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Make A Penguin Garland-A Craft

6 Jan


Slide1On my bedroom door, I usually make a garland to hang up, but since for the holidays I had made an evergreen tree garland, it was time for something new. I decided to make a penguin-themed one to match the stuffed animal penguins I made myself from a sewing kit. This craft does take a bit longer than my other garlands, but the results are adorable!

You Will Need-Scrapbook/construction paper, scissors, glue, tape or a stapler, and ribbon.

Step 1- Sketch out a penguin (just the body, no feet or details needed for now) on a piece of blank paper and cut it out to act as your tracer.

Step 2- Using your tracer, cut out 5-8 penguins. Then cut out noses, feet, and white circles for your penguins.

Step 3- Glue your penguins together and draw on eyes.

Step 4- Lay your penguins out on a piece of ribbon to make sure you have enough space for all of them.

Step 5- Staple or tape your penguins on the ribbon.


Mimi and Dottie Play in the Snow-A Photo Story

3 Jan


Today is a snow day for me, so it makes perfect sense for me to post this photo story of Mimi and Dottie the unicorn (who I got for Christmas, isn’t she adorable?) playing outside in the snow…

IMG_4138Today Mimi and her new friend Dottie are playing in Mimi’s backyard. “Hi Dottie! Ready to play in the snow?” Mimi asked eagerly. Dottie nodded up and down, and the two friends went to grab their sled.

IMG_4140“Okay, I’ll steer, and we’ll go down that big hill!” Mimi pointed to a towering pile of freezing cold snow. “That seems pretty high, are you sure you can keep us from falling off?” Dottie asked nervously. “Of course I can!” Mimi answered optimistically.

IMG_4142The two friends pushed the sled to the to of the hill, and jumped on. “Ready, set, go!” Mimi yelled as they flew down the snow pile.

IMG_4146Suddenly, the sled came crashing down with no control. As they landed on the flat ground, Dottie fell off the sled into the snow. “Dottie! Dottie! Are you okay?” Mimi cried as she jumped off to help her friend.

IMG_4148Dottie got up excitedly, “That was so much fun! Let’s do it again!” Mimi shrugged, and they brought the sled back to the hill.

IMG_4150After Mimi and Dottie went sledding, they decided to try out ice skating. “Mimi? Why do you only have two skates?” Dottie asked as her friend wobbled onto the ice. “I couldn’t find the other two, but I’ll be fine!” Mimi replied optimistically.

IMG_4152Spreading her arms out, Mimi started to glide on the ice, and was only a little unsteady. Feeling confident, Mimi skated away from the edge of the ice and into the middle…

IMG_4153until she immediately fell down! “You did awesome Mimi!” Dottie exclaimed. “That was pretty great for only two skates!”

IMG_4154“Here, why don’t you try,” Mimi told Dottie, handing her skates over to her friend. She laced them up and slipped them on before going onto the ice.

IMG_4155“Ta-da!” Dottie announced as she successfully skated around the ice. After a couple laps around the rink she joined Mimi who had been watching in awe.

IMG_4156Once Dottie had gotten the skates off, Mimi announced “I’m kind of hungry, why don’t I go get us some snacks?” Mimi said to Dottie before she ran back to the house.

IMG_4159“Here we go!” Mimi returned a few minutes later, pushing two ice cream sundaes with spoons. “Mimi! You do know it’s winter right?” Dottie asked, confused. Mimi smiled, “Well, then they won’t melt!” Smiling she dug into her ice cream, and so did Dottie.

IMG_4161The End:)


Make Paper Snowflakes (The New and Improved Version!)

11 Dec


Make Paper SnowflakesLast year, (or was it 2 years ago?) I posted a craft on making paper snowflakes. This year I made some more, but I cut and folded them differently, and I think that it’s a much easier way to make them, and the results are better! So without further ado…

You will need: Paper, a bowl (or something else you can trace to get a circle), scissors, and a pencil

IMG_4086Step 1: Start by tracing a circle on your paper using the bowl as a tracer. Cut the circle out.

SnowflakesStep 2: Fold the circle in half, and then into quarters, and then once more, (Like shown above.)

IMG_4092Step 3: Draw out your design on the paper. (The one in the picture is a basic design, I added more details to the finished snowflake.)

IMG_4093Step 4: Cut the design out. (Be careful no to cut to far to the edge, you don’t want to cut off half of your snowflake!)

IMG_4095Ta-da! You have a snowflake!


Snowflake Movie!

8 Dec


Today I started to get into ‘holiday mode’ because I’ve been listening to seasonal music, decorating, and working on gifts all day! (Yesterday I even made a Holiday TV special calendar to help me keep track so I wouldn’t miss favorites like Frosty The Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:)) To help me get into the mood, I made an awesome winter animation that I wanted to share with you..

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to make the paper snowflakes, but I hoped you enjoyed my quick animation:)


Make A Winter Garland-A Craft

4 Dec


Winter GarlandA few days ago, I made an adorable (I think it did come out quite good!) drawing of winter animals in an evergreen forest-which is what inspired this season’s garland! It only takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, and I think it’s the perfect wintery decoration to hang on a door or bulletin board.

You will need: Scrapbook paper, a pencil, scissors, ribbon, and a stapler.

Step 1: Start by sketching an evergreen tree on any type of paper you want, and then cut it out. This will be acting as your tracer.

Step 2: Using different construction and scrapbook paper, cut out more trees. You will need about 5-10 of these, depending on how big yours are. (Mine were about three and a half inches.)

Step 3: With your ribbon, staple the trees onto it, but make sure you lay them out first to make sure you have enough space.

Step 4: Enjoy!


What Winter Animal Are You?-A Quiz

23 Jan

Are you a polar bear, a penguin, or a seal?

1. Your favorite holiday gift was…

A) a new, shiny bike!

B) Tickets to your favorite singer’s concert!

C) A laptop in your favorite color!

2. Your favorite thing to add to hot cocoa is…

A) a peppermint stick, it adds flavor!

B) marshmallows, a huge mountain of them!

C) graham crackers, perfect for dipping!

3. It’s a snow day! You can’t wait to go…

A) Snowboard, it’s a great time to try out those new moves you just learned!

B) Sled, maybe you can call some friends over!

C) Build a Snowman, this is going to be the tallest one yet!

Mostly As, you are a fast and fun seal!

Cute baby penguins, Animals, penguins, snow

Mostly Bs, you are a fluffy and funny penguin!

Mostly Cs, you are a sweet and cuddly polar bear! (How cute is that picture!?)

Easy To Make Snowflakes and Gingerbread People!-A Craft

15 Dec


You will need-A blank sheet of white paper, and scissors


Fold the piece of paper in half


Now fold it again into fours. Then fold the small rectangle in half.


Now cut random shapes around the edges.


Unfold and you have your snowflake!


Just remember no two snowflakes are alike:)

Gingerbread People-

You will need: an eighteen inch long and a five or six inch tall (it doesn’t really matter) piece of paper, scissors, crayons or colored pencils,a pencil, and a tracer (optional.)

Fold the paper in half and then fold it in half again so it is divided into four squares/rectangles. Now either use a gingerbread man tracer or draw your own gingerbread man using a pencil on one square of the paper. Make sure that the feet and arms touch the fold. Now fold all the squares back so it appears to be only one, now cut all the squares so they look like a gingerbread man, DO NOT cut where the folds are because that is what keeps the gingerbread people together.


Unfold the gingerbread people so they look like the picture above. Flip them over so the pencil marks don’t show.


Now color!

IMG_1592Then you have your adorable craft!


Together the crafts create a winter wonderland:)