story lines that were in the previous stories (like when the kids go to the premiere of the movie that was filmed in Finally,) and made sure we know what happened with them, but still made sure there was something for the characters to do, (so it wouldn’t all end abruptly at one moment.)

There were lots of familiar characters in this book, plus a couple new ones and they were really developed. Luckily, you also discovered what secrets some of them (mainly named Angelina;)) were hiding. Most of the story was told from the point of view of Amanda, with a short epilogue by Grace, and I found her to be a likable and interesting main character. It was super fun to read about her and Leo going back in time, and ending up looking completely different, and then there was this really unexpected moment, and um…yeah, I won’t spoil it:) Anyways, along with Leo who was pretty goofy and sweet they made a great pair of main characters that will keep you entertained throughout the whole story. And of course, Angelina (the mysterious lady who has magical powers and a duck birthmark, and makes an appearance in every book) showed up again, this time only at the end and beginning because she goes away for the middle of the story (cue dramatic music!) Moving on, Tara and Rory (the main characters in Finally and 13 Gifts) made lots of appearances in this book also, which was good since I really liked reading about them before. Although they made me laugh and I liked the parts of the story that included them, I wish they were featured a little more. Even though Grace is frozen for most of the time except a couple of chapters I thought I should mention some magical things happen with her and her brother Connor in the past and present of the book. (But that’s all I’m going to say because if I tell you about them I’ll give away so many spoilers.) Finally, other characters like Jake (he and Rory are so cute together:)), Rey (his phrases are pretty funny), Bucky (he was acting pretty strangely) and David (there’s this really sweet moment with Tara and him at the end when he gets back from visiting his dad:)) are in the book too!

Overall The Last Present was an awesome closing to a wonderful series that I give four and a half stars out of five!


The School For Good and Evil and Pi in the Sky-2 Reviews in One

3 Jul

Sorry for not posting recently, but today I have an extra awesome post with two reviews of these new books which I LOVED! So….

The School For Good and EvilThe School For Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Summary: In the small town of Gavaldon, which is completely surrounded by woods, a strange thing takes place every four years. Two children from the village, one good and one evil are taken by a mysterious shadow in the night are taken into the forest, and aren’t seen again until they show up in the town children’s storybooks as either the hero or villain. The children are taken to the School for Good and Evil. When other children are terrified of being taken, Sophie has longed for it her whole life. She longed to be a princess, and so she’s sure she’ll be taken for the Good School and her best friend Agatha, who lives in a graveyard and wears shapeless black dresses and doesn’t believe in any of this fairy tale nonsense will be taken for the School of Evil. Soon, Sophie’s wishes come true, and the two girls are taken, but instead of being placed into the elegant good school, Sophie finds herself thrown into the darkness of the evil one, while Agatha gets to live Sophie’s dream of becoming a fairy tale heroine…

My Thoughts: I think I finally found a book that is as good as any of the E.D. Baker and Jessica Day George stories, (and we all know how highly I rank those on my Super Awesome Stuff list!) I mean really, it. is. that. good. I even read it, (all 488 pages) in only 2 days! And if you need even more proof about how amazing the book is, I’m going to probably read it another 2 or 3 times before the summer is over:) Oh! I have one more awesome thing about this book to tell you before I start to talk about the character and writing, etc. It’s apparently going to be made into a movie, (which shows how awesome this book is because it only came out on May 14!) and it’s going to be a trilogy!!!!!!! Okay, I think I finally got all my super happy chatter out-of-the-way so I’ll go on with my usual book review, umm…what do you call that?…we’ll just say order. Alright, the writing in this book makes you feel like your there with the characters and get sucked into the story after you read the first page. There’s lots of description and the plot is a very fun take on classic fairy tales, plus there’s so much suspense and surprises (can you believe that ending? I must know what happens!!!!) that keep you wanting to read more. Although the book can be very dramatic and full of excitement there’s still lots of funny moments. The characters in this book were very distinctive and interesting. Sophie was very funny, (and a little crazy!) but she was still very unlikable but for some weird reason I wanted to keep reading about her. I’m glad she stopped being a crazy, evil,   person in the end, and it was so unexpected when she…well….I won’t spoil the end for you. Anyways, Agatha was much more likable and turned out to be the much nicer one, (she gave Sophie so many second chances) and she was a very intriguing character till the very end of the story. Tedros wasn’t my favorite character, but he wasn’t bad. I just think that he wasn’t very good at making his decisions, but at the end like the other characters he saw how he’d been wrong. The supporting characters all had different personalities, and brought lots of humor to the book. Beatrix and the other Good School students were very funny because of how obsessed they were with their looks and other silly things. Dot was very fun, and sweet, and it makes you feel really bad for her when she was kicked out of her room:( Overall, this was a super awesome book that I give five out of five stars!

Pi in the Sky by Wendy Mass

Summary: In what we just think is dark matter, there lives a whole community of immortals called The Realms, where Joss is the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. Now this may sound fun and exciting, but it’s not, because all Joss gets to do is deliver pies. Now, Joss’s life seems pretty boring, all he does is go to school, deliver pies, and hang out with his best friend Kal, until the day someone on Earth sees the Realms in a telescope. Now the entire solar system has been pulled out of time, with Kal’s parents studying on Earth. So now Kal, and his parents have simply disappeared, and in their place comes a strange girl named Annika, who happens to be the last human there is. Along with her help, Joss must recreate the whole solar system in order to get Kal ad his parents back and Annika and the rest of the humans back on Earth.

My Thoughts: I enjoy all of Wendy Mass’s books and have been waiting to read this one ever since I saw the cool cover. The plot of the story is very interesting, and I thought that the fact that the author had the story take place inside of dark matter, and how she had quotes at the beginning of each chapter made it even better. The great writing is backed up with a fun plot and science facts, plus likable characters. Joss was a refreshing main character, and he was very believable, (well as much as a fictional immortal being can be) and likable. He was very entertaining, and really helped the story move along. Annika was so bold and funny. I don’t really know what else to say about her, except that she was my favorite character in the book. I liked to read about Joss’s brothers’ different jobs, and how each brother was featured at one point in the story. Kal wasn’t a very memorable character, (most likely because he was absent for a lot of the book,) but he still caused a lot of confusing things to happen though. Overall, this book was a great read that I also give five out of five stars.

Have you read any interesting books lately?


13 Gifts-A Book Review

16 Mar

13 Gifts By Wendy Mass 

When Tara Brennan sneaks into school at night with a can of pepper spray with her in hand in attempt to steal a stuffed coat she quickly learns its not such a good idea. She is sent to the sleepy town of Willow Falls for the summer as a punishment, but Willow Falls is a really strange town. The last time she was here her cousin Emily ate a whole stick of glue, and she isn’t even the most weird person at all! There’s a boy who sings at the bottom of a giant pit, two best friends the communicate using chalkboards, an Australian personal assistant who no one can under stand, and a girl who happens to be friends with Tara’s favorite teen actor ever! But the most strange person of all is Angelina, a very old woman who seems to have been around forever, and has a birthmark that resembles a duck. Angelina is now making Tara find thirteen very odd gifts before her thirteenth birthday or she’ll loose her soul or something like that….no big deal, right?

My Thoughts: The whole Willow Falls series is so mystical and quirky, and this book was just as good as the others! Tara wasn’t as interesting a character to read about compared to Rory and Amanda, but she was pretty likable. I thought it was really annoying that she kept stealing things even after she learned her lesson, but that was really her only big flaw. She also got along with the other characters easily so that helped make the story flow nicely. Rory, Amanda, and Leo were really good supporting characters. (Aren’t Rory and Jake fun together?) I’m glad they came back in this book so that things were sort of cleared up. I also thought that the whole chalkboard idea was really funny and weird, but helped give the characters traits. Now, Angelina, couldn’t she just help explain things at all? We did get some answers in this book, and there was a really cool and magical secret, but I want some answers! Wendy Mass did a great job with the detail and suspense, and I give 13 Gifts four and a half stars out of five.

Finally-A Book Review

12 Mar

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Finally By Wendy Mass

Rory Swenson’s over-protective parents have always told her “You can have a cellphone when you’re twelve!” “You can get contact lenses when you’re twelve!” “You can get your ears pierced when you’re twelve!” And so on and so on. Rory has been making a list of all these things, and finally in 18 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds she will be twelve. And when that happens, she can finally do all the things her friends do. Even Better! A movie is getting filmed at her school, and she might be able to be an extra! But for now, life isn’t so glamorous, because right now Rory is currently stuck in a drain pipe.

My Thoughts: Wendy Mass is an amazing middle grade author, and this book was just as awesome as the cake on the cover! The main character Rory is really believable. Her character is strong, easy to like, and interesting, but she wants to grow up way too fast! I loved all her funny moments like when she thinks her pet bunny is trying to kill her in her sleep, (It’s name was Kyle R., try saying it five times fast), or when she finds out she’s allergic to practically everything she wants, (for instance, gold earrings , plant based-make-up products, etc.) Annabella was a really nice supporting character, but that made me wish we saw more of her. She was a really sweet best friend, and had good character traits. I am really glad Angelina came back in this book since we were left in such mystery before, except for one thing: you don’t get any answers! So, hopefully we find out more in Thirteen Gifts! I also want to point out that there wasn’t much of a secret here, or big event like in 11 Birthdays. Angelina did show Rory an important lesson, but it wasn’t as fun to read about as the first story. I definitely recommend this story, and I give it four and a half stars out of five:)

11 Birthdays-A Book Review

10 Mar

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass 

Summary-Amanda and Leo have always had their birthday parties together, until this year. When they were one they learned to walk, and when they were five they painted homemade pots and planted seeds. After a big fight on their tenth birthday the two former friends wouldn’t speak to each other. For the first time they are having their own parties, but then everything goes wrong! Amanda and Leo find themselves stuck in the same day over and over again, and they don’t know how to stop it. Could this mysterious happening have to do with the old Angelina who has been in the sleepy town of Willow Falls for what seems like forever?

My Thoughts: Wendy Mass is an amazing author, and I couldn’t wait to start reading this series. The concept was really interesting, but parts of the story were confusing. Amanda was a good character, but Leo wasn’t my favorite. I felt that he was kind of bossy, but he did help convince Amanda to try out for the marching band. Stephanie was a good friend, but I felt she was kind of clueless to what Amanda wanted. I wish her character was in the story more. Angelina was so mysterious and confusing! I want to find out more about her in the next book in the series. The writing was well done, but keeping track of all the birthdays was so puzzling! It was a good read, full of fun and suspense, and I give it three and three quarter stars out of five!

7 Books coming out that I really think you should read:)

21 Jan

Sugar and Spice, (Confectionately Yours #3,) Publication Date-Febuary 1st.

Emily Windsnap and the Land of The Midnight Sun, (Emily Windsnap Book #5) Publication Date-Febuary 12th

My Summer of Pink and Green (Sequel to My Life in Pink and Green) Publication Date-March 19th

Whatever After #3: Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim (Whatever After #3) Publication Date-May 1st

Wednesdays in the Tower

Wednesdays In The Tower (Sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle) Publication Date-May 7th

Pi in the Sky, Publication Date-June 11th

Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking: A 14 Day Mystery

Moxie and the art of Rule Breaking, Publication Date-July 11

My parents/sister got me this elephant as an early Valentine’s day present!!! Isn’t she adorable? I named her Juliet:)

The Candymakers-A Book Review

13 Dec

The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Congrats Future Candy Makers!  You’ve been chosen to compete in the New Candy Contest!

This is the news that four twelve-year olds, Daisy, Logan, Philip, and Miles have just gotten!

Logan- Logan is the Candy maker’s son, (the person who won the contest before!) This means that the pressure is on for him (even if he does have an advantage because the contestants are studying at his family’s candy factory), and he really wants to win, on his own…without help from his family or the candy factory’s workers. He doesn’t even seem to notice the scars on his face and neck from an accident a few years ago that everyone seems to dwell on.

Miles- Everyone seems to think that Miles dwells on a tragedy that happened one year ago, and most people don’t believe it even happened…but Miles is sure! When he entered the competition he never imagined being accepted, let alone meeting the people he did…

Daisy- Daisy is that cheerful, preppy, happy girl, or so everyone at the factory thinks…Daisy has a secret though, and she has to make sure she doesn’t blow it even if she thinks what she is supposed to do isn’t right. It might be hard, especially with her strength, gadgets, and not wanting to lie to her new friends…

Phillip- Phillip has been in the shadow of his brother all his life. His brother wins every competition, even if it means cheating. That’s not what Philip wants to do, he is there for one reason: revenge on Logan, how? By winning! In his mind the only way to do is to be as unlikable as possible, but one thing may bring out his heart…

When the kids meet at The Life is Sweet Factory, a friendship (eventually) blossoms, but not everything is how it seems…

My Thoughts: This book was so AWESOME! (I even read it in one weekend!) I really enjoyed Wendy Mass’s Twice Upon a Time series and I decided to try this one for a project for school after great recommendations from friends:) I loved to imagine all the different rooms in the factory. My favorite character was Daisy, and I was surprised when I found out she was a (spoilers*) spy!!! I also predicted that she was the girl at the lake, (and I was right!) I thought that Wendy Mass did a great job of adding suspense at the end of each part when the kids were in the cocoa room trying to steal the secret ingredient. I  started to like Philip’s character a lot better by the end of the book, but I understood why he acted the way he did in the beginning. It was really interesting to read from the different character’s views and about their stories, which caused the story to fall in to place. I give this book five out of five stars for a great, mouth-watering mystery!